Do you think you might be a vampire?

To begin with, nothing is impossible until it is proved impossible, scientifically and even then there is room for change as new science comes along and allows us to make better tests. Einstein’s law of relativity states that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light but French scientists, just this last week, claim to have detected Neutrinos doing just that. Nothing can be taken for granted and if we start assigning conclusions without facts then we are doomed for disappointment.

Dressing in all, or predominantly, black clothing and not liking the sunshine and day does not necessarily mean you are one thing or the other, it simply means you like black clothes and you don’t like sunshine… plain facts with no inference. Being in an online environment and reading discussions about modern human vampires, thinking to yourself “I know that feeling” simply means you share a feeling, or experience, with another person, it does not necessarily mean that you are the same as that other person. There are many out there who for reasons of self-importance, self-indulgence, egotism and other, worse, motives who will try and convince you that you are possibly someone, or something, you are not. The task before you is to find your way through the “tangled web” and know, for yourself, and within yourself, who and what you are.

Firstly, it is a fact that people in general don’t have a problem with the taste of their own blood. Every child I ever knew, including myself used to lick the blood from minor injuries. Indeed, the taste of a person’s own blood, from a psychological point of view, is a necessary part of the survival mechanism. The taste of one’s own blood triggers the fight/flight response which is the basis of survival. If you strongly believe that you need blood from an outside source, other than yourself, or if you feel as though you need to ingest blood to feel “well” then that may well indicate a physiological lack in your body and one that is not necessarily going to benefit from the direct ingestion of blood.

The modern fascination with the vampire is a thing that has been reinforced by the media with reports of people who think they are vampires attacking other people, by television with a lot of programs about vampires, people appearing on talk shows dressing and acting like something out of a 60’s B-grader ~ which is all to make money and ratings of course, and movies ~ again to make money and now, instead of blood-sucking undead monsters, vampires are quite “nice” and romantic and all that other stuff. This reinforces the acceptance of the vampire image in people’s minds. All of a sudden a vampire is not such a bad thing. There are a great many in the modern “Vampire Community” who will seek to take advantage of you if they think they can but don’t despair, there are a greater number who have a genuine desire to help you discover and understand things.

In talking about dream-states where vampiric images are uppermost, there are many reasons why dreams happen the way they do and the main thing is that dreams seem to be the way that the mind processes things that a person has been thinking about but has no answers for. Dreams can also represent real life problems that are changed into dream images. For example, your dream about a vampire coming to you may have been caused by a problem or problems that you saw as a threat in your daily life and your mind transformed that threat into a dangerous image in your mind at night.

Looking at the moon at night and preferring night to day are not that uncommon. I prefer the night, it’s peaceful and quiet, and a relief from the turmoil of the day and the moon is a radiant source of energy that calms me when I look at it. The moon is a gentle, radiant and calming influence and it makes us feel calm and at peace ~ it may be the same with you.

In our daily lives we all wish we were something different sometimes, something better or more in control; perhaps the constant thinking about vampires is your mind’s way of expressing that wish, expressing the desire to be something that you see as powerful and stronger and more in control of your daily life.

Now, here is a tricky question, the question of “new blood” from a transfusion. There are some people who claim they are real-vampires who say that transferring blood from a “real vampire” to a non-vampire person can have side effects, there is no science or proof to back this up however and we only have their opinion and/or experiences to go on. There are those who say that an exchange of blood can cause the receiver to feel certain things that a human-vampire feels until the effects of the transfusion of new blood wear off. Again, as I said, there is no actual proof of this.

One of the things that is possible is that you may have felt the effects of a person that is called an “Astral-vampire”, that is, a vampire who travels from their human form at night and visits people nearby to consume their psychic energy rather than their blood. It is said, by many, that these “psychic-vampires” are able to visit anyone in their sleep and usually take on a dream form consistent with their “human” form. Such visits, it is said, may well have the effect of implanting ideas into the sleeping persons head since we know that such things as hypnotic suggestion are quite possible and that when asleep the mind is at its most vulnerable and un-guarded. There are charms, and protections that can be put in place to counter these visits and it is quite possible that if you moved (geographically) out of the psychic-vampire’s range of influence the effects may well lessen or disappear since it is commonly said that “astral traveling” can only be successfully performed when the traveler is within a certain distance from their physical body.

It is entirely likely that, if this is what has happened, that you have retained something of the psychological influence of this “psychic-vampire” and so, when you watch television about vampires, you do identify with them to some extent hence it would seem to you as though you were actually acting like a vampire.

As for meeting a real-vampire, well, there are a great many people who claim they are real-vampires but the truth of the matter is there is no proof of what they say. Yes, there are people who drink blood, why? Nobody knows. They say they need it to make themselves feel well. There are people who say they need to feed off another person’s “energy”, called “Psi-vamps”, again there is no real proof of this, just as there are those who say they feed from “environmental” energies. Tests have been carried out on some “Psi-vamps” and have shown very little result, if any, of any significance.

You may wish, before you decide to take the proverbial “plunge”, to review some of the other articles in our archives, and as always we at RVN are happy to consider any questions you might care to put up. We can’t promise “the” answers but we can promise we will do our best to give you the tools and recommend the resources where you may be able to find your own answers.

The truth of the matter is, only you will know what you are. In “real” human-vampires it is a conviction so deep and natural that it is not questioned, they have no need to analyse and dissect themselves. It is the same as a devout Christian absolutely knowing that God exists and that faith, if you like, that certainty of knowledge is the key to understanding who and what you are.

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