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No one can deny that many people come to the OVC not simply for the informative aspects of the time, changing views, definitions and to keep up with the various changes that occur very frequently in the highly fluid environment. As much as this is true there are also a great number who enjoy the social aspect as much as members of any other group that inhabits the web.

Social aspects that are not simply confined to the web but also are occurring in the “mundane” or “real” world outside the community. One person who is working on bringing the best of both together and who hopes create a unique and “social” meeting place for real vampires is…

Mr. Brett Buchanan

Brett, as Owner and Chief Administrator, has established a site named Vampirelink and it is his hope that it will become a focal “social network” for real vampires from everywhere.

We were honoured to be able to spend a little time with Brett and have a chat with him about his project.


RVN: Good evening Brett, it’s a pleasure to be able to catch up with you, where can people find your new social network group?

B.B: It’s called VampireLink and the addresses are:

RVN: May we ask, generally, where in the world are you based Brett?

B.B: I’m from a military family, so I never grew up in any given location. Most of the years were spent in Southern California Desert or in Northern Alabama.

RVN: Would you share with us a little about the group’s philosophy?

B.B: The reason the site was created was because the internet is filled with forums, news sites, and other vampire related websites, but none of them are social network type sites. So, I created VampireLink as a place for people to socialize with each other. Whether they feel like they are just starting to get into, those that feel they are veterans, or even those that simply associate with the Vampire community. It’s meant to be a place for them all to meet one another as well as get the same information.

RVN: …and who is the group aiming to cater to?

B.B: We targeted a specific group or demographic, and that’s all vampires. I didn’t want any type of vampire, but at the same time I didn’t want to include the general populace. Whether the person feels they’re a real vampire or not. It’s meant for all the die hard (or live hard) vampires and those wanting to be alike.

RVN: How many member has the group at present?

B.B: We are currently at 18 members including myself and yourself Tim.

RVN: May we ask the primary purpose of the group and site?

B.B: The purpose is to be the Vampire worlds social network. If you take facebook and turn it into all about Vampries and the Vampire community, you’d land at VampireLink. Members have the ability to blog, post in forums, post pictures, etc. It is meant to bring the best of the web into one place.

RVN: What major changes have you made there recently Brett?

B.B: Most recent change as a the addition of the lower chat bar. This allows members to chat with friends without having to go into the chat rooms.

RVN: …and what would you like to see the group/website become? What development work is planned or underway?

B.B: I’m constantly working on the back end to smooth the experience out. I’ve been adding the reminders to fill out information, which I know can be annoying. But at the same time, we want to provide those that are not computer minded the ability to move within the site with ease.

RVN: Thank you for affording us this time Brett, in closing, what else would you like to tell people about the group/website?

B.B: The website is meant to be for every person that associates with the term or lifestyle of Vampire. Real, beginning, fake, or veterans. The only specific I’d like to make sure is mentioned, is that it’s for all vampires. We have a place for members to Blog, share their pictures, and find like minded people. Now, I know its not all the features or all we offer, but listing everything would take quite a bit.


Vampirelink, presented and managed by Brett Buchanan, another strong and worthwhile idea to promote communication and the social value of the OVC. Take advantage of the opportunity and drop by to take a look at what Brett is building, you might just find that comfortable little spot you’ve been looking for.

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