Murder Jewelry

Unique bone jewelry and post apocalyptic fashion. Each piece is a unique work of art and available at www.BoneJewelry.Net

All of my bone jewelry is made from real animal bones, skulls, claws, teeth and other parts of the recently deceased. I take great care in cleaning the bones to assure that they are safe to handle and wear. I also provide custom bone art for any purpose. Please contact me with your ideas. I’m always happy to oblige no matter how strange.

The animal parts used in my bone jewelry come from all over the world. Despite my chosen business name none of the animals I use are killed with the intent of becoming jewelry. A large percentage have met their death naturally but some, like the American Mink, are used for clothing products and other legal purposes. None of the animals are listed on CITES (endangered species list) and I don’t use other illegal species such as migratory birds. I can make you a custom piece as long as it adheres to the legal practices and guidelines (including human bones).

For more information, photos and product specifics please visit my website.

You can also contact me through my personal FB page –

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