VVC Global Statement of Warning

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) has, today, issued a global awareness message for the Vampire culture and affiliated cultures.

It is, we note, very unusual for the VVC to take this step as the organisation generally tends to promote peaceful resolution to situations. This, it would appear, has been determined by that body to be an irretrievable situation.

Without further ado, the statement issued by the VVC today reads;


Jonathan Michael Butkovsky

aka Loren Vargo

aka Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon

The VVC hereby issues the following global vampire community statement of warning for the individual listed above. It is our belief that Butkovsky has demonstrated throughout a period of more than five (5) years behaviors most adequately characterized as dangerously erratic and escalating. This individual has perpetuated a cycle of continual harassment, delusional proclamations, duplicitous behavior and forcible contact with participants in the Vampire Community across multiple areas in the United States (Texas, Colorado & Illinois) who have stated their objections to such on numerous occasions both publicly and privately. He has repeatedly demonstrated an abject lack of either ability or willingness to transition to a state of peaceable relations with those with whom he disagrees. We have reviewed materials including but not limited to social media message transcripts, telephone conversations, photographic images, contemporaneous notes, e-mail communications, court records and other recordings from both Butkovsky and various parties dating from 2013 to present and have thus reached our own independent conclusions on these matters.

Only rarely does the VVC ever issue edicts of sine nomine, writs of excommunication or mandates of forced exile as a collective body. Instead, we encourage our respective Individuals, Groups, Organizations, Houses, Courts and other entities to choose what action they wish to take in accordance with their own beliefs, circumstances and needs. However, for the protection of parties who should have a reasonable expectation to not fear being exposed to, or affected by, such behaviors, we no longer recognize the right of participation by Butkovsky or any of his associated aliases within the entities owned, operated or controlled by our organization. This includes both physical and online functions explicitly hosted by the Vampire Community for the Vampire Community. The ‘Vampire Court of Chicago’ that was created by ‘Loren Vargo’ [Facebook Page: Vampire-Court-of-Chicago-142208079805591] is not recognized by the VVC as a legitimate entity. We consider the formation of any such entity without the transparent consultation of established or elder participants who have long-resided in a geographic area as an affront and highly disrespectful to any existing local communities and institutions.

It is our fervent hope that the aforementioned individual will refrain from any present or future attempted organizational or leadership role within the Vampire Community. Further, that he will respect the wishes of those who do not wish for him to contact them or patronize their events or establishments. May he find peace and sanctuary elsewhere apart from the Vampire Community and any directly tangential subcultures with whom we maintain direct relations.

Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)

April 5, 2018



NB: Copyright in this material remains with the Voices of the Vampire Community, it is reproduced here in the public interest.

We have chosen to reproduce the warning here because the message is a grave one and the senior management of J. Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine would like to thank the VVC Organisation for its work in this matter.

Needless to say this means we will be unable to bring you the planned interview with the senior official of the newly established “Vampire Court of Chicago” since it would be, in our opinion, against the best interests of the modern Vampire culture. This is a step that we have never taken in our history and we apologise to our readers but we will not promote anything that is considered to be so damaging to the entire culture.


Editor in Chief, for and on behalf of J. Reason’s RVL E-Zine.

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