Vampire visionaries ~ The Authors

RVL is proud to introduce, profile and promote those who are contributing to the literary vampire. We have come into contact with some amazing people and in preparing the interviews we go through a fairly lengthy process to ensure that you, our readers, get to taste the dark delights that these extraordinary and talented people have to offer.

The interview process, typically, takes about a week to complete from concept stage to publication and this ensures that we present interesting, intriguing and “appetite wetting” material for the lovers of vampire fiction everywhere.

The best resource, in our opinion, for tracking down vampire literature is undoubtedly The Vampire Library of our friend and supporter Deb. The Vampire Library, established in 1998, has been maintaining the most comprehensive and ordered collection of vampire books and other items for the benefit of all members of the subculture.

If you have an idea for an interview with an author of vampire books ~ fiction or not, please feel free to contact us at:

RVL Staff.

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