Vampirist: A Book About Real Vampires

Interview by Lady M. Bey

Edited and presented by Tim

Good evening,

One of the very best things, one of the things that I enjoy the most, about doing this is that I get to communicate with people from all over the world. It is always a refreshing, and welcome feeling to realise that the modern living Vampire culture, and those whom follow and are interested in it, is global… we get the chance to look over our own back fence, so to speak, and share information both back and forth with like-minded folk from all over.

Our guest of honour this evening is an author, hailing from Sweden and has, since coming to the modern culture in around 2014, produced her first piece of work in the genre, a non-fiction consideration of modern Vampires. Not simply from the point of view of said Vampires but also from the outside perspective of our culture.

Combining reading from both the culture itself as well as from academic publications she has wrought a new volume which aims for a wide perspective of the culture.

It is with the greatest pleasure, and honour, we present an interview with the author, an interview with Lady Cecelia Fredriksson.


RVL: Good afternoon Lady Cecilia it is a great pleasure for us to be able to spend some time with you. I believe this is the first time we have had the pleasure of talking with someone in Sweden?

CF: Thank you for having me, it’s an honour.

RVL: Is the subject of Vampires, in general, a popular one in Sweden?

CF: Yes, especially when it comes to fiction. However, maybe it’s on a downfall if you would to compare it to the “golden era”, when all the Twilight movies and books came out. Then it was truly sparkling!

Spike (James Marsters)
from Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series.
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RVL: …and if we were to press you, taking into account the research for your book, how many real living Vampires would you estimate there could be in Sweden?

CF: During my research for my book, I didn’t encounter any large groups of real vampires in Sweden at all. In fact, it seems to be a very limited number. Of course, we have a few so-called ‘vampire killers’, and there have been some Swedish tv-shows where a self-identified vampire participates and talks about their vampiric way of life. So, it’s a hard question to answer, due to the limited material there is. Also, it’s depending on which kinds of vampires you include. I would say that it´s probably a higher number of psi-feeders than blood drinking vampires.

RVL: …and obviously, judging by the title of your new book, you are aware that there is a large, international, body of those whom identify as ‘Real Modern Vampires, yes? Can you give us an idea of how you came decide to write a book for “Real” Vampires?

CF: I’ve always been interested in vampires, ever since I was a child. It all started with me watching the movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula from 1992 when I was around 7 years old. I watched it repeatedly, and I even fantasized about meeting the Count himself in my neighbourhood’s playground. In my fantasy, it would all play out exactly at midnight, by the slide. Then, an adolescence filled with vampire themed sleepovers followed. I used to throw many masquerades for my friends, and we would all dress up like it was Halloween and play games. My favourite one was “En kväll med Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, which translates to “A night with Bram Stoker’s Dracula”. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that I came to know about the subculture with real vampires.

Lady Cecelia Fredriksson

RVL: When did you first begin research for your book? And, what sources have you employed in putting your book together?

CF: It was shortly after I discovered that they existed, which was at the end of 2014. I got really intrigued with the subject and, very soon after, I decided to compile all my research into a book. I’ve been reading A LOT of scientific articles and a countless number of books and testimony’s. Since the start, my ambition has always been to broaden the perspective as much as possible. I didn’t want to explore just ONE angle, I wanted the whole perspective. Therefore, my sources have been everything from scientists exploring the subject from an outside perspective, to actual real vampires who can tell their story from within the community.

RVL: In approaching the subject of your book what was the basic definition of “real vampire” that was uppermost in your mind?

CF: In the beginning, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was deeply interested, and captivated, by the fact that it existed people who thought themselves to be real vampires. In the same time, I probably imagined that these people had to be a bit mental. You see, for me, until this point, the vampire had only been a fictional character – not something consisting of flesh and blood. But, as I went deeper into my investigations, my perception changed.

Img. source:

RVL: Have you had the opportunity to read any of the available non-fiction material that deals with the modern, real vampire community?

CF: Yes, that was a big part of my research material. I’ve devoured scientific articles on the subject, as well as material that originates from the community itself.

RVL: Can you share a little about your own work with us? Without giving anything away of course…  Just a little plug for the book, a teaser…

CF: Well, it’s a nonfiction odyssey that is exploring the intriguing world of real vampires. The focus of the book is, of course, the subculture and the people that identifies with it, but the strength of the publication is that is also explores the surrounding areas – like psychiatry, religion, cults, myths and thrilling murders.

Based on original work Pinterest and Phozphate

RVL: May we ask, do you cover all acknowledged types of modern living Vampires or does your book concentrate on one type?

CF: I’ve tried to include as many as possible. Blood drinking vampires and psychic vampires are both presented in my book, and I’ve tried to cover some of the sub-types within the two groups.

RVL: Okay, Lady Cecilia, we have to ask the question that our readers most want to know about our interview guests, do you identify as a modern, living, real Vampire?

CF: I’m sorry to say… but I don’t. Although, I really appreciate the subculture and I find it very fascinating.

RVL: …and can you recall the earliest time you became aware of the real Vampire world? How did that come about?

CF: As earlier mentioned, it was back in 2014, and I remember surfing the internet for something. Sadly, I have no detailed memory about what it was and how I finally found myself on a website that said that vampires existed. But nevertheless, from that moment, I was stoked. As the fictional vampire always has been a part of me, the feeling of discovering something new in the field created a particularly intense feeling inside me. It was like my childhood, with all the vampiric games and movies, came back to me. It gave me an opportunity to re-discover one of my life’s biggest fascinations.

RVL: Is your book currently in print or in preparation for print?

CF: Yes! I have just published the book in paperback, so now it’s available in both physical and digital form.

Reproduced by permission

RVL: Where can our readers find your work to obtain a copy?

CF: Vampirist is available on Amazon. and  

RVL: Who is your primary target audience for this book?

CF: Everyone with an interest in vampires, especially people who want to know more about the subculture with the real ones.

RVL: … and are you planning a follow up to the book, a single follow? A series?

CF: Maybe! I have been thinking about writing a sequel that explores the subject even further. I would love to dig even deeper and include detailed conversions with real vampires.

RVL: Ultimately, what made you decide to write this book? What was the catalyst that sparked you into the writing?

CF: It was the fact that I realised a book like this hadn’t been written. Most of the existing literature on the subject is focused on just one perspective. They seldom include both the voices of the community and the science.

Schweden, Westkueste, Fjaellbacka in der blauen Stunde.
Img. source:

RVL: Do you have any general, or personal comments that you would like to make about the subject of vampires, especially the existence of real living modern self-identified vampires?

CF: Even though I do not myself identify as a vampire, many people do. So, they clearly exist, and I am very interested in following how the development of the subculture will look like in the future.

RVL: Dear Lady Cecelia, thank you very much indeed for your time today; we are honoured to be able to introduce your work to our readers and the culture in general. We wish you all success with the book and we would like to check back with you in the future and see how things have panned out for you, if that’s alright with you of course?

CF: Thank you for having me! It has been a pleasure. And of course, reach out to me in the future. I look forward to it!


Enquiring minds, fresh perspectives, material considered with fresh eyes we might say, these are the things that create growth out of stagnation, the things that bring new perspectives to replace “tunnel vision”.

When people take a long hard look at things that are, in many quarters, taken for granted then new ideas and new practices are very often developed and integrated and this is, we might suggest, the “lifeblood” of any culture, community or group.

With her first book Lady Cecelia has taken her first step in understanding, in accepting us for whom and what we are, has reached out with her mind and talent to find out about modern Vampires today. I recommend we don’t disappoint the lady.


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Putting the bite back…

news_flash1Presented by


Over the course of the last two decades we have been delivered non-fiction literature on the subject of vampyrism, the great bulk of it studying and re-studying the archetypes and the legends that gave birth to the vampire aesthetic that we know so well today.

We have read works by people who are part of the sub-culture and by academic sources outside the sub-culture. Each read takes us on a path that reflects, more than anything, the opinions and assertions that the author wishes to impart. The veracity of such works can’t be in doubt because they are, all-in-all, interpretations of observation and, in many cases, experience and accounts by people who claim to be members of the sub-culture.

Have any of these works provided a singular, and definitive, account of the REALITY of modern vampyres?

Books such as the 1996 “Vampires: The Occult Truth” by Konstantinos which, “explores the folklore surrounding the blood-drinking vampire and, more importantly, exposes the threat of 20th century vampires which feed on psychic energy.

Or the 1997 volume, “Liquid Dreams of Vampires” by Martin V. Riccardo, which, “descends into the murky shadows of the subconscious to present dreams, nightmares and fantasies that reveal the true power of the vampire’s image,” and incorporates, “the mythic connections between sex and death, and their links to sleep and dreams. This study is drawn from the result of a five-year survey into people’s dreams and fantasies about vampires.”
And on to the 2009 book, “Allure of the Vampire: Our Sexual Attraction to the Undead” by Corvis Nocturnum , wherein we, “join occult author Corvis Nocturnum as he reveals the fascinating evolution of this icon as it has lured and enticed us in folklore, film and books from the days of ancient civilization to the living breathing inhabitants of our modern subculture…

We have, just this past week (14th) – just in time for Valentine’s Day no less, been presented with the newest publication about the reality of vampirism and vampires today. A book written about vampyres, for vampires, by real vampyres. Back on October 1st, 2015 we previewed the development of a book entitled “Blood’s Truth“, a book authored for real vampires by Lady Julia Darkrose and Ludavik Valentine.

Bloods_Truth_CoverWe were honoured to be able to preview the work in an interview on October 1st last year and we are equally honoured to be able to share a little time with the authors at this time, at the time of the realisation of the dream.

Please welcome Lady Julia DarkRose and Ludavik Valentine.


RVL: Good evening Lady Julia, Ludavik, how are you this evening?
Lady J: I’m laughing at the mere thought of being alive! I’m fantastic! Thank you.
LV: Ditto.

RVL: I suppose that the first question about any venture of this nature is, inevitably, what inspired you to write the book “Blood’s Truth”?
Lady J: I’ve had in the works, for a few years now, a book about the creation of the vampire sub-culture as well as what it means, for me, to be borne a living human vampire. So, after Ludavik and I became a couple, we would laugh a lot about all the misinformation floating around in the vampire community regarding living vampirism, we decided that it was time to write a book for living vampires and the mundane world, about living vampirism, it’s factual historical origins, the subsequent creation of and the current state of, the vampire community.
LV: Yep, it just seemed like the perfect time to create this book of much needed information.

RVL: …and the book itself, is it solely based on your own experiences and outlook of modern vampires?

Lady J: A large part of the book is based solely upon our life experience as living vampires, yes. However, a large part of that experience is experiencing and/or witnessing other living vampires throughout my life. Much of the book is also based on the intimate knowledge shared with me, from Prince Nicholas de Vere, regarding the Royal Dragon Court and the origins of the Draconian Bloodline (living human Vampires), of which I was officially indoctrinated into and given the title and duty of Lady Consoror, Charge d’Affaires, Royal Dragon Court-America, in 2003.
LV: My contributions are solely based upon my own life experience.

Lady J and Ludavik
RVL: Lady Julia, you are most well known for your periodical work, how much of the work from magazine provided material for the book, or is the book meant to stand apart from the magazine?
Lady J: Excellent question. I used a few articles I had already written for my 2 decades old magazine, “The DarkRose Journal,” for a few chapters of our book. Still, even though the theme of “Blood’s Truth” is slightly different than most of the DRJ’s I’ve published, the overall message is the same. “Blood’s Truth” is a stand alone work of literary artistry, yes, but is is also full to the brim with the same message I have always shared with the world.

RVL: Who first came up with the idea of writing the book?
Lady J: We both came up with it at the same time. We both shared a mutual look between us of “By George that ‘s it!”
LV: I came up with the title.

RVL: …and what is the ‘message’ of the work? What is the main thrust, and content, of the book about?
Lady J: Above all, be true to who and what you are, even if your true self is not that which you initially thought or wanted it to be. Our past, especially that of the living human vampire, is important to know and understand, so that we may learn from it and use it to keep evolving in the most positive direction possible, both on a personal and universal level. Then once our origins are understood we need to focus on what we have become in the 21st century, how we can best live in our present and better evolve our future as living human vampires.
LV: What she said, Lol.

Blood's Truth Back cover

RVL: Are you, at this stage, planning a second book to follow “Blood’s Truth”?
Lady J: We have absolutely no clue, Lol.
LV: We have been bouncing around the idea of a weekly web series that would focus on the daily living of our kind. It would be entertaining, to say the least.

RVL: There will, quite naturally, be many who will be asking, “What history, experience or credentials do the authors have to write this book?”
Lady J: Many of my credentials are tangible and were photographed and included in the book. I have 2 decades worth of showing and “proving” to the world that I am the label that I choose to wear, through a myriad of world-wide media.
LV: My experience is simply my own life. Julia DarkRose corroborates all that I have ever known and experienced with her own life experiences. That’s good enough for me.


Img. source –

RVL: What was the easiest thing about writing the book? and, conversely, the hardest thing?

Lady J: The History of our species and everything after Chapter 2 (Vampire Community Time Line) and Chapter 3 (Psychic Vampirism). Those 2 chapters, for me, were a doozy. Trying to keep my bias out of the narrative, was for me, a tough mudder to accomplish.
LV: Watching Julia work her fingers to the bloody bone, night after night, so that she could meet the publication deadline. Yet, somehow, she seemed to rather enjoy the stress of creating under pressure.

RVL: …and probably of greatest importance, where can people find/ obtain the book?
Lady Julia:Blood’s Truth,” may be purchased from or directly from our webpage:

RVL: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about the book?
Lady J: If you’re not a living vampire we still hope that you are able to glean the same message from our book that we hope living human vampires glean from it. Our book is meant to be educational, entertaining, humorous, insightful as hell, and above all, inspiring in whatever way the individual needs for it to be.
LV: Yep, what my Lady love said.

RVL: Thank you very much for your time this evening, both of you, we appreciate it and appreciate your hard work in writing and making the book, “Blood’s Truth”, available to the sub-culture. Congratulations on its completion and we hope it turns out very well indeed for you.

Lady J: As always, we are very grateful for the platform that RVL has always given me and now the one you have given us. We wish you all the best in all your endeavors, personal and universal. Goodnight.


“Above all, be true to who and what you are, even if your true self is not that which you initially thought or wanted it to be.” ~ Lady Julia DarkRose

I don’t think there can be any better advice, it touches, simultaneously, on the reality of what it means to be a real living vampire as well as what it means to keep an open mind about yourself and the gift you have been given. The book “Blood’s Truth” is a non-academic journey of discovery of the aesthetic, and the history, of the modern sub-culture and the best part of all it is written by people who ARE just that. What better place to derive and define the reality and the truth of any situation?

Copyright Lady Julia DarkRose, Ludavik Valentine and RVL 2015

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