Happy THOR’S-day…!!!

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YES…!!! I planned it, I actually thought about what I was going to put here today and then I actually, really, meticulously (well, more or less) arranged today’s foray… don’t you feel privileged now??? 

First off, before we go anywhere…

Parental advisory explicit content vintage rusty metal sign on a white background, vector illustration

Well, slap me frickin’ upside down and call me a fruit bat…!!! I mean, how much can a fuckin’ Koala bear right???

With all the fussin’ and frothing that’s been going on I’m surprised we haven’t all quit and retired to open beach front bars in the Cayman’s…!!!


OKAY, OKAY… It’s THOR’S DAY, let’s make some fuckin’ noise…!!!

HAH..!!! Yes… that’s just the way to start…

So, what’s an amazing wtf? thing that’s happened this week…? Ahhh… yes…

Didja all see the grand opening of our latest Vampire group on Facebook? It came across our screens and declared that;

“Only rule: Must be at least 18 (age must be publicly displayed) & posts must be vampire, metaphysical, occult, vampire community related or at least loosely related to something along the same lines, other than that, there are NO rules. Say what you want, when you want, to who you want, but respect is expected. Since we do, of course, want some sort of civility here, no derogatory behavior will be tolerated. That is up to and including badgering anyone for an answer if they’ve declined to comment.”

“Say WHAT you want, WHEN you want, to WHO you want but RESPECT is expected”

Swear by ALL the Gods, I laughed so hard I nearly got a hernia…!!! Talk about askin’ for trouble. Well, happy to report that it held up for around a day and then became;

Any and all are welcome. Otherkin, vampyre, witch, curious, metaphysical practitioner etc. provided they follow the rules.

1. To join the group, please answer the required questions. Your membership will not be considered without these responses.

2. Rules MUST be agreed upon after joining, see “pinned post”.

3. 18+ only

4. Post an introduction upon joining.

5. Respect! Productive conversation and respectful/cordial debate only. Zero tolerance for abuse and/or disrespect. Do not challenge or instigate hate with name-calling.  Respect NightSide identities.  Intolerance will get you booted.

6. Keep photo reposts to a minimum or at least make sure it’s relevant to topics of discussion.

7. No deletion of posts or comments or disabling commenting unless done by or approved by a Moderator/Admin.

8. No blocking of Admins or mods. If they were previously blocked before you joined, I will not require anyone to unblock an admin or mod.

9. Please keep posts vampire, occult, otherkin or metaphysical related or at least a fairly good correlation and explain.

10. No screenshots are to be taken and posted elsewhere or shared with anyone. This is an automatic boot should they be found and/or reported to an admin or mod and said person reporting provides solid proof.

AGAIN, Thank the Gods, we have another sensible, respectful, focus oriented Vampire group. It’ll be interesting to watch what comes out of the initial outrageous sales hook…!!!

Universal Vampire & Otherkin Commune (U.V.O.C.)

Might be safe to take a peek now… ummm, are hippies welcome too???



Hahahahahahahahahaha… okay – let’s see what the Lady of The Research has for us today…

Ohhh, I say, we’re orf across the pond, jolly old London town… Tally Ho…!!!

img. source: Yesterday’s Shadow

Yesterday’s Shadow – The Resurrection

Saturday, August 18 at 8 PM – 2 AM UTC+01

at The Victoria

Info courtesy of

London Vampire Magazine


What else, what else indeed…

img. source: Black Rose Events

“The Black Rose Ball returns on the first weekend in September with the theme of ‘Wasteland’.

Featuring a great line up of bands on Friday 31 August 2018 – They Called Him Zone, Red Sun Revival and Bad Pollyanna – at the The Fulford Arms.

Saturday 1 September 2018 will feature the Black Rose Bazaar gothic market (with traders of gorgeous gothic creations) and café during the day at the De Grey Rooms. Followed by the jewel of the weekend, the Black Rose Masquerade Ball in the evening.

There will be a cemetery tour around York’s Victorian cemetery Friends of York Cemetery on Sunday 2 September 2018, exclusive to weekend ticket holders.

All profits are donated to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. For full information check out our event pages or www.blackroseball.co.uk

Just £33 for a weekend ticket! (£15 concert only, £19.50 ball only).”


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 I have a confession to make… Lady M doesn’t really get overjoyed about taking me shopping, see, I’m a bit of a Jackdaw and I get easily distracted by shiny things… always darting off in different directions and so forth so when this next item popped up… Oh Em Gee…!!!


img. source: VVSUK The Shop

The sky darkens

Bats flit

The moon floods the landscape

A captivating dramatic necklace

“Hand crafted alchemic red enamel pewter necklace surrounded by bats

Necklace sits upon a a 21″ (53cm) nickel free trace chain with fastener

Weight & Dimensions (approx.): H: 58mm (2.28″) W: 50mm (1.97″) D: 10mm (0.39″) Weight 30g (1.06oz)”

VVSUK at Etsy


…and speaking of shiny things, here are some of mine, another guilty secret, I am a collector…

img. source: Tim

TOP: A Pakistan produced “King Cobra Bowie” style bush knife, or machete. Blade folds into handle and the guard swivels to lie along body, wooden handled, brass fittings, stainless steel blade.

LEFT: A Bear MGC Gut-Hook Blade knife from Bear Cutlery in Alabama.
CENTER: A custom made “Damascus” blade hunting knife by Shaka JGW in South Africa
RIGHT: Carl Schleiper Trophy Hunter series Skinning/Hunting Knife. After much research I believe this particular knife is a somewhat older model that may have been produced at Schleiper’s Solingen Works in Germany.

Yes, people smirk at me and say, “Why would you bring a knife to a gunfight?”
I smirk back and say, “Fella holdin’ the gun’s gotta see or hear me coming…!”



Who said rock and roll was dead???


Oh, yeah, I’ve decided to start a new project… got someone helping me…
The project is THE VAMBAN DICTIONARY. Yes, that’s right, our very own cultural “Urban” dictionary…!!!

We have the first four entries…!!!

(Noun.) An annoying little modern Vampire who just keeps going on, and on, and on about nothing except b.s. and eventually pisses EVERYONE off.


(Verb.) When a poser paints their face white, throws on a cape, chucks in some plastic fangs and waltzes around like they own the culture.


(Noun.) A modern Vampire who has so many medical problems they should be dead and buried.


(Noun.) A female modern Vampire with a permanently resting bitch-face.

Yah, Yah… tasteless, crass, outta line… have you read some of the other crap that’s getting made up out there…???



Well… how’s that for a noisy THOR’S-Day??? Ahhh, hold on, one more thing,

According to a VERY recent poll the top MOST ANNOYING trait exhibited in the modern Vampire culture is…

****** Drumroll ******


I would go so far as to suggest that to get anyplace in this modern cultural free-for-all one need have a certain measure of both of those to make any difference, no?

Which begs a question…

img. source: The Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition

And with that, dear reader, I’m going to throw all the drapes aside and…


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…in old Chicago town

Photo of Chicago at night (2012) by velgos.com

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Many of you who follow RVL will be well aware of the problems that the Vampire, Therian and Otherkin communities in and around Chicago have been dealing with most recently, problems that were highlighted in our reports “A flamin’ good flipper & A new dance in Chicago” and the subsequent VVC issued Global Community Warning which ultimately led to the issuing of a declaration of persona non grata .

In the wake of those developments a new initiative was born in the windy city, an organisation that aims to bring a hitherto unseen, and unrealised, joint communities effort to ensure that Chicago is a haven for nightkind from all paths.

The Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition is aimed at drawing together the independents, houses and groups that have long existed in the area but have, historically, eschewed formal organisation.

As a committed supporter of the initiative we thought we would get the lowdown on the new body which held its first, official, meeting on the evening of April 29th.

It gives us the greatest pleasure to welcome to RVL this evening GCVC Co-founder and CEO Derek Lestat

img. courtesy of: the Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition


RVL: Good evening and thank you very much for joining us today.

DL: Thank you for this opportunity.

RVL: The first question, I guess, would have to be why? Why after so many years of small, secluded, underground groups and meetups, was it see as necessary to bring everyone together under the Coalition?

DL: Because small and secluded little groups appear to be going nowhere fast; it’s stagnation. Think of this from the point of view of someone Newly Awakened. You’re going to look for something or someone where you can learn more about yourself, find others like yourself. Sure, there may be something “out there”, but it’s so far underground that you can’t find it, if it’s even there at all. Or it could be not what you’re looking for at all, maybe even something potentially dangerous.
We are coming together as a resource for those Newly Awakeneds who can’t find what they’re searching for. We’re here for the Elders, the so-called Ronin Vampires. We’re here to unite Chicago’s Vampire Community, and to place Chicago where we belong on the map right alongside New Orleans, Houston, Georgia, and all of the rest.

RVL: …and how long have you, personally, been a part of the modern Vampire culture?

DL: About two decades, Awakened. Prior to that, I couldn’t even say.

RVL: What’s the main aim of the Coalition at this point?

DL: Bringing together the Vampires of Chicago, the stragglers, the Newbies, the Meet-Up groups, the Ronin, anyone who has already worked at establishing something, they can all find unity with us.

We aim to unify Chicago, and to cast us in a positive public image.

We want to bring everyone together under one banner of legitimacy, to be a mentoring resource to those who need it; in unity there is strength.

RVL: …and how many groups or organisations, aside from us at RVL, are represented in the coalition at this time?

DL: Chicago is representing ourselves. We are autonomous. We are, however, affiliating with a significant number of the major Houses and Clans, such as those from Houston, Georgia, New Orleans, New Jersey, upstate New York, Alberta CA, with more coming. Right now we’re building our own base for the City and suburbs, and from there we aim to expand to include neighbouring states in the Midwest and around Lake Michigan area.

img. source: https://shop.teacherheaven.com/

RVL: Operationally, how will the coalition work? Will it be, for instance, somewhat along the model of the renowned Dark Nations or do you see a different operational method?

DL: We are currently still forming our structure. We have our core assembled, our Council of Five. As we grow, we’ll be delegating more positions within our group.

In-person Meet-Ups will play an important part. The act of simply getting together in person, meeting up and talking, getting to know one another, that will go a long way in growing this group into something substantial.

RVL: Would it be fair to say then, that each group, House or Order represented will have a say, or a “voting” right in the organisation?

DL: Of course. We’re not a medieval feudal system or political body. Everyone has opinions and points of view, and all are valid and should be voiced.

RVL: Traditionally the Vampire communities of Chicago have been reticent to come out, do you think that this coalition will change that?

DL: Realistically speaking, I think it will for some. Others, well, some will likely wish to remain shadowed by their own choice. The invitation is out there regardless.

Dan Aykroyd, Ray Charles and John Belushi in the 1980 Universal Pictures hit, “The Blues Brothers”

RVL: …and if we might go all “crystal ball” for a moment, what do you envision, down the road, for the Coalition as far as activities and community involvement might go?

DL: I’m envisioning quite a lot. If we go by the examples preceding us, we can have opportunities to give to the secular community. We can organize drives to feed and clothe the homeless. We can host events, including Halloween parties, fundraisers, perhaps even conventions and balls; there shouldn’t be any limits on what we can accomplish. Not to mention events already established within the City that we can participate in, make our presence known, and bolster our public image.
The possibilities are endless.

RVL: Was there an actual inspiration for the Coalition or is this something that you think there has been a need for here for a long time?

DL: There has long been a need for this. For decades, whatever “scene” there has been in Chicago has either been so far underground as to be virtually undetectable, or it’s been non-existent. This creates a vacuum. And as we all know, Nature abhors a vacuum.

As many are aware, someone else thought they could come in unwanted and dictate to us what’s what. Although mercifully short-lived, this so-called “court” was not organized, and apparently set up as an exercise in spite. This is not what Chicago and the Vampire Community needs. We aim to fill this vacuum, and prevent any such future occurrences.

There are also, of course, individuals and groups that represent themselves as “vampires”, and really have nothing to do with the Real Vampire Community. Sometimes this can present a danger to those seeking something different than what those groups/individuals are offering. This can be anything from simply being misleading to outright dangerous. Our aim to establish legitimacy for Chicago’s various vampire organizations should help to differentiate the honest-to-goodness real vampires and affiliates from those who could be potentially harmful, especially to the youth.


RVL: There has been a lot of growth around the concept of unity in the culture over the last couple of years, did this have any bearing on the developmental stages of the Coalition concept?

DL: Right now, our aim is to unify Chicago first, to take care of our own backyard, so to speak. After that then we can shift our focus to the greater Community. “Walk before you run”, so to speak.

RVL: …and of course, not too long ago we saw the arrival, suddenly, in Chicago of a Vampire court which is now defunct… what’s your feeling about the concept of unity in the modern culture?

DL: Myself, personally, I think total Unity for the VC is, of course, not a bad idea, but the logistics would be a nightmare. The main thing, I think, would be trying to work every diverse group under the same banner while maintaining their own individuality and belief systems; not every group in the VC holds to the same definitions or hierarchies, for example, or sometimes what even constitutes a “vampire”. And let’s not even touch on the easily-bruised egos within the Community. Plus, there will always be the “scoundrels” or the “trouble-makers” who pop up. That can cause division from within such a unified structure, as some will say to shun them, others will say they have no personal beef with them, while still others won’t give a damn either way.
Not that it isn’t a noble and worthwhile venture, but if it was so easily workable, would it not have been achieved by now?

RVL: …but are we going to see, in your opinion, a “court” or “king/queen” emerge from the coalition?

DL: In the GCVC, no. We’re not a Court, a Clan, a Coven, or a House. We’re not a monarchy, feudal or political system. We’re a gathering of like-minded individuals.
Yes, leadership is a necessity, but we’re not looking to be a “my way or the highway” organization. Everyone has a valid voice, opinion, and point of view, and all are of equal importance. Should something arise that’s in need of a decision or a vote, we’ve founded our Council of Five. This consists of an odd number so as to avoid any chance of a tie vote, and we’ve arrived at a count of five rather than three because five offers a greater range of viewpoints without being overwhelming.

img. source: https://warwickhotels.com/

RVL: So, what would you like to say to any folks in Chicagoland that may be reading this and are keeping themselves out of the “run-of-the-mill” communities?

DL: Without trying to sound overly cliché: “Come out, come out, wherever you are”.
No, seriously, do come out. Make yourselves known to us. Introduce yourselves to us. We can’t really go stalking around the City and Suburbs carrying membership pamphlets, looking for you. If you’re able to pick up Chicago-based radio stations in your car, contact us. We have a Facebook page and a Facebook group , and email contact can be sent to gcvc.chicago@gmail.com. We plan to have more presence on social media as we go along. In fact, we are interested in others within the Chicago Communities who would wish to join us in filling various positions within the Coalition. The more we grow, the better we’ll be able to serve the Community.

RVL: Thank you very much, Derek, for the insight into this important move today, we are sure that it is both a much needed and very welcome infusion for Chicagoland Nightkind, and thank you for giving us a little of your time to introduce The Coalition.

DL: Thank you for this opportunity, and I hope as the GCVC grows, that this won’t be our last interview together.



Chicago, indeed Illinois, it must be said, has never really been a renowned centre of modern Vampire activity or presence even though it is (as of 2017) the 3rd largest city by population in the United States [1] we may wonder why? We may have our own theories as to why but the fact is that now there is a hub, a growing hub, which has received a great response from across the board.

The focus of the Coalition is, naturally, to work within the greater Chicagoland area but in doing so, as our guest said, to forge links with bodies across the country. Naturally this will bring Chicago “online” in the modern real Vampire culture in a way that it has never been before. It’s a very exciting time in The Windy City and it’s only going to get better as the GCVC grows.


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Planning, Pondering, Perpetuating…

Planned, Pondered and Perpetuated with some forethought by

Well, slap me sideways and call me a saloon door…!!!

What a time we’re having hereabouts… heat indexes still boiling the thermometers, pollen counts in the millions of parts per million, I think the sun is actually orbiting closer to Illinois than to Mercury at the moment…!!! Seriously, I saw a lady walking her pet Dachsund the other day and I swear the little woofer had griddle marks on him…!!!

Hey, “What’s the weather like on your planet?”


Yeah, oh, speaking of questions, has anybody been playing with those funny little, “Add an answer” things on Facebook? Really, it can be quite amusing… just take a serious question and think up a completely smartarse answer…

Example, I came across the question the other night, “How do like your spaghetti?”… oh, what an opening…


Img. source: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
Produzioni Europee Associate (PEA) (Produzioni Europee Associati – Rome)
Arturo González Producciones Cinematográficas (co-production) and
Constantin Film 1967

Okayyyyyyy… let’s see what my beautiful assistant has for me this time around… some news, some news, some things, some… *shuffle, shuffle, shuff…*

Ah Hah


Img. source: Court of Lazarus

The 198th Court of Lazarus; A Metropolitan Vampire Society

Sunday, July 15 at 9 PM – to Jul 16 at 12 AM EDT


The Court of Lazarus

94 W Houston St, New York, New York 10012

With ShaIn Ilisha, Monica Ann Pedone, Angelica Valkyrie, Patrick DeLaney, Valerie Ferrante, Naamah Aeternus, Elena Innocence, Melissa Rensky, Victor A. Noirlocke and Valerus Lideim.

~ And ~

Img. source: Iron Garden

“Calling All Nightkind – Therians, Lycans, Canis Lupus, Otherkin, Witches, Pagans, Vampires and All Beautiful Children of the Night”

Join us Friday, July 27th – 9PM Sharp!

Events include;

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Lupa Gunnr MacPhee Lykaios – Founder of Tribe Lykaios presenting on: Wolves Among us

CONCLAVE: The Berserker Mindset w/Citizen Wolfgang Krystman aka Herr Wulfsunus Elder of House of the Dreaming

ART EXHIBITION by: Don Lee Ferguson

CEREMONY: Full Moon Transformation Blessing by Jennifer Bobbe

PLUS – Goth Lounge in the Crypt by QXT’s DJ Pete DeFillipo

and much more… don’t miss out…

Img source: Facebook someplace

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha… I am so gonna use that next time…

Know what? I’ve been thinking, just recently, about “constancy” “- the quality of staying the same, not getting less or more”[1] and “inconstancy” “- not staying the same, especially in emotion, behaviour, or choice of sexual partner”[2]

Yeah, yeah, okay…enough with the sex jokes already… seriously now…

Having spent almost 18 years online, in this wonderful little alternative reality we have called the VC, I have seen an amazing amount of changes… not so much wholesale, widespread, cultural changes but smaller, somewhat radical and fleeting changes. One of the most prevalent types of change that I recall is level of inconstancy of a good many folk. It seems that from initial identification as one form of “kin”, for wont of a better term, there is a decided shift that comes along at not too infrequent intervals where people will re-imagine, reinvent or re-define themselves and I have to ask myself why.

Is it because they have an epiphany? A blinding revelation accompanied by the choral strains of an assemblage of winged daemons telling them that they’re not what they thought they were?

Is it because, eventually, people get bored with their “persona”, get bored with waning visibility, get bored with having to think themselves restricted in topics of discussion (if they care about that sort of thing of course) Is it a need to become “visible” again, to become “noticed”, to become part of the “in crowd” again?

Is that why we seem to be constantly discovering new types of Vampires in our midst? Is it simple inconstancy that afflicts?

Yeah, food for thought I thought…

Img. source: Sacramento Magazine


From Lady Shannon McCabe all the way out on the western side of the continent

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – The VAMPS will be back for our 10 year Anniversary! #VAMPS #ShannonMcCabesVampireBall #Halloween #Sacramento

Check in at Vampire Ball.net and keep up with the latest news for this years ball in Sacramento


As the lady relates; “I am feeling rather nostalgic today as I think back on the last 10 years… Enjoy some of our beautiful VAMPS from years past… If you haven’t liked the Vampire Ball yet, you should, we have some really exciting things coming up… Peace, love and vampires.


http://www.VampireBall.net (Tickets on sale now for 10/27)

#Sacramento #VAMPS #Halloween #VampireBall

No doubt about it, they have big balls in Sacramento

Okay, digging down into the “medicine bag” again…. annnnnnd….

Ahhh, yes, Lady Raven’s recent message…

Img. source: Vampires Masquerade Ball PDX

A location change for the ball is in the offing for this year. For details on the event and the changes check in at;

Vampire’s Masquerade Ball PDX


I think that’ll be enough out of me for now, don’t you? (Rhetorical question… not necessary to answer…!!! – *Laughs*) Yeah, cuz we have to laugh don’t we? What’s the alternative, sit in a corner and cry while we bang our heads against the wall? Nahhhhh…

Good night “Night People”….

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