…On the brink

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Well, what can I say…

Civilised temperatures, bright days with just a hint of the fall in the breeze… it’s hella good…!!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…!!! Sure and it’s going to be fucking loud and raucous today… why? Because I can… and… “just cuz…!”

Well there’s quite a lot of shit goin’ down in the coming month yeah? What, with everybody holding their balls an’ all… so, what I thought I’d do today is have a round up of folks balls… any objections?

The last WGW for this year takes place on October 26 – 28 this year, for details…



Our delectable West Coast friend, Lady Shannon McCabe, presents…

Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball- 10th Anniversary- Nosferatu

Hosted by Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball and Vampire Ball

Saturday, October 27 at 8 PM – 1:30 AM PDT

Oct 27 at 8 PM to Oct 28 at 1:30 AM PDT

California Auto Museum 2200 Front Street, Sacramento, California 95818

Tickets @ www.eventbrite.com


img. source: The Darkness Underground

Masquerade d’Vampire

Saturday, October 13 at 8 PM – 2 AM

Oct 13 at 8 PM to Oct 14 at 2 AM

Venue: Blackbird Urbana

Hosted by The Darkness Underground





“Infernal Productions & High Noon Saloon present the 840th Annual VAMPIRE’S BALL! The beautiful dead will converge upon downtown Madison, Wisconsin at High Noon Saloon on Saturday, October 20th for an evening of demonically delightful dancing and decadence!”

High Noon Saloon, 701 E Washington Ave, Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Tickets via www.ticketfly.com

img. source: psiholistic.ro


Saturday, October 20, 2018 10:00 PM

Sunday, October 21, 2018 1:00 AM

“Come join the First Annual Galveston Vampire Pageant, benefiting the Resource Crisis Center of Galveston County. This year the pageant will be held at Sound Bar and all proceeds will go to RCC. This event is designed to raise money and awareness for the Resource Crisis Center of Galveston who aids domestic abuse victims and brings awareness about domestic about to the community.”

get on ya night face…NOLA’s th’ place…!!!

INFERNO – The Blood Lust Vampire Ball

1236 N Rampart St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116


“Wide yawn th’ gates o’ hell,
 Deep the toll o’ death’s bell,
 Run childe, run lest ye find,
 Thyself astride the…”


Austin Vampire Ball: Opera Of Death

by Dead South and the Vampire Court of Austin

Fri, Oct 19, 2018, 9:00 PM – Sun, Oct 21, 2018, 12:00 AM CDT


705 Red River St

Austin, TX 78701


If you have balls, bigger or otherwise,
that you would like us to spread around the place
simply drop a line to our office email,

or sling us a note to
J. Reason’s Real Vampire Life on Facebook 

Yeah, some more friggin gratuitous noize…. Bwahahahahahaha…!!!

“Elven mound, Elven bell,
 Can ye hear that sound?
 If ye can wee girl, RUN.. RUN..!
 Lest they take ye ‘neath th’ ground”


…annnnnd so we reach that part of the show…

img. source: Pinterest


So, who’s been watching the news lately? Who watched the DAY LONG broadcast of the Senate hearing on Cavanaugh’s nomination? Who watched Bill carted off to prison on a 3 to 10?

Well, THIS HAS GOT FUCK ALL TO DO WITH EITHER OF THOSE so just hold ya horses and sit th’ fuck down willya…

It’s frickin’ simple but I guess that here and now, in this country at least, someone’s gotta spell it out…

Okay, follow me very carefully now okay…

It is NEVER okay to approach a woman and make unwanted advances, disgusting verbal suggestions or allusions, put hands on them or molest them in ANY manner when they have NOT invited such.

See, wasn’t that easy… if a lady wants such attention she’ll let you know… if she doesn’t let you know BACK TH’ FUCK OFF ANIMAL

Where I grew up, if you talk dirty to a women without invitation you’re an animal, if you laid hands on a lady against her wishes you’re scum and her brothers (or male friends) beat th’ living fuck outta ya, if you sexually molested or assaulted a woman you’re fucking filthy scum and like as not you had better hope the cops got to you first…!!!

Now, I can hear the men screeching, “…but what if I’m the one being molested or abused?” GENTLEMEN, simple, WALK AWAY…!

’nuff said

Yeah, right, there, got it now? 

…and while we’re talking about having class…

“Nagy erdőben sötét és mély,
Kilométerem van, mielőtt alszom”

Awright kidz, that’s it from here for today… be safe and well and remember,

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French Tarot Card – The Sun
img. source: bluespecsstudio

Planned (meticulously) Researched, Written, Edited and Executed by

Sunnandæg, dies solis, Sunday,

WELL… spank my l’il brown monkey!!! Yep, it’s here again… is it just me or have the days gotten all screwed up? Workdays seem to have become 30 hour days and weekend days seem to have become 18 hour days…??? WTF?

Maybe the rest of the solar system is running in the right direction and we’ve gone flamin’ retrograde…!!!

Hmmm… better get the obligatory out of the way…

img. source: Web Design Library

Yep, we’ve got naughty words, we’ve got drug references, we’ve got some blood, sexual innuendo and maybe a little attitude along the way… so, get the kids some popcorn and a Disney movie and shut ’em in the other room…!!!


“The seven-day week originates from the calendar of the Babylonians, which in turn is based on a Sumerian calendar dated to 21st-century B.C. Seven days corresponds to the time it takes for a moon to transition between each phase: full, waning half, new and waxing half. Because the moon cycle is 29.53 days long, the Babylonians would insert one or two days into the final week of each month.”

“Sunday comes from Old English “Sunnandæg,” which is derived from a Germanic interpretation of the Latin dies solis, “sun’s day.” Germanic and Norse mythology personify the sun as a goddess named Sunna or Sól.”

Ref: Live Science.com


The end to the weekend for a great many brothers and sisters in the workforce, two whole days of freedom, the time to let it all hang out and wash off the cares of the working week… if you’re lucky –  unfortunately, in this quaint little industrial system you have here it’s not the same for everyone… as for those brothers and sisters who had to pull weekend shifts, who had to cope with “mandatory Saturday’s”, in a system that should have been outlawed in the early 1900’s, this one’s for you…


So it’s SUNDAY…
Let’s raise a fuckin’ glass to Sól… and make some more fuckin’ noise…



Now then, what’s been happening, Ooooooh, Yeah, BIG NEWS… which you may have already read about… It’s official…

picture frame by gothyka.com

Yeah, yeah… go ahead but ALL the *eyerolls* in the world ain’t gonna faze us none…

From this point we are considering the future expansion of RVL and we are looking into a bigger, and better, pro domain. We are seeking to engage other knowledgeable people to reinforce our staff and give us the ability to look at a much wider range of subjects, questions, dilemmas and issues within the Modern Real Vampire Culture – all while maintaining that inimitable RVL style


So, now then, moving right along, what has my lovely Lady M found for us this week?

img. source: Yandex.com


Miss Alley Cat 2018

Placer County Fair · Roseville, CA

Hosted by Ashley Bryant and Faustine Flamm

The Vampire Ball is pleased to announce that the FIRST VAMP appearance will be Saturday, August 18th at the FANGTASIC car and pin- up pageant event… Miss Alley Cat 2018. Tell your friends and pick up $25 surcharge free tickets to the Vampire Ball at our booth!


See you there,

Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball & the VAMPS!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… ova to Texas…

Austin Vampire Ball: Opera Of Death

by Dead South and the Vampire Court of Austin

OCT 19 – 21, 2018


705 Red River St

Austin, TX 78701

Fri, Oct 19, 2018, 9:00 PM – Sun, Oct 21, 2018, 12:00 AM CDT

Make sum fuckin’ noise for us Austin…!!!


Now, here’s one for the calendars, no excuses, you’ve got plenty of time to save up and get the finery together… COME ON DOWN PENN…!!!

Dracula’s Ball 3/16/19: And One from Germany!

Public · Hosted by Dancing Ferret Concerts and Dracula’s Ball

MAR 16, 2019

The Trocadero

1003 Arch St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

There’s some stuff to rock ya world… oh, and one more thing

Watcha got Bon…?

img. source: L.A. Nantz – Vampire Author and Artist

“Every thought is new when an author expresses it in a manner peculiar to himself.”
The Marquis de Vauvenargues ~

Been doing a bit of reading meself, first off, an interesting little piece by author Brian Harrison on Exemplore… it’s inspired me to take a deeper look into the actual chronological history of what I shall call Lamia Americae

The Vampire Legends of New Orleans
by Brian Harrison on Exemplore


…annnnd, speaking of reading, there’s an awesome site called “The Vampire Library”, we were fortunate enough to be able to feature it back in the day… it’s probably the most comprehensive listing (currently at 1625 titles) of Vampire books and entertainment resources you’re gonna find, do yourself a favour, check it out…

Visit The Vampire Library

As a few examples here are some of the non-fiction titles in the modern Vampire genre…

Liquid Dreams of Vampires by Martin V. Riccardo, Something in the Blood by Jeff Guinn and Andy Grieser, Vampires Among Us by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Piercing the Darkness by Katherine Ramsland, Allure of the Vampire Our Sexual Attraction to the Undead by Corvis Nocturnum (a.k.a. Eric Vernor)  Eric Vernor (Editor) Embracing the Darkness Understanding Dark Subcultures by Corvis Nocturnum (a.k.a. Eric vernor)  Eric Vernor, Vampires a World History by E. R. Vernor (a.k.a. Corvis Nocturnum)

The Dictionary of Vampspeak, Second Edition: Terminology and Lingo in the Vampire Community by Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius

The Embrace: A True Vampire Story by Aphrodite Jones

The Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger, Sacred Hunger by Michelle Belanger, The Vampire Ritual Book by Michelle Belanger, Vampires in Their Own Words by Michelle Belanger.

The Psychic Vampires Guide by Lono Vespertilio,  Eric Vernor (Editor)

The Real Twilight by Arlene Russo, Vampire Nation by Arlene Russo

V Special Edition by Father Sebastian, Michelle Belanger and Layil Umbralux

Vampires Today: The Truth about Modern Vampirism by Joseph Laycock

I have a few in my own library here, the ones that I consider to be credible reference works not just money spinners… always remember, dear reader, books, like video presentations, like magazines, like newspapers are very often swayed by the beliefs of the writers… don’t forget to keep the salt handy, you may need a grain every now and then


img. source: Europosters.com


Something to think on, talk amongst yourselves, smoke em if ya got em:

Real Vampire culture books and videos: Blessing or Curse?

In your opinion what real Vampire, non-fiction books, videos or features portray the culture best?

Do you, being a modern real Vampire, feel as though you are represented by them?


img. source: Samuel L. Jackson in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”
Miramax (presents)
A Band Apart
Jersey Films, 1994.




“Be careful of the words you say,

Keep them short and sweet.

You never know, from day to day,

Which ones you’ll have to eat.”


Yeah, that’s right… something’s been bothering me lately… you know, there are times when a lotta folks hit on hard times, maybe it’s a transient thing, maybe it’s gonna be a long haul back – one time or another everyone gets there to varying degrees but when a situation gets so desperate that people can’t, quite literally, afford enough for proper food then we need to remember that we are lucky enough to have enough. When it gets to a stage where folks NEED to reach out, or someone intervenes and reaches out for them, we need to show a little compassion, a little understanding for fellow man. What we DON’T need is for assholes to sit back and criticise them for getting into that position, what we DON’T need is for assholes to sit back in their comfy all-the-mod-cons houses, with their fancy cars and hi-tech living and lay down some line of pure bullshit about the situation that they know fuck all about. If you’re not in THE position SHUT THE FUCK UP and let us who can help, a little or a lot, get on with the business. Just go back to your $2000 Lazy Boy recliner in front of your 200 inch flat-screen whatever the fuck it is and be an asshole – just keep it to yourself…! Nuff said…

For those of you facing down the hard times…


I reckon we’re going to have to make up a special name for people like those assholes for the Vampban dictionary… oooh, yeah like…and speaking of that, four newly invented words for the Vampire Culture Urban Dictionary program today…

Vundablunda (N) A Vampire who is so wrapped up in their own “press” that they can’t wake up and smell the coffee. A true narcissist who is only interested in what they can screw out of the culture for their own benefit.

Droglet (N) A junior vamp newbie who comes blasting into sight and thinks they own every fucking thing and that everybody should follow their commands.

Drogging (V) The act of getting rid of Droglets

Bluking (V) {esp. Sanguinarian) Gorging on blood until you puke.


Cool track huh? Reminds me, wanna check out some more cool stuff, some indie stuff, some music stuff? Go check on the latest at Dave Wolff’s AEA Fanzine…

You can keep an eye on the previews right here at RVL by going to our AEA Fanzine Page

Okay, that’s a wrap kids… have a nice night, don’t think about tomorrow until the alarm goes off tomorrow morning…! And Hey, HEY… be safe out there…!!!

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One-on-One: Another side of a coin

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Stories, tales, rumours, suppositions… in the modern Vampire culture they are as inevitable as death and taxes. Which stories are true, which are accurate, which are complete, well, that all rather depends on who you talk to and when.

Different variations of different interpretations of the same event often make it seem as though the same tale has different endings, or no ending at all.

In a great many cases you will find that the stories are based on part of a tale from one source, part from another source and yet another part from an entirely different quarter so how is the “innocent bystander” to make sense of it all? How do we unravel the different strands and get to the kernels of truth? Many’s the time when we might be tempted to sit back and say to ourselves, “Hmmm, where there’s smoke there’s fire, right?” Is that always true, or is the smoke being blown from another place entirely?

Our guest this evening has been, in the past, controversial, outspoken and firmly in a different corner to many and one has to wonder why, where did the controversy stem from? Where did it begin and what’s the newest initiative that he is involved in?

RVL is pleased to present a One-on-One with Michael Vachmiel.


RVL: Good evening Michael, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to RVL, and we would like to thank you for sparing us a little of your time today.

MV: It is a pleasure to speak with you.

RVL: The first question, in fact probably the one that our audience likes to see quite early on, do you identify as a modern living Vampire?

MV: Yes I do.

RVL: …and since this is our “first contact”, so to speak, would you share with us a little of your own history, when did you first become aware of your true nature and when did you first come to the modern Vampire culture?

MV: I began my journey like so many others of my era did. We were just trying to survive what it was like growing up in the late 1980’s. Trying to find a place to belong, trying to find ourselves. It was in 1985 that I found an odd assortment of people from various occult traditions that were willing to share their knowledge. It was being around this energy and people that that my cravings and hungers for both energy and blood rose. Instead of being looked at like a freak, I was shown occult, spiritual, and religious texts showing similar hungers and desires. It was not until some former Temple of Set people came to play with us that the term vampire, and what being a living vampire meant, came to light in our lives.

RVL: Prior to realising the truth about yourself, were you always “taken” by the concept of the Vampire? Did you watch and read much material early on?

MV:  Beforehand no. I was this rather beat up, shy, timid shell of a person that was just trying to understand his own nature. The total muggle! Then after 85 I devoured everything I could get my hands on! I am lucky that my awakening took place in the late 1980’s and early 90’s when the height of music and fashion took place.

Mr. Michael Vachmiel

RVL: When you first arrived in the wild and wonderful world of the internet culture what were your first impressions?

MV:  The Bulletin Boards were marvellous! I remember dial up on 300 baud modems and those early days! Then the CompuServe rooms along with the invention of Windows added more tools to play with. It was not until Windows evolved, AOL chat rooms and IRC that the Vampire Culture could get a solid foothold in the web. Then the user groups, followed by Yahoo Groups, then Friends Space. We could finally share photos and music. LiveJournal, and then Myspace changed the game completely! They both came at the right place and time in history to lay the solid foundations of what we call the Online Vampire Community. From there we have all seen how Vampire have adapted technology to meet the ever evolving needs of our community. Technology is a wonderful thing!

RVL: …and have your impressions changed greatly with the passage of time?

MV:  In the 33 years of being awakened I would have to say no. More mature and more refined of course. More knowledgeable most certainly! Over all, the human, in this case vampire, heart and soul does not change. The same personality archetypes, the same hungers, the same cravings always repeat themselves.  Age, knowledge and experience has made managing these cycles less stressful.


RVL: Now, you have “cut your teeth” so to speak, in Texas which is widely known for its modern Vampire presence. Can you share a little with us about the Vampire Court of Houston, how and when it formed?

MV:  The Vampire Court of Houston came about four years ago when there was a rapid succession of other vampire monarchs in Houston that had to step down for various reasons. Some because of illness, others because they chose to abdicate the throne. As nature abhors a vacuum I stepped up. We quickly organized a council, set up a community vote to see of the Houston VC was willing to go along with this. So I took my years of experience and began to task of governing. We reached out to other courts, we began to communicate with others. We set up regular meetings and events. We broke new ground in the vampire community. We publicly recognized the importance of Black Swans!  Yes, that was us! We treated being a vampire court seriously and DBA the name so no other group can take it! We were the first to live cast our meetings! We had Television and other media spots talking about Vampire and Swan relationships. These videos went viral and still continue to generate views. We created a powerful and energetic foundation that many others follow!

RVL: …and all-in-all we would have to agree, I think, that last year was quite controversial as far as you and your Court were concerned… indeed it almost seemed at one point as though you were out to “take on the world”… have you considered that time since then and changed direction at all?

MV:  Not at all!   When I took the step to DBA and protect the name, Vampire Court of Houston, which set off a firestorm. For the first time, someone said to certain parts of the vampire culture, no, you simply can’t take someone’s intellectual property by popularity vote! Then I said that Black Swans are EQUAL to vampires, for without our swans and donors, our culture would be less overall. That set off another firestorm. The response that saw the “food” and “slaves” as equals made me a poser, a fake and a fraud!  It was the beginning of the ugliness of 2017. So I responded with a cult awareness checklist, warning others not to allow people to think for them, and to think for themselves. So to be clear, I am not out to take on the world.  I am out to take on the part of the world that is cruel and vile.

RVL: How do you, personally, define the importance and value of formal and organised groups, be they Houses, Havens, Courts, Orders or Other?

MV: Organization is key to growth. An organized people have strength in numbers, achieving what an individual can not. Organizations have more resources and thus can achieve wondrous things. The current trend in the global vampire community to work with charities demonstrates the power of group achievement in a most positive and healthy way.

RVL: Within the Vampire Court of Houston there are two distinct levels we believe, that is, the “Inner” and “Outer” court, how do the two parts differ while being under the overall header of the VCH?

MV: The first thing I should point out is that there are no members of the VCH that are under 18.  Each member must fill out an application to formally join the court and I have stated clearly that joining the on line groups is not the same as joining the courts. The Inner Court is for those individuals, residing both in Houston and around the world, who are willing to donate time and energy to growing the court.

The Outer Court is for those individuals who wish to join the VCH, but simply do not have a lot of time or energy to contribute on a regular basis.

While the “age restriction” is something that has been played upon by our opponents, the real issue is our criminal background check.  The VCH does not allow people with violent felony backgrounds of a sexual nature such as rape, or crimes involving children to join.

img. source: Vampire Court of Houston


RVL: You are well known for your hitherto unwavering stance of, “You’re either with me or against me,” is that a standpoint you still favour?

MV: That you for allowing me to dispel this rather common, yet false notion about me.   I, along with the Vampire Court of Houston, has a small set of minimal behavioral standards. No trolling. No bullying. No stalking. We do not allow those with violent criminal offenses of a sexual nature or crimes involving children into our ranks. These guidelines four years ago were seen as Vachmiel dictating who can be in and out of the vampire community. This was then altered into a “with me or against me” position. So for clarification, the “with me or against me” was never a hard line mind-set.   On some things, I simply cannot compromise. The health and safety of myself, my swans and those who choose to be part of the court. With everything else, negations are the only sane and rational way forward.  That is the hallmark of any successful individual.

RVL: …and on that note, do you find a great difference in ethic and aesthetic from that which you may have been formerly used to?

MV:   Not really. As I mentioned about the ethics are solid while we are always guarding and improving the aesthetics of our public image.

RVL: Where do you see Michael Vachmiel in, say, five or ten years?

MV:   I am working with a publisher to create a series of metaphysical books. I see myself documenting this three and half decade journey in the world of the vampire in the written form, sharing my experience and knowledge with the world.

img. source: VCH/ M. Vachmiel


RVL: From your point of view, what are the best and worst things about being an “information age” modern Vampire? Do you think social media is a benefit or a curse?

MV: No longer does a “baby bat” have to suffer from an information drought. Knowledge of how to feed, shield, where to buy spiritual supplies, how to apply Goth makeup, where to buy clothing, so forth and so on. No one is isolated any longer! No one is alone any longer! This is the blessing the information age and social media.

The curse is the lack of accountability and responsibility for poor behavior. In 2017, I was harassed 24/7 for an entire year by a group of people. The situation escalated to death threats. I had to talk to Houston Police Department and the District Attorney on how to evaluate, monitor and record death threats. No one should have to have a lawyer and contacts with legal just to exist online peacefully, but that is the curse and reality of people popular on line in the 21st century.

RVL: If we can, now, I’d like to focus on the new undertaking that you have recently unveiled, namely the Vampire Society… and the reaching out to other mainstream community groups, what is the main purpose behind the society?

MV: The purpose of the Vampire Society is to allow Courts, Covens, Houses, Orders, and Ronin to ally and benefit from being part of a large group of people while maintaining their uniqueness.

RVL: …and where can people go to find out more about The Society?

MV:  People are free to join the discussion at

The Vampire Society Forum on Facebook

RVL: Are you concerned, at all, that reaching into areas that are not local to you will cause friction with already established organisations in those areas?

MV: That was a worry. That is still a worry and we are always listening to constructive feedback on how to improve our message. So far our message of be an ally but be yourself.  Keep your style of governance, keep your members ‘your members’, and run your area the way you see fit has been well received.   We make it clear we want allies, not minions! Looking at the mistakes made by others with similar projects we have learned what not to do when approaching people and organizations.

RVL: As I’m sure you are aware there are those that recall, perhaps unkindly to some degree, some controversial and adversarial comments that you made last year… is the Vampire Society a recognition that cooperation is much better than conflict?

MV: Sadly, when others choose to be aggressive, sometimes to the point of criminality, conflict occurs. Social media tends to spin things out of control. Cooperation and negotiation is always preferable to the wasted energy of conflict. Our success with the media and other professional third parties, along with the rapid growth of the Vampire Court of Houston and the Vampire Society demonstrates this solidly.

RVL: Do you regret, perhaps, some of the comments that you have made in the past, even though in that you would be no different to many, many others in the history of the modern culture?

MV:  We all have regrets. When our videos and other media went viral, I was not expecting the level of hate, stalking, and other criminal behavior. It took me by surprise and in the early days it stung me deeply. Having talked to other media types, lawyers, and getting solid advice from professionals I have learned just to “let it go”.

img. source: Freepik.com

RVL: …and if we were to ask you for one piece of advice for those either in, or just coming into, the modern VC, what would that advice be?

MV: Let things go. Ignore the haters. Be true to yourself. Read everything by everyone and keep what is of value to you, discard what does not work for you. If possible, get out and meet people! Be active! In order for a culture to grow, we need people! We need you! You are our future!

RVL: Michael Vachmiel, it has been a pleasure to spend a bit of time with you today, we will be very interested to see how the Society develops and we would like to check in with you, down the road a bit, and see what’s what if that’s okay?

MV: Of course!


Have you ever heard the saying “Truth is stranger than fiction“? Perhaps, in this case the truth is just that, perhaps it’s a truth that has been obscured and it’s entirely possible that, with the formation of the Vampire Society, the “truth” is going to become apparent.

For any effort toward a unity state it’s not always necessary that groups, Houses, Havens or Courts formally come together under one banner, indeed one only need look to the recently formed Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition to realise that independent bodies are able to form a working coalition and it will be extremely interesting to watch how the Vampire Society grows and blossoms.

Any move toward uniting scattered groups must be a step in the right direction and once headed in that direction it will become easier for the larger formed bodies to enter into cooperative circles with one common goal in mind… but only so long as we realise, and recognise, that there are indeed two sides to every coin.


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