The voice of Reason

John Reason

You may recall that in May this year John was invited to submit a movie review of the remake of the classic Dark Shadows, in talking with Box John afforded the views of a real modern living vampire on the movie as opposed to the reality of vampirism in today’s world.

His opinions and his approach were obviously appreciated by someone since John has again been sought to provide a “real” vampire’s perspective of the latest Twilight movie offering as opposed to the reality of modern vampires.

On this occasion the review was in conjunction with a lovely lady by the name of Amy Nicholson at ~ you can read the latest interview HERE.

NB: Please be advised that there are some quite negative comments attached to the second interview.

We are all very proud, at RVL, of the work that John is doing in engaging with the public about modern vampirism and we, as does John, believe it is an important educational effort that needs to be maintained.


RVL Staff

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