The Grapevine ….

Greetings and welcome to our new page that celebrates another facet of the Vampire culture.  Here we will be featuring interviews from sites around the globe that focus on the real lives and loves of Vampires … RVL can’t do it all and we appreciate the opportunity to tell the stories via links to off site ezines.  If you have an ezine or site that promotes positive highlights from the modern Vampire culture, please feel free to message us via the RVL Facebook page, or via email to and we will be happy to review your material and look at including it on the Grapevine.


AEA zine Interview with PSIVAMP

“Explain to the readers how your project PsiVamp began and what you set out to accomplish with it. What influenced you musically and visually, and what equipment did you have to work with when you started the project.”


AEA zine interview with Tony Sokol

“What intrigued you about the vampire mystique so much that it inspired your career as a writer?”


AEA zine Poet Interview:  Corvo Obsidian Sahjaza

Interview with
Elder-Magnus/Sacred Scribe et Custos Libros nam Temple House Sahjaza

AEA zine Musician Interview with JERICO DE ANGELO

“What has been going on with your recording career since the last time I interviewed you?
I have been working on two totally different albums, remastering these 23 year old songs for “Tame The Wind” which is adult contemporary/pop rock with a mystical edge to it.”