Winter dreaming…

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Sqwished, smashed, chainsawed, stomped on and slapped on ya monitor by


Well, well, well… welcome to (meteorologically speaking that is) winter… officially, yah… December 1st, although those of us who’ve had the pleasure of freezing our asses off and dealing with snow, sludge, blizzard conditions et al probably feel like it’s been months already, right?

But hey, look on the bright side, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas yeah? In our house preparations are complete (yeah, we start soon as the turkey’s washed down) Lady M dusts off the heirloom decorations and trims the tree, our dear daughter gets her arty game face on and makes new baubles using all sorts of art and craft supplies,
…meanwhile me and the grandson hunker down over the dining table with glue, fluffy white stuff in a bag, A santa hat and come up with…

Let’s make some farkin noize…

Oi to the punks, Oi to the Rudes, Oi to the Trad-Skins… everybody wins…!!!

Yeah, feelin’ pretty sharp this morning like… hope everybody’s well out there? or at least as well as can be expected under the circumstances…! What can we find around this disaster zone today then…

Well, as we learned yesterday there’s a December meetup for Chitown Vamps coming in December… You can find the details at The Chicago Vampire Meetup Group page
So, if you’re a Windy City Wampyr, Therian or Otherkin or maybe a visitor looking to hook up with local identities in the Chicago community, get yaself down to the page and support the hometown team…


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…and don’t forget Dallaaaaaaaaaaaas…

Yup, another GENTLE reminder, Mike and the VCD istmas do…

The Vampire Court of Dallas presents:


– A Holiday Toy Drive Benefiting The New Beginnings Center of Garland.

Sunday, December 9th. – Doors open: 9pm

Your Host: May May Graves


Wild Bill’s Ugly Sweater Party in the Video Bar and Joe Virus in the Main Room.

With performances by:

Dead Girl Circus, Arty Dodger, Toni Tabasco, Scarlette D’Vine

Also featuring:

*Vendors for Last Minute Christmas Shopping

*Fangs by Blacksmith Fangs (Houston)

*Krampus Costume Contest at the end of the night with prizes from Cat Dillon
and Dan Miga Designs

*Roving Performers by The Krampus Society

*And Much More!

Suggested Dress Code: Christmas Goth, German Folk, Christmas Horror, Krampus, Winter Horror, Traditional Goth

Admission: $10 over / $15 under 21 – $5 off with Church Dog Tags

Free Drink (1 per individual) with Donation of New/Unwrapped Toy!

Venue: The Church, 2424 Swiss Ave.


Social Media: thechurchdallas


Social Media: thevampirecourtofdallas


Img. courtesy of Vampire Court of Dallas

During the week I wandered across to the West and caught up with Lady Shannon McCabe to see what’s going down this Christmas… well, seems like the Wonder Woman of Sacramento is taking a Personal Leave for Christmas… don’t blame her, she must be tired from all the amazing work she’s done this year. She did let me in on some upcomings though…



Img. courtesy of Shannon McCabe

Shannon McCabe Presents: A James Bond New Year’s Eve in Old Sacramento

Public · Hosted by Vampire Ball

Monday, December 31, 2018 at 6 PM – 2 AM PST

Venue: Knobs and Knockers

1023 Front Street #A (Underground), Sacramento, California 95814

Tickets by Eventbrite

Get yerself shakin’.. not stirred in Sacramento…!!!

“Number of the Santabeast?” – Iron Maiden

…and speaking of catching up with folks, I also hooked up with our friend Spurn and learned that after taking a much need, and well overdue, personal leave of absence, the Vampire Fragments project is up, running and updated. A meticulous presentation of info-bits from around the GVC, check it out Fangers…

Vampire Fragments on Facebook

Welcome back Spurn…!!!

Sooooooo… ONLY 24 SHOPPING DAYS TO GO… got it on yet? Better get ya skates on yeah? Gifts for the family, the friends, the S.O’s… what to get, what to get…?

Got a couple of ideas for ya… Ladies, for the man in your life, what about…
…meanwhile, something for the ladies…


Oh-Em-Gee…!!! Did he just say that???

Naaaahhhhh…seriously though…what about this?


So then, you’re probably wondering what the hell he’s gonna bitch about this week, right? Well, forget it, it’s Winter, my fave time of year, we’re cruising toward Christmas, time of Christmas Cheer and Goodwill right… So, NO BITCHIN’ BITCHES…

“Elvira, Mistress of Christmas”
Img. David Goldner, 2015


Isn’t that just precious???

But, aside from all that we at RVL International would like to jump right in and wish ALL our readers a very Happy Christmas and Happy New Year for 2018, may Santa be good to y’all…

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