Well, hang me upside down an’…

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Hey, well… whew… what a week eh? Hello to everyone who survived it and for those who didn’t, well, buckle up spanky there’s another one comin’ at ya…!!!

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…but for now let’s just kick back, put our underpants on our head and get crazy yeah?

The Expulsion, the Excommunication, the “Size 12 up the Arse”…

Good news for us Chicago-ites, it means we don’t have to pay attention our new, self-proclaimed, overlords in the Vampire Court of Chicago… That’s right kids, we are NOT being assimilated…!!!

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…annnnnnnnnd, the big quetion that’s been burning everyone’s lips… Where is it? Why is this happening? What have we done? Why, Why, Why, Whyyyyyy…?

What is “It” – well, Spring of course, what else…

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Hey, hey, HEYYYYYYY…!

Don’t Panic (in large friendly letters) it’ll be here, maybe not in the next week, or two… or ummm three, maybe four or five even… BUT it will get here and then it’s gonna be time to throw off the thermal undies, whip out those bikinis and onepiecers

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(ladies, you can wear whatever you want, k) and bare it all to the caress of the warm sun…

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Oh yeahhhhh… and you know what that means? BEACH PAR-TAY…!!!

Would you like a little “guitar noir” to go with that Rumjack?

Oh… but be careful, all that booze and jumping around and you might get a CRAMP…

Poison Ivy Rorschach

…and talking about strangeness…

In the old hometown, a looooong time ago now…. there was a movie house on the northside, an older place, went by the name of “The Odeon”, “The Palladium”… or some such thing and in around ’78 this place, it used to show the Fellini, Lynch and foreign language flicks, started something that was to become iconic… they started showing, starting on midnight every Saturday night, a science fiction double feature… yep, a real honest-to-goodness midnight matinee feature.

Now, one of the movies always changed but one remained the same for something over a decade, every Saturday night… if we didn’t know anything else back then we knew one thing for sure…


Each Saturday night it was a fancy dress night at this special old place…

Ohhhhhhhh… I went there…. a LOT…!!! and you’re probably wondering whether I went in fancy dress, eh???

Oh-Kayyyyyy… next… *shuffle…shuff…shuffle*

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Where were we? Oh, yeah, right…

Tropical Beach Resorts, Siesta Key, FL.

…and, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

Let’s take another entry from those wild Canadian’s…

You can find all the latest info on the VBB at their homepage and you can preview the title track from their forthcoming album “Freak Parade“…

Awright, I reckon y’alls had enough by now… I’ll stop torturing ya… it is fun though…!!!


Leave you with some more “guitar noir” – Be cool and stay salty…!!!


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