The Importance of Community

In recent months there has been great debate between whether or not the Online Vampire Community (OVC) is doing any good in furtherance of common vampire goals, or if it is even necessary to begin with. By looking at the structure of communities in general, it can be seen that people in general have a great deal to gain from taking part in activities ranging from polite conversation to heated debate and research.

Communities can be described as a grouping of individuals with at least one thing in common. The human community is brought together by all being human. Americans grew closer together after the terrorist attacks during 9/11/2001 because they all had that loss in common. The OVC started as a humble group of vampires who wanted someone to talk to that could relate to their situation. Since the early days of posting advertisements in Goth newspapers, and tirelessly searching newsgroups on the early internet, the OVC has grown in leaps and bounds. Tragedies have brought the community together, and strife has sought to tear it apart. All the while, people young and old have been drawn into the community searching for relatable individuals.

This type of community is specifically designed (for the most part) to foster peace and harmony for the betterment of all individuals involved. The work that individual vampires may encounter (designing websites, suffering through cravings, doing scientific research, et cetera) can be divided among consenting individuals so that each person has less of a load to bear – and it needn’t be borne alone. The sense of togetherness that the community brings is akin to what a student may enjoy in a school –  that an outsider may not. Whether it is favorable or not, vampires are all outsiders. The OVC is a community of outsiders coalescing around similar problems and joys of life as a vampire. The OVC can bring harmony to a youth who feels all alone in the world except for the connection gained through the OVC.

An excellent example of the importance of community would be the world of sports. Sports are practiced and enjoyed by billions of people worldwide. Many popular sports are based on teams cooperating to win over their opponents. These teams of individuals would not be able to win without that cooperation. Furthermore, they would not be able to succeed if not for the guidance of their coaches. The sports could not reach the fans if they weren’t sponsored by other communities. The sponsors would not exist if their was not an even broader community of fanatics that watched the sports. All of these pieces of a community must fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to be beneficial as a whole

The Online Vampire Community is spread across the whole world, and wouldn’t be so if tens of thousands of interested individuals with common goals did not convene around the desire to associate with each other. That alone should end the debate about the validity of the OVC. It exists, therefore people wanted it to exist. With pure honesty, individuals need community to succeed in life’s endeavors.

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