Well, well, well… ring-a-ding-ding baby…!!!

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So, how did everyone make it through Halloween? Okay? A little something for the headache afterwards perhaps…hmmmmm?

Well, guess that means…


We certainly hope your balls were spectacular…!!!

Now, they tell me that around about now I’m supposed to be gettin’ ready to eat turkey… gotta share a secret with ya – I don’t like them birds…!!!

There ya go… that’s the best it gets…


OI… gotta throw a reminder out there, there’s a gig comin’ up that it’d be well worth getting involved with…

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Mike Burgess and our good friends at the VCD are holding a winter event and toy drive, even if you can’t make the event please think about donating to the toy drive. Contact the VCD for details of how to make ‘out of state’ donations. The Toy Drive benefits The New Beginnings Center of Garland.


The Vampire Court of Dallas presents:


– A Holiday Toy Drive Benefiting The New Beginnings Center of Garland.

Sunday, December 9th. – Doors open: 9pm

Your Host: May May Graves


Wild Bill’s Ugly Sweater Party in the Video Bar and Joe Virus in the Main Room.

With performances by:

Dead Girl Circus, Arty Dodger, Toni Tabasco, Scarlette D’Vine

Also featuring:

*Vendors for Last Minute Christmas Shopping

*Fangs by Blacksmith Fangs (Houston)

*Krampus Costume Contest at the end of the night with prizes from Cat Dillon
and Dan Miga Designs

*Roving Performers by The Krampus Society

*And Much More!

Suggested Dress Code: Christmas Goth, German Folk, Christmas Horror, Krampus, Winter Horror, Traditional Goth

Admission: $10 over / $15 under 21 – $5 off with Church Dog Tags

Free Drink (1 per individual) with Donation of New/Unwrapped Toy!

Venue: The Church, 2424 Swiss Ave.

Info: thechurchdallas.com

Social Media: thechurchdallas

Info: vampirecourtofdallas.org

Social Media: thevampirecourtofdallas



Which reminds me, yeh, right, like we had our first snow of the season in this neck of the woods last night… WooooHoooo…!!! It’s comin’ and I’m dreaming of a…


That’s fuckin’ right kids, only 54 shopping days left starting tomorrow…!!! 



Ohhhhh yeah, you better believe I’m outta control, kicked the tires and lit the fires already like…!!!

So what better time to get to the most popular portion of our show… yup, you got it…

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Right, yeh, so… you might have read the editorial I wrote entitled “So, you want to mentor the newly awakened?”… a lot of stuff in there about commitment from the mentor’s side of the fence, that was because I’d run across some stories of people who were not treated well, fairly or, in my ever-so-humble opinion, effectively by persons claiming to be “mentors”.

Well, that got me thinking y’know… commitment… y’know, that thing that you give away freely when you make a PROMISE to do something. Well, turns out that a lot of folks like jumping on “bandwagons” in our culture but when the “pushie” “shovey” bits come… yeh, melt away like first season’s snow flakes right? Probably every person in the culture who has ever had, run, formed, coordinated or administered a group in the VC, online or off, could probably treat you to a litany of “losses” when it comes to getting people to commit to anything… why is that?

Why do you think that it is so difficult, nay, damn near impossible to get people to commit themselves to any project, exercise or activity within the VC most of the time?

Do you think it’s because, with the exception of local, active and interactive groups, NOBODY REALLY GIVES A FLYING FUCK?

Go on. tell me you’ve NEVER gotten that feeling…

So, then, naturally, the next question becomes, “Why should I give a fuck?” You wouldn’t be… *snigger*… human if you didn’t entertain that thought and I suppose that, when you really get down to it it’s a case of the old, “If it doesn’t directly, materially, affect me and improve my life why should I give a shit?” syndrome.

The biggest question of all then becomes, “What the living fuck are we doing here at all?”

Jus’ sayin’…

More beer, more smoke, MORE FUCKIN’ NOIZE…!!!


….annnnnd a song here for my beautiful Vampwife Lady M…

…annnnnnd one for all the heartstringers out there… go on, grab your special significant other and get yer groove on…

Be good, stay well and safe and fed…!!!

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