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Good morning,

In the previous five year stretch that Lady M and I edited, produced and presented RVL we met an innumerable number of requests from people who wanted to be “real vampires”. Their reasons ranged through the whole spectrum of the imaginable, from having superhuman powers to being immortal, and everything in between.

Now, having re-opened the e-zine, we are expecting to meet more of the same. Indeed, one respected and very well informed contact we have recently been in contact with has told us that there is still a great deal of mis-, and dis-, information circulating about who, and what, modern living real vampyres are. Hence it is advisable, in the opinion of this writer, that we begin our new work by re-visiting a topic which has never been far below the surface of the contemporary sub-culture, namely, “I want to be a real vampire, please help…

In short, dear reader, the reason that not everybody can be a modern living vampire is the same reason that this writer can’t be a Long-billed dowitcher… I wasn’t born that way…!

It is generally accepted that modern living vampyres are just that because they were born with the traits, albeit possibly latent, that made them pre-disposed to becoming such later in life. Some, by genetic happenstance, may well be born with certain traits at the forefront from birth but the one thing that the majority agree upon is that if you’re not a modern living vampire you can’t be turned into one… you can’t be turned, you can’t be “embraced”, you can’t receive the “Dark Kiss” and you won’t contract the fabled V5 virus – if indeed such a thing exists.

What can happen, and does, however is that you can fall prey to charlatans, liars, cheats and predators. People who will offer to make you into a modern living vampire if you perform a spell, give them money for teachings, buy their books or bibles, give them sex or simply worship them in any number of strange and, mostly, unsavoury ways. These people hunt in cities, towns, clubs, bars, schools, playgrounds and, most importantly of all, on the internet.

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There are a number of articles already available in our “IMPORTANT INFORMATION for New Arrivals” section and perhaps the most notable of these are the 2012 article, “Safety First” and the 2015 article, “Warning signs and ‘Red Flags’”.


Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Yeah, I’m too smart to be taken advantage of…” and I sincerely hope you are right, however, there are numerous accounts, sometimes tragic, about people – mostly young people, who have fallen victim to the unscrupulous predators that often frequent the subculture. People who don’t give a damn about your health and welfare or even, in extreme cases, your survival.

I recall, well, several people who wrote to us in the past offering anything they could give if we would help them become vampires, real vampires. Some even went so far as to say they would be willing to die to achieve this goal… unbelievable? True. It would have been so easy to take advantage of these people, ridiculously so and that is because there were, and are, people who believe that what the modern living vampire has is achievable to anyone. Unfortunately, dear reader, this is simply not the case.

We were also, I recall, called upon, on occasion, to help someone who was caught up in the webs of lies that were spun around them by these predators.

It has always been an opinion held by many in the subculture that it is a natural predilection of “the Vampire” to hunt and while this may be the case when considering the historical, mythological and archetypal vampire figure it is most certainly NOT the case in the modern subculture. Certain segments of the modern movement may incorporate elements of “role play” into their ritualised “hunt”, they may indulge in BDSM style practices to enhance or represent “the hunt” but these are acts between consenting persons of, hopefully, legal age.

The main things that everyone who comes to the subculture looking for something needs to know are;

Not everyone you come into contact with has your best interests at heart.

There are those who will take what they want from you, whatever it may be, under the guise of “turning” you into a vampire.

No amount of “Embracing”, “Dark Kissing” and/or spells/potions/pills/blood drinking will give you super powers or make you immortal.

In essence we hope that anyone reading this will take note of the warnings, we hope that you will realise that everything must be questioned, taken with a pinch of salt or, at the very least, researched. Unlike a great many out there John Reason’s Real Vampire Life is dedicated, and always has been, to presenting facts as they are currently understood and supported. We can’t guarantee to tell you what you want to hear, we can guarantee to answer your questions to the very best of our ability and if we can’t we can always find out for you or put you in contact with good, reputable and reliable people who can answer you.

Vampires exist in the world today, they are all around you, in the modern world but they are NOT vampires as Lord Byron, Bram Stoker, Anne Rice or Stephanie Meyer envisaged – learn to separate fact from fiction and, if you are having difficulty with that, please, ask someone BEFORE you get hurt.
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Mjesec boje krvi ~ A Croatian tale

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Croatia, perhaps not an entirely unexpected haven for the Vampire but now we have news of an independent  television project being filmed at present. About vampires, it is based on book from Croatia “Mjesec boje krvi“. It’s premise is about girl coming to an elite school where she then falls for a boy (vampire). The first season is about meeting legends

We were lucky enough to catch up with one of the people involved in the project, Ivanetić Josip, and put a few questions to him about the series.

RVL: Good evening Ivanetić thanks for sparing us a little time.

IJ: Hello. So, I just wanna say this is my first time, so maybe it will not be great

RVL: I’m sure we’ll do just fine. First of all, my friend, if we may could we get a little information about you, do you identify as a modern vampire? How long have you been involved in the online/ vampire world? And what are your impressions of it all?

IJ: No, I’m not modern vampire (Really wish I am), I’m so inspired with vampires. I’m obsessed with vampires since I was like 10, I remember I watched “Queen of the Damned”, which is great movie, and I liked it so much, so I did little research and kaboom… I also love The Vampire Diaries, friends say that I’m a male Katherine version… I also love Twilight, BD Pt2 was amazing… When I’m bored I just search for legends, there are so many great stories…


RVL: As we mentioned the television project is based on a book, who is the author of the book and are they involved with the production?

IJ: Author of the books is Tina Fras and her friend Boris… They are not involved in production, but we have support… I think she is great author, she’s such refresh for Croatia…


RVL: How did you come to be involved in the project?

IJ: I joined group of people that wanted to shoot a short movie based on books, but we will shot it like episodes… We made private audition and here we are… I’m really happy

RVL: The first series, obviously, is concerned with setting the scene and introducing the characters; what’s unique about these characters?

IJ: I love characters… They are just like humans, but they live in clans, more vampires you have in clan more powerful you are… There are no sparkles and things like that… They totally fit in human world… But they are beautiful forever, have some powers, some can read mind, run fast, fly or turn into a fog… It’s so old fashioned…

RVL:… and since the project was first proposed how long have you been at work on it?

IJ: I’m working on project for a 10 months… We can’t do it faster, some of us still go to school

RVL: Is the project funded by a film industry body there or is it a case of private/ self funding as an independent project?

IJ: Its independent project, we don’t have sponsors and things like that, but we have professional tools, cameras, lightings. Everything is so professional and you will see…

RVL: Could you tell us who is in the cast of the show? Can you tell us the names of the producers and directors too?

IJ: I can’t tell names, they want to stay private for now… We even don’t know that this will be successful…


RVL: Beyond the first season, and from the updates you been kindly sending, what stage is the production at now? Is there more than season 1 on the go

IJ: We are shooting season 2, but we will stop till the winter… In most episodes we will need snow, so we just need to wait. There will be season 4, because 4th book just came out.

RVL: …and for our readers, is the book available to buy? If so, from where?

IJ: I think that you can buy book just in Croatia for now, but I will see if there is book on other languages… Book is sooo perfect…

RVL: …and what plans, if any, do you have for after the series is completed?

IJ: I don’t have plans, I will wait till plans find me.


RVL: Thank you very much for taking the time out to answer our questions Ivanetić and we wish you great success and good fortune with the series. Please keep us posted as things develop.


Everywhere in the world, throughout all of human history, tales of vampires have been recounted, they have been told around campfires, in great halls, in scientific gatherings and in dark and shadowy places. Perhaps one of the things that is the most enduring about the mythos is the sincere and engaging interest that is demonstrated in new generations of story-tellers, in the new generations of myth-makers that are, and will continue to be, fueling the love of the vampire for years to come. Ivanetić and his friends are at a growing forefront of those who have their story to tell, a story that adds to the endlessly rich tapestry of the legend that is Vampyre.

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