In the Footsteps of Dracula ~ Steven P Unger

Real Vampire Life was recently contacted by author Steven Unger with a request… would we be kind enough to read the latest edition of his book and provide a review.  We are very pleased to present our review of …

In the Footsteps of Dracula

A Personal Journey and Travel Guide

2nd Edition


Steven P. Unger

Reviewed by Lady M ~ RVL Staff


An interesting question pops up in the opening pages of the book … which Steven answers


The simple answer to the question is that although writing the First Edition of In the Footsteps of Dracula was a labor of love, perhaps even an obsession — I knew I could make it better.”

Firstly, let me say that Real Vampire Life is a huge fan of Bram Stoker and the Dracula mystique. We are also heavily involved in the Vampire sub-culture.  That being said, I placed myself in the position of trying to erase everything that I know regarding these subjects to become the armchair tourist.

Transylvania …. What better place to start than the country where the whispered tales of “Dracula” were first spoken.  For the history buff, Steven spins the tale with such animation that it seems as though you are standing right next to him seeing through his eyes and feeling what he felt.  His writing, which combines excerpts from Bram Stoker’s novel with factual history and the beauty of his modern day photographs, keeps the reader turning pages in search of more.

I must admit that, for me, the most interesting chapter was 3.  If I was teetering on the brink of a decision to go to Whitby, after reading Steven’s account, my bags would be packed and ready to go.  Someday I hope to be able to follow Steven’s journey through Whitby and capture the magic in his writing with my own eyes.

Moving on, the historical account of Prince Vlad was the telling of history at its best, although some of the descriptions are horrific and not for the faint hearted.  I believe they were absolutely necessary however to be able to understand Dracula’s rage as he speaks to Jonathan Harker shortly after his arrival at the castle.

I was overjoyed to read that Steven agrees with our theory that Poienari Castle is the true castle of Dracula.  After several readings of Dracula, and our own extensive research, there can be no other place possible for the castle to stand but on the precipice of Poienari.  I was, I must confess, just a tad disappointed that there were not more pictures of the 1480 steps and passageways of the ruins.

I believe that after reading Steven’s book anyone interested in travelling to Romania or England to experience their own Dracula journey into both the past and present is supplied with enough information to make the trip as effortlessly as can be possible.

It is of great value to know that the people in the towns and villages where Steven wandered were helpful and kind to travellers and perhaps understanding of why so many make this particular journey.

If you are thinking of taking a journey to walk in the footsteps of Dracula, Steven’s book is an essential piece to aid and guide you in having a bloody good time.

Real Vampire Life wishes to thank Steven for supplying us a copy of his book for review.

Steven’s book can be found at:

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