Welllllllll… it’s Sat’dy night an’ I jus’ got paid…!!!

John Travolta cuts it up in “Saturday Night Fever”
Robert Stigwood Organization (RSO), 1977.


To paraphrase the immortal Airman Adrian Cronauer…
“Gooooooooooooood morrrrrrrrrrrrrrning, Vee Ceeeeeeee! Hey, this is not a test. This is rock and roll. Time to rock it from the delta to the Vee eM Zee! Is that me, or does that sound like an Elvis Presley movie? Viva Vee-Cee Oh, viva…”[1]

Oh yes, it’s Saturday… a good day to review just WTF happened last week
For those of you at work this morning… sympathies, shame on those greedy corporate monsters for dragging you away from your nice warm beds and your loving families… SHAME ON YOU CORPORATE AMERICA, SHAME…!!!

For those of you not working, well, get those glad rags out, shine up that Glo-mesh and de-wrinkle ya dancin’ trousers cuz tonite it’s…

Bwaaaahahahahahahahaha…!!! Yep, that’s right, Britain had THE Idol first…!!!

Okayyyyyy, so, where are we….

Ahhh, yes, well the BIG news of last week came outta Chicago with the news that the recently self-proclaimed “King” of Chicago Vampires, He Who Shall Not Be Named, has, well, ummm… no kingdom left… just eight little followers in a small room someplace… eight little followers who will, hopefully, see the light and rejoin the RIGHT side of the force…!!!

Blessings to all who joined ChiTown Vamps on that one… I’ll see if I can get you VIP tickets or Keys to the City or something…

Y’know over the last couple of months we have seen an unprecedented level of cooperation between many of the highest profile organisations, respected Elders and Leaders of the modern Vampire Culture and a ground swell of support for the concept of unity… I will admit, freely, I have, for a couple of years now, avoided the use of the term “community”, I saw too many contradictions that just did not fit with the definition of community but the developments over the last few months have prompted me to dust off the old Cambridge and look the word up again…

Jus’ sayin’

What else, what else???

OOOOOOH, yes, I know… we have a very special and dear friend that is about to prove that dreams can come true

Here’s a special shout out to the lovely Lady Magdalena…

Now, here’s one straight out of left field…

Andrews (Brian Glover) in “Alien(3) Resurrection”
Twentieth Century Fox &
Brandywine Productions, 1992

“I am in the VVC they have an extensive library on everyone and most vampire political dances in the last 10 years.”

If that’s the case then are we looking at the VVCIA??? How many Federal laws would that contravene… maybe they’d better get some more chairs ready in The Capitol next to Mr. Zuckerberg eh?

Seriously, seems as though someone has a “hard on” for… a grudge, an axe to grind even with the VVC. Yeeeaaaaah… might wanna lay off the Koolaid for a bit possum…!!!

WORD UP kids, as much as you may not like the modus operandi of a group, as much as you might have personal feelings about any particular member, or members, of a group, if that group is ACTIVELY doing good things and helping to protect the people in the culture than I suggest you might want to think before your fingers hit the keyboard…!!!

Take another look at “The Warning”

Okay, nuff of that… what can we say about the “rumour” but…

Ten Thirteen Productions,
20th Century Fox Television (in association with) X-F Productions

img. source: domica.info


One other item, if I may, IT’S HAPPY BIRTHDAY day to the venerable BratPrince of Chicago… you can share his crazy world at

The Leathur Lair

Hey, this is for you D…

Okay boys and girls… that’s enough outta me, think I’ll STFU now…
Have a great weekend and remember, whether you’re Psi, Sang or something else altogether, you were…


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  1. Robin Williams as D.J. Airman Adrian Cronauer in “Good Morning Viet Nam”,
    Touchstone Pictures & Silver Screen Partners III, 1987.

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