Time and tide wait for none..

“The Vampire” Philip Burne Jones, 1896.

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A true saying, one that can’t be disputed really. Whatever we do, whatever we create, whatever we seek and find it’s always at a fleeting moment in history and history will roll on, often, it repeats.

There are a great many people scattered throughout the modern real living Vampire culture who will insist that we, modern Vampires, owe absolutely nothing whatsoever to our historical namesakes but how can that be?

We take the name, we emulate the activities popularly, and historically, ascribed to Vampyres. Many take blood (the first tales of which reach back to around 3200BC) Others are Psychic, or “Psi”, Vampires (the first postulations of which go back as far as 1858

Is it a case of just “borrowing” the names and forms to suit our own “unique” situation? Can it indeed be called a unique situation given that it has occurred, and been occurring, throughout the recorded history of mankind?

How can we possibly claim a “unique” position when almost every civilisation, every culture and every race that there has ever been – since the beginnings of recorded history – have accounts of vampiric creatures in their history, folklore and popular beliefs?

No, I don’t think we can be that arrogant… not even the MOST arrogant of us. I believe that instead of denying the rich, full and fascinating ancestry that many choose to call “irrelevant” we should, instead, be celebrating one of the longest lineages of kind in the history of the world.

To that end, and in continuing a project that I have been engaged in since 2010, The Ultimate Vampyre Timeline Revision 15 is now installed in the Reason Learning Foundation section of Real Vampire Life International.

Bearing new notations of historical cases and a greatly updated sequence of 20th, and 21st, century information the timeline is keeping the history, and the celebration, alive for the entire culture.

I do hope, dear reader, it is of some interest, and use, to you.

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