Vampire Killer Wrist Wrap – Real Potential or Just a Marketing Trick?

Vampire Killer Whips are legendary items (needs attunement). The Vampire Killer Whip is a deadly weapon designed solely for smiting evil in all its horrific forms. The whip itself deals an exceptionally powerful 3d6 slashing damage to all vampire foes, regardless of their alignment or level.

When the enabled Albrecht first forged the Vampire Killer, it was intended for use by the vampires themselves. But because of their unpredictable nature, the weapon was placed within reach of only a single person – Count Dracula himself. If he were to use the whip on a human, the curse would be broken, and the entire vampire race would then become hostile towards humans.

Dracula’s loyal lieutenant, Deanna Lestat (Cinderella), hired a young girl to visit her castle and become his attendant. While she enjoyed the position, Dracula began to suspect that she may be using the whip as a means of gaining entrance into his castle, and he ordered his vampire guards to seize the weapon immediately. However, unbeknownst to Dracula, his entire guard was transformed into mindless, undead creatures who attacked the girl every night. Dracula subsequently abandoned his castle, vowing never to return.

Mavis Gallant had inherited the position of Count Dracula. She refused to use the Vampire Killer, stating that she would only use it on her enemies if need be. When the hero returned with a newly-bought peace doll, Gallant realized that the woman he’d hired was, in fact, the creator of the vampire killer whip. Gallant subsequently imprisoned Lily, but not before she managed to steal back the weapon from him. She then killed many of her former guards, including one of her descendants, and later killed herself while attempting to flee to London with the peace doll still within her possession. With the help of a vampire hunter, Alucard escaped from Castle Dracula and used it against Lily.

In the novel adaptation of the vampire killer whip, Alucard used his razor blade to amputate portions of the woman’s breasts, forcing her to shriek in pain as he ripped the flesh away. The television series featured an alternate dimension where people don’t die when they are killed. Alucard subsequently burned the remains to ash, using the remains as a vampire killer whip. Alucard later returned to reality by killing Alice to get back into her world but was soon joined by hire vampire hunter John Seward. They were both subsequently destroyed when Alice teleported to her home dimension, taking the vampire killer whip with them.

While the original story involves a young woman, whose life is threatened strangely, the modern version centers on a man obsessed with turning others into blood-sucking vampires. There is also the question of just how much potential the real Desmond has as a vampire killer. The television version of the character features a twist that pits him against the legendary vampire master, Dracula – who is portrayed by Russell Brown.

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