Crossing the lines…

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Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa… oh brother…!!!
Where am I? What day is it? Hell, What month is it?

Okay, okay… get a grip, breathe two three, breathe three four… Well, dunno about you kids but it’s been busier than a Tokyo cross-walk at shift change lately. Actually found myself an employer that knew a good thing when they saw it (unlike the other several dozens I’ve approached the last year…) Gotta tell ya, arriving here five years ago and finding out that my qualifications, from overseas, didn’t mean squat… yeah, tough – people wanna be sticking me on a conveyor belt, third shift in a dead ender…!!! Not gonna happen…!!! But, never mind, ‘s all good now.

Alrighty then, yep, “Crossing Lines”… one thing, or rather two actually, that we NEVER discuss or highlight at RVL is Politics and Religion… well buckle up dudes and dudettes coz that changes… NOW…!!! I’m here, I’m in charge, I’m at the keyboard, got my finger on THE BUTTON… Grab th’ mic, I’m on th’ attack, comin’ up in ya mirror like a 60 ton Mack…!!!

Yah, *cough*, ahem…!!! 

Oh, yeah.

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So, apart from me gettin’ employed what’s been happenin’ ’round here anyway?

Mmmmm, uh-huh, ahh, yep, yep… you sure? Really? Oh-kaaaaay… here goes nuthin’…

King Maven Lore of NOLA and Prince-Lord Shaolin of Gotham

Straight up kids, didja catch the VC Rant Radio Livestream – AKA “What Files My Fangs” with King Maven Lore and Prince-Lord Shaolin?  We did and, seriously, I couldn’t believe there was still folks out there asking dumbass questions about the unity project, or who didn’t know what’s going on with it… really, it’s probably been the most talked about thing, consistently, since it began… all I can think to say is, “Hell-Ohh, what’s the fuckin’ weather like on your planet???”

The only other thing I can think to do is refer you to a rather extensive interview, entitled A new “world” order – reprised”, that we were privileged to be able to conduct in September last year, now, some things have changed since then as many of you will know but the essence of the “Unity Project” has, we believe, not so come on peeps, catch up…!!!



Do you like creepy music? What is creepy music? Is it old hammer movie themes? Is it the Danse Macabre? Is it the theme to Friday the Thirteenth, Saw, The Hills Have Eyes, or I Spit On Your Grave?

I guess ya probably got a 69 Eyes, Nox Arcana or maybe even Evanescence’s “Lithium” tune running through ya noggin now… well, check this shit out…

Yeah…for real… is that guy one of the creepiest, most daemonic lookin’ dudes you ever seen?

Korla Pandit (September 16, 1921 – October 2, 1998), born John Roland Redd, was a musician, composer, pianist, organist and television pioneer of national notability. Known as the Godfather of Exotica, Redd claimed to be a French-Indian from New Delhi; however, he was actually “one of the first African-American television stars. “Raised in small towns in Missouri, Redd performed in Los Angeles in the 1940s under the stage name “Juan Rolando” in order to be admitted to the white-only musicians’ union and obtain more work.”[1]

Off to the East Coast, way up yonder near “The Big Apple” and Iron Garden is set to rock the town on June 29…

Join us Friday, June 29th – 9PM Sharp!

Calling All Nightkind – Heathens, Pagans, Therians, Vampires, Otherkin and All Beautiful Children of the Night

High points of the night to include;

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Kevin French of Kindred of Mann – presents on:

Contemporary Nordic Heathenry

(  and

CONCLAVE: Yggdrasil & Destiny w/Citizen Kaj Wenman


Tim Lucas (

CEREMONY: A Midsummer Blót by Crow Skjaldmaer (


. Poppets, Pendants, Plants & Potions w/ Lenka Makings (

. Handcrafted Leather works w/ Deimos Leathercraft (

. Crafty Crow (

. Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch (

. Runes Readings by Nykol (


Ambient Goth Music in the Crypt by QXT’s DJ Pete DeFillipo

Info by: Iron Garden

Poster Credit: John Gavin

Model: Wolfgang Krystman


img. source: The Vampire Fragments

The April digest of articles from around the way was put up by site wrangler Spurn on May 31st, a great resource to browse the reading material that’s out there for the coffee break. Spurn’s “The Vampire Fragments”Get over there and check it out…

Ya know, I’ve often thought that the world would be a much better place, all round, if I was in charge… for one thing there would be compulsory Saturday night dances where everyone could get down to that…

Haaaahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa… long live th’ Lux…!!!

Want to win an advance copy of DRACUL? Here’s your chance!

“The prequel to Dracula, inspired by notes and texts left behind by the author of the classic novel, Dracul is a supernatural thriller that reveals not only Dracula’s true origins but Bram Stoker’s–and the tale of the enigmatic woman who connects them.”



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So, hey, the second date to save is this, Sunday August at 6pm

The event –
Rainbow in the Dark: Charity Event for Homeless LGBTQ Youth

“Sue Ellens and Vampire Court of Dallas presents: Rainbow in the Dark
Charity Evening Directly Benefiting Outlast Youth Foundation of North Texas Helping LGBTQA Homeless Youth.”



Okay, are we gonna cross the line now? We gonna do it?

Are we, huh, huh, are we…


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I’m gonna tell ya my political beliefs, you can stand on any hill, Capitol or otherwise, in most developed countries in the world, look at the big, shiny buildings and the one thing you can be absolutely sure of is that the people YOU elected to work FOR YOU have absolutely no interest in YOU after the election…!!! TRUTH… Only person’s gonna look after YOU is YOU.

Me? Politically? Hell, I’m just one of those…

…which sorta kinda throws us off on the whole religion tangent right? right?

I’ll tell ya, it doesn’t matter who you pray to or how, anything that gets you through the hard times is good and it don’t matter a damn what anyone else says – it’s personal and something that shouldn’t be interfered with.

Me? Religion? I’ve got just one thing to say…

So, there ya have it… btw, that’s my personal opinion… in no way endorsed, nor shared by RVL… just the benefit of my wisdom and experience… take it or leave it…!!!


Awright, where we off to next… *shuffle, shuffle, shuff…* Ah Hah…!

Third date to save – 

Sunday, October 28 at 9 PM – 4 AM

NOLA’s th’ place, get on ya night face…!!!

INFERNO – The Blood Lust Vampire Ball

1236 N Rampart St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116


Ooooh yeah, one more thing before I go, I haven’t updated the Site Stats for RVL for the last month, anyone interested, No? Don’t give a fuck? READ ‘EM ANYWAY…!!! JUST DO IT…!!!

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Okay, that’s more than enough out me for today… yeah, yeah, I know…
Gonna drop out on ya to the sublime strains of a little “noir” from one of the coolest outfits in the God damn rock and roll world… aloha meine Lieben…!!!


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Chatting with Vampires – Beyond Borders

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“We come from the land, Of the ice and snow

From the midnight sun, Where the hot springs blow”

Led Zeppelin – The Immigrant Song, Atlantic Records, 1970.


The Kingdom of Denmark, is a Scandinavian country and sovereign state. It is the southernmost of the Nordic countries, it is south-west of Sweden and south of Norway.

Denmark has a temperate climate, characterised by mild winters, and cool summers, autumn is the wettest season and spring the driest. The country’s position between a continent and an ocean means that weather often changes.

Because of its northern latitude, there are large seasonal variations in daylight. There are short days during the winter as well as long summer days – all in all it sounds quite delightful.

There is something else about Denmark though, something that may not often occur to many people who think about the country… it has a vibrant, and active representation of the modern living vampire culture.

In this latest edition of “Beyond Borders” we were delighted to be able to spend some time with a high profile and quite well known leader in the modern Vampire culture. Spurn represents not only the information resource “Vampire Fragments”, which collects items of interest from global sources but also The Danish Vampire Community web resource. When we caught up with him he had this to share about himself;

 “I’ve never claimed to be an Elder, king or the like. I more see myself as a leader. I was the first to do anything for the Danish vampire community, since there was nothing before it at that point in time here in Denmark. If that makes me an Elder in the eyes of others, then I wouldn’t put it against them. The point being; I won’t claim to be anything without earning it in the eyes of others.”


RVL: Good evening Spurn, it is a great honour and a pleasure, to welcome you to RVL.

S: Good evening. Thank you for having me and for taking your time to reach out to me.

RVL: …and, as Leader in the modern Vampire culture, would you mind sharing a little of your personal history with us?

S:  As a leader you take responsibility, and that’s pretty much what I did back in 2010, when I created the website for The Danish Vampire Community. I was trying to get connected with other vampires in my own country, but it was hard, so I needed the platform. Facebook was around, but I felt that the format would limit my possibilities, so I had to do everything from scratch. The website was a success after a year or two with more and more vampires signing up for the forums, and I’ve been helping with the formalities of forming Houses since back in 2012. I’ve mentored several vampires in and out of country, and have been in a couple of articles and television-spots over the years. Simply, I’m trying to help the local community, and to weed out any misinterpretations about vampires in my country. Lately I’ve been working on a bigger international (and global) project; The Vampire Fragments, where I try to collect articles and research about modern vampirism, related information and science, for further research  and for preservation for the future – while working with other individuals and organisations out there in the world.

Img. source: Danish Vampire Community

RVL: In your own mind, what is a real modern vampire? And, what attributes do you see in modern vampirism?

S: A real life modern vampire is an individual, who has a condition (vampirism) where the spirit (in synthesis with the body) is failing to create (and to use) the right type and amount of energies (the term energy used by lack of a better term). A spirit and a body in balance or unbalance effects the psychological and physical condition of the individual (vampire), and thus the vampire is in need of getting its energies balanced out, to be comfortable and function at a psychological and physical level. It’s a need to be in balance.

I’ve always seen vampirism as a curse but I’ve learned to work with my vampirism, and have gained many experiences and skills along the way. I believe that vampirism teaches you have to get in touch with both sides of your being, and that you need others to survive. People nowadays are focused all on themselves. I know vampires can be pretty narcissistic at times but in the end we need others to get fed, and we need the society or community to help and guide each-other. I believe that we have a strong urge to help other vampires. Maybe we aren’t good at discussing civilly online, but who in the world really is? The vampire community is no different than other communities in that matter.

RVL: …and may we ask, do you identify as a modern real vampire? And. If so, how would you define your vampirism?

S: Yes, I identify as such. I don’t believe that I’m a psychic vampire, but just that I am a vampire who feeds on energy. My vampirism is giving me the control and responsibility for my own well-being, and thus the ways in which I satisfy my need to feed, and thereby become balanced in body and spirit. It’s a journey, where the experiences along the way shape me as the vampire that I am, at any given moment. A parasite in control.


RVL: Turning now to your local area, if we may, what involvement does your House or Organisation have with local communities and with the modern Vampire culture there?

S: Since The Danish Vampire Community is a large umbrella for all vampires of the country, we are giving the resources and the format for these vampires to talk about their vampirism, as well as guiding newly awakened, and helping vampires get in touch with donors (and the other way round). I believe we as individual vampires of The Danish Vampire Community try to help and guide each-other, both on a country-sized scale and on a local scale (cities).

RVL: Without wishing to play Devil’s Advocate here, you will undoubtedly be aware that there are critics of you and your work, how would you respond to that?

S: Yes. There will always be individuals who doesn’t agree with you, and that is pretty normal in itself. I don’t take it to heart, but I will always try to defend my opinion and my work, while I will still respect and understand that others can have different views and beliefs. There is always a tugging-war when it comes to power. And working on or having a project going, is a sort of power; you can give forth your opinions/experiences/results, and you can undoubtedly affect the world around you with what you bring out there, so of cause you should be critiqued for what you do. Without the criticism, we will never go beyond claims, and we will never better ourselves and our work. I open heartedly welcome critique as a part of the progress of my work.


RVL: What led you to the decision to establish your house, or organisation and when did this come about?

S: I felt alone, and I was looking for other vampires in my country. I thought I was alone. I wanted to connect the vampires in my country (if there were any), and to give them tools to work with. That evolved into mentoring and guiding vampires along the way. It all started in 2010, and the website got written in a couple of weeks or so. I am pleased with the progress so far.

Img. source:

RVL: …and in the long term, what are your ultimate goals for your house/organisation?

S: Right now, The Danish Vampire Community is running itself. We aren’t a House which has specific rules, who gather from time to time. We are all individuals, who do our own thing, and the website and forum is working as a common-ground for vampires to meet, greet and discuss their experiences and views. I’d like to see more interaction and cooperation between the individuals and groups of our country, and that people would take responsibility for creating more content and research for the common sake of the community. Right now, I’m trying to do that myself with The Vampire Fragments, which really is an expansion of things I’ve been doing for The Danish Vampire Community.


RVL: Does your House/Organisation have an online website and, if so, where can our readers find it?

The Danish Vampire Community
– Website
– Facebook
– Twitter

The Vampire Fragments
– Website
– Facebook
– Twitter

RVL: In the “About” statements at many Vampire homepage sites it is commonly written, “Discussion and debate are absolutely welcome. Resorting, however, to blatant racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, or any other means of tapping into major structures of oppression to attack, demean, or even “joke” won’t be tolerated in this group.”

Do you feel this something that can be entirely avoided in the modern Vampire culture, either offline or online?

S: I don’t believe that things like this will ever be avoided in the modern vampire culture, nor do I believe it to be avoided in the common world. People and vampires are all different, and they have different cultures, beliefs, morals, laws etc., but as a society of vampires I strongly wish that we should strive towards avoiding these things, as much as possible. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but it is still a goal that we should all try to reach, for the common good of the community.

Img. source: Vampire Fragments

RVL: If you had one piece of advice to offer newcomers to the culture, what would it be?

S: Our community is spread out all-over the world, and thus we have varied backgrounds concerning beliefs, views, laws, morals etc. The thing that connects us, is the need to feed, and this is also what makes us what we are. We might not agree on many things, but at least we are all vampires, and we should all strive to master our own vampirism, and to help others by guidance, when needed.


RVL: Do you have any other comments or observations that you would like to share at this time?

S: I’ve seen many new organisations sprout up in the last several months, and I hope that these will try to work together on projects, instead of fighting against each-other. In my opinion, all of our projects should be for the common good of the community, and not to be “better” than everybody else. Nevertheless, it is great to see people take responsibility in the community.

Img. source: ProPublica

RVL: We would like to thank you deeply for granting us this interview, we are very appreciative of your time and we would be honoured to keep in touch with you regarding the ongoing growth and development of your House, or Organisation.

S: Don’t mention it. I’m happy to be able to share some of my views with you, and others who might be intrigued, about what we think and believe about vampirism in Europe. If anything huge happens, I’m sure that we will be in touch.


When we think of leaders, depending on where we live in the world, we have a mental image that seems to attach itself to the thought… at RVL we like to meet, and highlight, leaders from all walks and origins and especially when we find one, such as Spurn, who has well balanced, well delivered and well considered commentary for us to consider.

Too often we will be assailed by overly competitive and forceful when all we really need do is sit back, take a breath and focus on what’s really important. It was a genuine privilege to present Spurn’s interview here for that very reason.


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