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Pic. www.dreamstime.com

Pic. www.dreamstime.com

Good morning,
John Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine prides itself on attempting to represent ALL interested parties and interest groups that make up the Vampyre sub-culture today. Using an array of presentation styles and methods we aim to ensure that the articles we create are, at once, informative and entertaining.

Not every single thing we do is wildly popular but it is felt that we conduct “fair and reasonable” work as far as freedom of expression and ensuring a fair hearing for all our participants in a non-confrontational manner and atmosphere.

Naturally, anything can be made better and more serviceable and with that in mind we would ask all of our readers to spare a few minutes to complete the survey linked to below and help us to determine the further growth and development of the E-Zine so that it be better able to meet our readers satisfaction.

Please follow this link:

…and let us know, as a valued reader of John Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine, what your thoughts and recommendations are.

Thank you, in advance,
RVL Staff

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