A new project, a new opportunity, a golden chance

A chance for the real vampire culture to come together and tell the ageless story that is The Vampire

Victory Hill Exhibitions, LLC

Victory Hill Exhibitions

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A world leader and recognised achiever in the area of exhibition Production and Distribution are beginning work on a world class museum exhibition involving the  science, biology, physics, anthropology, history and theology behind the Vampire mythos.

As it says at their website homepage:

“Victory Hill Exhibitions is devoted to combining intellectual content and creative talent to produce world-class museum-quality exhibitions using the latest technological capabilities that deliver impressive visual appeal, educational content, and entertainment that appeal to visitors of all ages.”

This presents an ideal opportunity for the real vampire culture to come together and create something meaningful and positive that the world can see, experience and enjoy. None of us should miss the opportunity to contribute something positive to this effort.


Their Facebook site can be found at: VAMPIRE – The Exhibition

The Victory Hill website is at:              www.victoryhillexhibitions.com

and their E-mail address is:                info@victoryhillexhibitions.com