URGENT Security advisory to all our readers

URGENT ADVISORY to all our members, friends and followers
Re: From Russia with love

Undoubtedly, most of you, if not all will have heard of the theft of 1.2 billion usernames and passwords from computers and systems worldwide. It is alleged that a Russian gang perpetrated the crime to sell the list for profit.

Lady M and I have every reason to be certain that the threat is very credible since we have been targeted.

Recommended steps: (If you haven’t already done so)
The media have broadcast that you should change your passwords. Good advice but first MAKE SURE your computer is not being “mined” for data. Whatever OS you are running, be it Windows or other, go to the security settings, make them as strong as possible. Clear ALL recent history and make ALL settings to block “less secure” programs and apps from getting access to your computer without your specific permission.

I have employed a triple level security, I have Windows Defender running at high level, I have 2 other programs operating alongside that. (SeeFootnote) My security settings have been reset to high alert status within the Windows settings.

When you have reconfigured your system to MAXIMUM SECURITY then change ALL SENSITIVE PASSWORDS.

Begin with Bank or other financial business you do online.
Reset your Email password/s – ALL OF THEM
Reset any passwords to official websites, such as dealing with government departments/ health providers/ insurance companies.


When you have done all of this restart your computer so that all settings take effect then go to whichever operating system security program you have (in Windows it is Defender) and run a deep scan for adaware/ malware and threats.
When you have cleaned and disinfected your computer in this fashion, go to ANOTHER threat scanning and elimination software and repeat the deep scan.

Restart your computer again and you should be secure.

One incident in particular that occurred here:
Lady M sent me an email from her computer with some pictures in it as attachments. I tried to view the attachments and a warning opened up, in RUSSIAN, asking if I wanted to open the file.
That was via Lady M’s Yahoo Email account and via Google and Gmail for me. I sent reports and copies of screen to Google.

Batten down the hatches folks and don’t get slam-dunked.
Be well,

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