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BOO back..!!!

Hey Vampkind, well, what a heck of a week last week… thanks to everyone who dropped in for a looksee, had a crazy top numbers day last week… glad you approve.

Just a couple of things to share today, start of the working week and all that, let’s keep it in a smooth groove eh?

Newsflash: Our esteemed colleague, Mr. Dave Wolff of the fabulous AEA Zine is looking for a couple of folks who can write good and who like music. He needs a couple of folks to review music for the AEA. If you’re interested drop us a line at and we’ll hook you guys up.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the folks who helped me out with a little project last week… I won’t embarrass y’all, you know who you are. Bless ya little cotton socks one and all. Here’s one for us…


Got a message from someone that asked me why we don’t have stuff for other sections of the wider and other cultures… I gently explained that we have enough trouble keeping up with thousands of crazy Vampires but I did take note and this one’s for them and also a big shout out to Reaper and The Zanval… luv you guys…

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Coming up in the interview rounds:

We are still hopeful of bringing you the interview, that we have been advised will be ASAP, we were granted with the newly established Vampire Court of Chicago – this one’s close to our heart of course. (Please note this is not a Court associated with the “Unity Project”

An interview with the Author of “Arcane Ramblings of a Teenage Vampire” is in progress and half done. We’ll have that for you soon barring fire, flood, earthquake or man-made disaster…

Don’t miss the second part of our interview with Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza as we continue to put to rest some of the rumours, guesswork, half-truths, misconceptions and other assorted comments that have been flying about lately.

Yeah, ooh… and speaking about other members of the wider overall community…
SWANS, our dear Swans – Black, White, any shade in between… without y’all we’d be a pretty sad bunch of Vamps. Blessings.

Ain’t that some cool-crazy groove??? One for the Ska-ists

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WHOA, dude… could this be…


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Gotta leave you with a little more from the Vampire Beach Babes… can’t get enough of this outfit…


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