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Tim (Who else?)

Oi, oi… what the actual fuck???

If it ain’t one thing it’s another… there I was, relaxing on a Sunday morning with the computer and coffee, listening to, and watching, the Liverpool, Man. City match from Anfield and BAM… call out from work…!!! Why don’t all the American Christian organisations get together and ban working on Sunday? I’m sure the Big Black Book said something about that along the way didn’t it?

So yeah, then, well… what’s been happening in your world this week? “Same shit different day…!”, you mutter… seems to go that way don’t it.

Going to throw an early one atcha today, look past everything you’re getting ready for and think about December, especially think about this…

Img. courtesy of Vampire Court of Dallas

The Vampire Court of Dallas

Mike Burgess and our good friends at the VCD are holding a winter event and toy drive, even if you can’t make the event please think about donating to the toy drive. Contact the VCD for details of how to make ‘out of state’ donations. The Toy Drive benefits The New Beginnings Center of Garland.

The Vampire Court of Dallas presents:


– A Holiday Toy Drive Benefiting The New Beginnings Center of Garland.
Sunday, December 9th.

Doors open: 9pm

Your Host: May May Graves


Wild Bill’s Ugly Sweater Party in the Video Bar and Joe Virus in the Main Room.

With performances by:

Dead Girl Circus, Arty Dodger, Toni Tabasco, Scarlette D’Vine

Also featuring:

*Vendors for Last Minute Christmas Shopping

*Fangs by Blacksmith Fangs (Houston)

*Krampus Costume Contest at the end of the night with prizes from Cat Dillon and Dan Miga Designs

*Roving Performers by The Krampus Society

*And Much More!

Suggested Dress Code: Christmas Goth, German Folk, Christmas Horror, Krampus, Winter Horror, Traditional Goth


$10 over / $15 under 21

$5 off with Church Dog Tags

Free Drink (1 per individual) with Donation of New/Unwrapped Toy!

Venue: The Church, 2424 Swiss Ave.

Info: thechurchdallas.com

Social Media: thechurchdallas

Info: vampirecourtofdallas.org

Social Media: thevampirecourtofdallas


Img. Courtesy: Vampire Court of Dallas

Yeah, Christmas, it comes Masterrrrrr… it commmmmmes….

Right… time to make some fucking noize, wotcher reckon’?

We’re goin’ to have a British invasion today… no, not the friggin’ Beatles (apologies to my lovely wife)

Slade 1969, an original “skinhead” band…
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Oi, oi…awright Noddy???

Let’s ‘ave a look at wot me lovely assistant’s bin up to this week then…

Img. source: NY Haven Masquerade Ball


Haven: A Masquerade Ball

Venue: The DL · 95 Delancey Street, New York, New York 10002

Gawd bless ya balls Gotham…!!!

Wot else we got ‘ere then…

Ooooh, yeah, like…

Blutengel – New single coming out soon – “Vampire”

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Gotta be lookin’ forward to that one…!!!


Picked up from the Nerdist.com… (Who sez we don’t luv them nerds???)

Kendall Ashley gives us an insight into the new “mockumentary”
What We Do in the Shadows

Imagine, Vampires in Staten Island… wotever next, I ask you???


This one’s for every single last one of you ever luvvin’ mothers in the modern Vampire culture… yep, EVERY SINGLE ONE…!!!

Yeah, like… a bit uv th’ best o’ British there for us…

Okay, it’s time, it’s that time, it’s THE time… drumroll please, it’s none other than everyone’s favourite segment…



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Okay, okay, ‘old it down… OI, you lot, stop snoggin’ up th’ back there…

Leaders, leadership, leading, being led… I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this recently. There have been a lot of extensive posts made, over the years, about “What is a leader” – in reference, obviously, to our beautiful, raucous, frivolous, frenetic modern living Vampire culture. Many, many people have come forward and opined on what is “BEST” for ALL of us… I tend to regard such things with a sort of healthy cynicism now. Many have been the attempts to create leadership frameworks, Councils and the like and without exception each one that has sought to dictate some form of “best practice” among the far and wide groups, Houses, Temples and organisations has failed dismally.

As a matter of fact a leader is;
“A person in control of a group, country, or situation.” – Short and sweet.

Leadership is;
“the set of characteristics that make a good leader.” Also, “The position or fact of being the leader.” And, “the person or people in charge of an organization.”

There, that’s it, nothing mystical, nothing about experience, knowledge or any other thing. Naturally, whenever someone decides THEY are a leader people are going to be looking at what that person has done, said, or not done in the past. That’s natural. The self-declared leaders are going to be looking to their followers to validate their assumed position. It’s the way of things.

Now, here’s the thing, there are many different types of leaders…
That’s the real question isn’t it…?

When all else fails “Keep Calm and Listen to your Muse”…

Or, just say “fuck it all…!!!” and go…

Oh, yeah, for the record, Liverpool and Man. City played a nil all draw, that leaves City at the top of the English Premier League on Goal Average… PFFFFFT…!!!

Ta-rahhh for now like…!!!

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…On the brink

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Well, what can I say…

Civilised temperatures, bright days with just a hint of the fall in the breeze… it’s hella good…!!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…!!! Sure and it’s going to be fucking loud and raucous today… why? Because I can… and… “just cuz…!”

Well there’s quite a lot of shit goin’ down in the coming month yeah? What, with everybody holding their balls an’ all… so, what I thought I’d do today is have a round up of folks balls… any objections?

The last WGW for this year takes place on October 26 – 28 this year, for details…



Our delectable West Coast friend, Lady Shannon McCabe, presents…

Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball- 10th Anniversary- Nosferatu

Hosted by Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball and Vampire Ball

Saturday, October 27 at 8 PM – 1:30 AM PDT

Oct 27 at 8 PM to Oct 28 at 1:30 AM PDT

California Auto Museum 2200 Front Street, Sacramento, California 95818

Tickets @ www.eventbrite.com


img. source: The Darkness Underground

Masquerade d’Vampire

Saturday, October 13 at 8 PM – 2 AM

Oct 13 at 8 PM to Oct 14 at 2 AM

Venue: Blackbird Urbana

Hosted by The Darkness Underground





“Infernal Productions & High Noon Saloon present the 840th Annual VAMPIRE’S BALL! The beautiful dead will converge upon downtown Madison, Wisconsin at High Noon Saloon on Saturday, October 20th for an evening of demonically delightful dancing and decadence!”

High Noon Saloon, 701 E Washington Ave, Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Tickets via www.ticketfly.com

img. source: psiholistic.ro


Saturday, October 20, 2018 10:00 PM

Sunday, October 21, 2018 1:00 AM

“Come join the First Annual Galveston Vampire Pageant, benefiting the Resource Crisis Center of Galveston County. This year the pageant will be held at Sound Bar and all proceeds will go to RCC. This event is designed to raise money and awareness for the Resource Crisis Center of Galveston who aids domestic abuse victims and brings awareness about domestic about to the community.”

get on ya night face…NOLA’s th’ place…!!!

INFERNO – The Blood Lust Vampire Ball

1236 N Rampart St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116


“Wide yawn th’ gates o’ hell,
 Deep the toll o’ death’s bell,
 Run childe, run lest ye find,
 Thyself astride the…”


Austin Vampire Ball: Opera Of Death

by Dead South and the Vampire Court of Austin

Fri, Oct 19, 2018, 9:00 PM – Sun, Oct 21, 2018, 12:00 AM CDT


705 Red River St

Austin, TX 78701


If you have balls, bigger or otherwise,
that you would like us to spread around the place
simply drop a line to our office email,

or sling us a note to
J. Reason’s Real Vampire Life on Facebook 

Yeah, some more friggin gratuitous noize…. Bwahahahahahaha…!!!

“Elven mound, Elven bell,
 Can ye hear that sound?
 If ye can wee girl, RUN.. RUN..!
 Lest they take ye ‘neath th’ ground”


…annnnnd so we reach that part of the show…

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So, who’s been watching the news lately? Who watched the DAY LONG broadcast of the Senate hearing on Cavanaugh’s nomination? Who watched Bill carted off to prison on a 3 to 10?

Well, THIS HAS GOT FUCK ALL TO DO WITH EITHER OF THOSE so just hold ya horses and sit th’ fuck down willya…

It’s frickin’ simple but I guess that here and now, in this country at least, someone’s gotta spell it out…

Okay, follow me very carefully now okay…

It is NEVER okay to approach a woman and make unwanted advances, disgusting verbal suggestions or allusions, put hands on them or molest them in ANY manner when they have NOT invited such.

See, wasn’t that easy… if a lady wants such attention she’ll let you know… if she doesn’t let you know BACK TH’ FUCK OFF ANIMAL

Where I grew up, if you talk dirty to a women without invitation you’re an animal, if you laid hands on a lady against her wishes you’re scum and her brothers (or male friends) beat th’ living fuck outta ya, if you sexually molested or assaulted a woman you’re fucking filthy scum and like as not you had better hope the cops got to you first…!!!

Now, I can hear the men screeching, “…but what if I’m the one being molested or abused?” GENTLEMEN, simple, WALK AWAY…!

’nuff said

Yeah, right, there, got it now? 

…and while we’re talking about having class…

“Nagy erdőben sötét és mély,
Kilométerem van, mielőtt alszom”

Awright kidz, that’s it from here for today… be safe and well and remember,

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One-on-One: Of dark mysteries and practical thoughts

Written, conducted, edited and presented by

Good evening,
When we look around the modern Vampyre culture we are frequently amazed by the sheer range of alternative involvements that are available. Every conceivable “kind” of Vampyre has been introduced, discussed, dissected and considered and yet we still have no clear definition of exactly what a Vampire is, or might be.

When we consider the popular archetype of the Vampyre we are given to expect glamour, mystery, power along with a vaguely threatening shadow in the background but is that truly what the modern culture is about?

There are certain denizens of our modern population whom, for whatever reason, are able to harness these things and are able to portray, with confidence, grace, glamour and aplomb, a direct, brass-tacks and plausible explanation of modern living Vampirism. One such person whom is capable of tying together all that it means to be a real Vampyre is our guest this evening, from the Ordo Omnia, we are very pleased, and honoured, to be able to bring you a one-on-one interview with Magistra Xia of the Ordo Omnia.


Copyright Magistra Xia

RVL: Good evening Magistra Xia and a warm welcome to RVL, we are honoured to be able to spend a little time with you.

MX:Thank you , I am excited to be a part of this interview

RVL: Would you please share, with our readers, a little of your own history… how did you first come to be aware of modern living Vampires and do you identify as a modern living Vampire?

MX: This is a great question and a very personal one but I think the art of Vampyrism is in it´s true essence personal. It happens to be a unique journey for every living being that chooses to unlock these nature born secrets. I began my journey as child and started sharing stories of dead relatives I never met with my mother. This is honestly how I began and I think if someone took my gifts away from me I may never have pursued answers. Religion at first was the only solution outside of science that gave me some hint into the world of the inexplicable so I walked like many do from path to path trying to find the answers as to who I was. As i became more aware science peaked my interest much more than stories that had no real results. I found someone or maybe they found me as the expression goes . They introduced me in my late teens into the New York Vampire Community and gave me some books to read and the rest is history. I became an active member within this group for over ten years learned what I could and read everything I could get my hands on. I ended up parting ways with the group out of different opinions . I would say that my ideas and philosophies were going in another direction. Vampyre is just a word and as an evolved individual I find it very limiting but right now it is the best word that can describe who and what I am minus the flesh. I do hope however one day we have a better description for this .

Magistra Xia
of the Ordo Omnia

RVL: For you, personally, what is the allure of the Vampire? Why is it that so many have found this to be an important personal facet of whom they are?

MX: The allure ..no matter what you read in mythology or writings of other Vampyres no one can fully embody what that actually is. That is why Anne Rice and many people keep creating films and art on it. It is actually why you are questioning me now. The allure of the Vampire begins with the idea of Immortality and the concept of never-dying. Due to legend and story this persona is caught between angel and devil and because of modern authors we look to the Vampyre as a heroine. There is more allure there than what the authors and art can tell us. Seduction, beauty, refinement, primal nature , dark over tones are just descriptions that begin to give us insight . The true allure is felt it is an energy of excitement and possibly danger or maybe salvation. This otherworldly energy and the essence of what it means to truly transcend is the height of the allure of the Vampyre and for many in the community it is why we keep coming back to celebrations and rituals together. This joy of never-ending pleasure is the height of the experience for those seeking the allure and secrets of the Vampyre. It is the energy of the chase the circle of life , death and re-birth and the Vampyre is so close to the natural rhythm of things. Predator versus Prey. Others have found the Vampyre allure to be a personal facet of who they are because again the Vampyre is the ultimate primal energy. This is the closest concept that ties us to our roots and the future all at the same time. This can be an important facet of who we are without getting too scientific because it allows us to unlock the primal side of ourselves we aren’t able to be on a daily basis. The world has gotten so much more politically correct in this day and age that the functions of the natural world have become hidden. All one has to do is to look to nature and Darwin to understand the Vampyre in a better way. So this facet is more natural and more beautiful than we want to admit to ourselves . The Vampyre flows with nature and science while many philosophies of the modern age currently do not.

RVL: Do you have an opinion on the origin of the modern Vampire?

MX: I do and I have read much on the subject not that this means I am any closer to the truth than anyone else . From what research I have been able to unearth the origin could be in ancient Egypt and where mankind began. There have been skulls found with large vampire like teeth and if we want to look at our evolution based off of Darwin’s ideas then maybe our canines indeed were much longer in a different time when we had to eat without fork and knife. I think it is a part not much discussed due to church infiltrating state and us living in a day and age where opinions hold more value than actual facts. We have tail bones for instance and why not would our teeth have been longer much like the tail in the stone age ? These are all ideas I think that are important to visit .

RVL:…and given the supposition that there may well be tens, if not hundreds of thousands of modern living Vampires in the world do you believe it to be a natural evolution or a case of unnatural selection in nature? If, that is, you believe it to be a natural phenomenon.

MX: Again I think my approach to Vampyrism isn’t as exciting as others would want to believe . Vampyrism is in essence like photosynthesis meaning it is a natural process that has been going on long before there was any Vampyre Community, or books or drawings on cave walls. This natural occurrence happened like breathing air happens . My approach again is that it is more inclined with nature and the circle of life . So I don’t think its a natural phenomena I do believe science can explain it like science can explain other processes. I don’t believe it is an evolution yet or an unnatural selection in nature. I think just like the lions perfecting their hunt we are always naturally perfecting ours or we would have all the answers. So although we are always evolving I think there are more modern applications that can be applied to the art itself . If we removed the word Vampyre I do think things would still be happening in the natural world that would be Vampyric.


RVL: In your own case, do you see your vampirism as a gift?

MX: I think the gift is having the conscious application to actively use the methods. Then of course taking these already developed methods and working them further to find new ones. There are many individuals who aren’t conscious as to what they are doing so yes conscious awareness does make the art itself a ´ GIFT´

RVL: …and what would you say to those whom describe it more as a curse?

MX: I would say to them as i would the people who look at a glass of milk and see it half full. You have more work to do .


RVL: Do you agree with any of the commonly applied labels that are afforded to different types of modern Vampire, such as Sanguinarian, Psi, and Hybrid etc.?

MX: I do not. I have always found labels limiting especially as new work is being developed in the community how can one label continue to hold its value.


RVL: …and how, if at all, do you identify your own vampirism?

MX: This is an excellent question.  Identification of my personal Vampyrism will always begin with how I see the world . I am one on an island , ruler of my own world, master of my destiny and the existence I am in is my food bowl.


RVL: What, or who, may we ask, has been your biggest influences in the time you have been an active part of the Greater Vampire Community?

MX: Science has been a huge influence and Stephen Hawking

Magistra Xia and Magister Irhandi – Ordo Omnia –


RVL: The Ordo Omnia is a recognised entity in the GVC but very little, we find, is truly known about its history or its principles, would you tell us how Ordo Omnia came about?

MX: Honestly the only reason it did come about was because myself and my partner wanted a more practical scientific approach to the arts that would hold us accountable for our deeper workings.

RVL: …and what Vampiric concepts is Ordo Omnia based on?

MX: Simply results and real experiment. There is no religion involved and no belief system just application like in a lab in science class. So again I think our approach is very easily transmuted. You either achieve in the practice through recorded results and actual verification of energy phenomena or you don’t and therefore have work to do . This holds the practitioner accountable for all results. Therefore there is no false turn out.


RVL: Was the formation of Ordo Omnia based on any historical facets, modern cultural facets or purely along the lines of personal belief systems?

MX: Not truly no. I think both Magister Irhandi and I have been around the block and seen different approaches that work for others but not for us. This is truly the reason why we decided to form this . More applications more minds and results that could lead us to something.

RVL: …and what are the basic teachings, of The Ordo?

MX: Well we are a very intimate formation so all teachings are one on one. The first concept is results in ritual format if it isn’t recorded it isn’t there and you have more work to do . If you’ve made actual manifestations occur in ritual space then you belong with Omnia and we are ready to work . That simple, it’s all about work , no ego, no religion.

RVL: How involved, or active, has the Ordo been in the affairs of the modern Real Vampire society before now?

MX: Well considering we are a newly formed Ordo Omnia our activity has been limited to the New York Vampire scene and Gotham.

RVL: …and does the Ordo engage on a regular basis more online or offline as a Vampiric organisation?

MX: We have a gathering planned for around Halloween and will have our website up October 24th 2018 .We plan on being very active with others as we would like to think that sharing is what helps everyone to learn and find new platforms of thought.

RVL: Does the Ordo indeed have a website? If so, where might people find it if they wish to read more about Ordo Omnia?

MX: yes. People can visit us at  – www.orderofomnia.com

RVL: Are there any specific things that Ordo Omnia stands for or against at this present time?

MX: We stand for science and logical application. If we are ever going to get away from the idea that vampirism is crazy we have to find the science to logically apply it . Going to the moon was crazy and we did it right ? I just would like to see people have an easier time than I did finding my way with more answers and more safety nets.

RVL: …and how do you see Ordo Omnia in relation to the wider GVC?

MX: I don’t know if we even fit there . Like I said I think the term Vampyre is a bit fluid . I think it is ever evolving and there will be new ideas on the forefront soon as to how one can apply the practice of . This is what makes the future so interesting right now we are in an interesting time where old practices are meeting new practices and we are working on all getting along .


RVL: May we ask, what are some of the activities that Ordo Omnia is currently involved in within the GVC?

MX: We are helping with the Elder and Leadership Conference that Stefan Henderson is hosting along with having our first gathering on Halloween for those who are curious.


RVL: …and how long has the Ordo been actively involved within the modern GVC?

MX: Good question Magister Irhandi himself has over 20 years work in the VC both in Norway and the U.S. and myself have been actively helping those with questions and in seek of guidance for over 10 years.


RVL: As you mentioned before, and many of our readers are aware, Ordo Omnia is involved with the “Elders and Leaders Conference”  next year in South Carolina, can you tell us, what are your hopes for that event?

MX: Honestly just bouncing of ideas , applications, concepts, education and ways to work on material. It is good for everyone to come together and celebrate who we are as well. I think it is important that we address the issue of being able to be friends although we may practice Vampyrism differently . I hope this conference is able to make people realize we can all work our own way and be passionate and still be friends at the end of the day. Hell its boring if we are all the same and nature in and of itself dictates us all to be different that is the Vampyre way.

RVL: …and what do you see as being the most realistic outcome of that event?

MX: Would love to just see more discussion on topics and more ideas on education.


RVL: Do you have any opinions about the modern Vampire culture, in its entirety, today?

MX: I would say no. To keep true with the energy of Ordo Omnia opinions have no place in our practice only firm recording of actual happenings.


RVL: What do you think needs to happen moving forward from this point?

MX: I would like to see more peace . I don’t think unification holds any value for this modern age due to the simple natural laws that dictate the predator to be only answering to the self. Again the laws of nature is where the Ordo of Omnia is at and I only speak for Omnia.

RVL: Okay, my dear Magistra, crystal ball time… where do you see Ordo Omnia in 5 years?

MX: I see us having a permanent location in New York City with more free thinking minds on the application, and arts, of vampiric ritual.


RVL: …and, I suppose, moving on from that, what do you perceive to be in store for the modern Vampire culture for the near to mid-term future?

MX: That’s like asking when the world began or when will it end. I don’t have an answer for that other than I want to see more contributions, more peace and a Golden Era of celebration and I think if some good people can get together anything is possible .

RVL: In closing, do you have any advice for newly arriving members of the culture, newly awakened modern living Vampires?

MX: Of course . Question everything . Never believe anyones ideology over your own and listen to your instincts . If you are a Vampyre a real Vampyre you are NOT A FOLLOWER  and you are not to be used as a tool for someones ego or their endeavors. Rise on your own throne and celebrate life with your equals. Anything is possible and the existence of the Vampyre is the most beautiful and magnetic one yet.


RVL: …and in general, anything else you would care to share with our readership?

MX:  A word of advice – Change is one of the greatest tools of the Vampyre besides feeding . If we are able to change we can adapt quicker and evolve faster . Be hungry, challenge everything and enjoy the ride .


RVL: Magistra Xia, it has been a perfect delight to have been able to speak with you. We would like to wish you, and Ordo Omnia the best of fortune and, if we may, we’d like to keep in touch and check in from time to time, would that be alright?

MX: Magister Irhandi and I would love that. Thank you for allowing us this interview.

In the modern Vampyre culture today there are those whom lean, almost exclusively, toward science as being the explanation for the state of being “Vampire”, there are others who attribute it to spiritual effects and causes, still others whom attribute it to genetics, to birthright and to all manner of things… most often there is a highly passionate defence of the “point of view” against all comers.

Magistra Xia has shared with us a most balanced and easily digested theory, a blend of science, evolution and natural selection and, certainly to this writer, this would seem to encompass the many unknown variables that we will, someday, discover to be in attendance in the modern living Vampyre.

As I said, in this interview, a delightful mix of glamour and good sense.

Copyright RVL & Magistra Xia/Ordo Omnia 2018 (all images property of Magistra Xia/Ordo Omnia)

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