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“We are the voices in your head ….

We are the monster under your bed …

Music for the living as well as the dead”

WFKU is a Dark Internet radio station broadcasting live out of New York City.  We Play the newest Dark and Dance music, and fulfil your musical lust for the Sinister and Mysterious.  If you’re a night owl who embraces the dark instead of avoiding it, can be found prowling a graveyard at any given time and could easily claim that most of your wardrobe is black, then WFKU is the Internet radio station for you.

Join us in the dark…

Not Your Typical Radio. We are a Dark Alternative Superstation streaming out of NYC.  We Broadcast shows and events live and feature showcase sets from the Hottest Dark DJ’s in NYC’s Clubs.

Whiskey Finn:  Owner, Manager


At first we had it in mind to call this a “Chatting with Vampires” thing but we changed our mind, instead we decided to call it, Chatting with Radio Stars… and so we did just that…

Dark alternative and Dark Dance, dark music for a dark generation and for everyone who just likes the dark… cruising the airwaves in the dark you can find all sorts of special treats and one of the best is WFKU. We are extremely honoured, and proud, to present a “Chatting with Vampires Radio Stars” special with Whiskey Finn, owner and manager of Radio.


RVL: Good evening, Whiskey, and thank you very much for sharing a little of your time with us.

WF: Hey this is Whiskey, first off I would like to say.   Thank you RVL, I really appreciate this opportunity

RVL: Your Facebook tagline says, “Too Cute to be a nerd, not enough charisma for rock star…. so radio is my thing … I like it a lot”   Who is Whiskey Finn and how did you come to establish Radio? 

WF: It was a dark night in seedy Gotham.   The torrential rain appeared solid with smog.  It would have been pretty from afar, but it was hard, cold, and dirty. So I fled into the nearest bar (CBGBS Gallery) I was not the only lost soul to seek sanctuary on this particular Monday. There was all manner of Creatures of the Night, and after paying the fee and crossing the razor wire, I found myself among peers. It struck me that I wanted to represent this group with a radio station they could relate to.

Whiskey Finn is a DJ identity. The representative alias for me, Jacob Bouchard, the Station Manager. Whiskey was thought up by DJs Templar and Christina. Finn was appropriated after reading Finnegan’s Wake.
RVL: What was the major reason for Radio being created and what is the basic format of the radio station?

WF: This station is an attempt to preserve and expand the dark culture we all hold dear.

RVL: For our readers who may not be intimately familiar with the term, what do you define as being “Dark Alternative” in your Dark Alternative Superstation description?

WF: “Dark” music is not just a genre, it’s a feeling, a sensation and one that appeals to a wide and varied audience. From subtle tones and subtle textures in the music to the hardcore “dark” metalhead.  We have changed formats extensively and have changed our tagline; from the club inspired ‘Dark Dance’ to ‘Dark Alternative’ accordingly. We used to broadcast nightclub events from around NYC, however it was an immense drain on resources.  We have altered our format into something we feel is more friendly and more oriented toward community and culture. Our new tagline is Your Favorite Dark Alternative Radio.

Do yourself a favour, go “dark”…

RVL:  In your opinion, when our ‘out of town’ readers hit Gotham, what are the best spots for them to get the flavor of music you’re talking about?

WF: If you are here the last Sunday of the month, The Court of Lazarus is very Vampire. Also Otto’s Shrunken Head has wonderful Tiki Drinks, and DJ Spaz is there DJ’ing for Dark Water every Tuesday there.


RVL: I know this is probably a very cheeky question but what are your secret Egyptian levitating spell words?

WF:  No comment… *chuckle*

RVL: We understand you have a “live” component in your programming, could you tell us a little about that?

WF: We are currently running four live shows… and feel free to drop by and “like”, “follow” & “supportWFKU

Critical Damage:

Critical Damage is hosted by DJs Whiskey & Spaz, and it is broadcast LIVE every Wednesday night from 7 pm-10 pm Eastern time.  Our mission is to bring you the latest and newest Gothic/Darkwave/Synthpop music and we also interview special guests.


Albert Bouchard from Blue Oyster Cult brings you a healthy dose of Rarities and Hits from times past.  Airs every Second Tuesday At 7:00 pm Eastern time.

Tactical Beats:

DJ Draven goes live remotely from the Western United States bringing you the newest music from The Gothic and EBM Scenes worldwide. Airs every Sunday at 9:00 pm Eastern time.

The Mourning Show:

Get your week started right! DJ Whiskey brings you on a musical journey celebrating the lives of the recently departed once a week at 9:00 AM Eastern time on Mondays.   Sometimes famous people, sometimes friends and family, sometimes total strangers.

Check us out on Facebook…

RVL:  Who are your target audience for Radio and have you considered broadening the scope of programming to attract a wider audience?

WF: *Laughs* Other than family, friends, and nemesis’s – Our target audience is anyone who digs Dark, and there are many layers within that genre that could appeal to a broader audience.


RVL: What is your vision, ultimately, for Radio?

WF: It would be wonderful to grow large enough to sustain me and the station, as well as increase our live radio time.  Ideally we would like to achieve a national presence, and audience, as the go-to Dark Alternative station for cutting edge music and news in this creative space.

There’s something dark for everyone at WFKU…

RVL: Can you tell us a little bit about the people who share your microphone …your staff? 

WF: This is pretty much a solo effort, with support from DJ Spaz, my dad, Albert, in the studio, an occasional guest writer.


RVL: Whiskey, thank you very much for your time this evening. We are most grateful and we wish you every success and continued growth with Radio.  Can you leave us with a few comments about up and coming shows, or events that will be part of Radio?

WF: Yes of course!  Again, thank you. We are planning a special show for Halloween and a station fundraiser during the winter. We will see what we are left to work with after time and financial constraints also, we have just put together a new little project called “Gothgram”  ( it is an instagram feed for the goth scene.   If you use instagram and type #goth in the comments, the picture shows up on the wall realtime.

Its fun….should be great for Halloween

As our special guest today said, “Dark music is not just a genre, it’s a feeling, a sensation and one that appeals to a wide and varied audience. From subtle tones and subtle textures in the music to the hardcore “dark” metalhead”. So it seems there is a niche for every taste in the field. One thing’s for sure, with quality programming and content from the likes of Radio nobody need go “hungry”.


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