T.G.I. Frīge’s day

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Thrown together for ya in a complete state of disarray but who really gives, right? Edited, roughly, Written, naturally and Perpetrated by

Yep, yep, don’t worry, here it is…

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First things bloody first…

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Yes, yes, oh yea… it’s Frīge’s day…
“In Germanic mythology, Frigg (/frɪɡ/;[1] Old Norse), Frija (Old High German), Frea (Langobardic), and Frige (Old English) is a goddess. In nearly all sources, she is described as the wife of the god Odin. In Old High German and Old Norse sources, she is also connected with the goddess Fulla. The English weekday name Friday (etymologically Old English “Frīge’s day”) bears her name.

Frigg is described as a goddess associated with foreknowledge and wisdom in Norse mythology, the northernmost branch of Germanic mythology and most extensively attested. Frigg is the wife of the major god Odin and dwells in the wetland halls of Fensalir, is famous for her foreknowledge, is associated with the goddesses Fulla, Lofn, Hlín, and Gná, and is ambiguously associated with the Earth, otherwise personified as an apparently separate entity Jörð (Old Norse “Earth”).” [2]


…and you thought it was because you’re supposed to eat fried Chicken and Fries today…!!!

So… anyway…
Ma Parker and her son Carr are putting together a gang and they have four prospective accomplices together in a warehouse. Ma looks at the first one and says, “Whadda they call you kid?”

He answers, “Sammy Nineteen” as he lays a gleaming Smith and Wesson Model 19 on a table.
She nods approvingly and looks at the next one, “Whadda they call you kid?”

He answers, “Carlo Remington ma’am” and he lays a gleaming Remington Model 870 pump action shotgun on the table.
She nods her approval and looks at the third, “Whadda they call you son?”

He answers, “Thompson Ms. Parker” as he lays out a hand engraved walnut stock Thompson submachine gun on the table.
Again she nods her approval and then turns her attention to the fourth punk, a skinny, sharp dressed African American, “Whadda they call you kid?”
“Arlo Forteen” he replies but doesn’t make a move.

“Well, Arlo Forteen, whadda ya packin’?”

Arlo smirks and pulls his weapon out and slaps it down on the table. Ma Parker fainted…

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Well-ah, Well-ah, well-ah, and what’s going on that we can tell you about today… Thank you beautiful Assistant, let’s see what’s inside the golden envelope…!!!

Dallas – Rainbow in the Dark

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Rainbow in the Dark: Charity Event for Homeless LGBTQ Youth

Public · Hosted by Vampire Court of Dallas



…annnnnd come in jolly old London Town…

img. source: Yesterday’s Shadow, The Dastardly Dandy Demondaz and London Vampire Magazine

Yesterday’s Shadow – The Resurrection

Public · Hosted by London Vampire Magazine, The Dastardly Dandy Demondaz and Yesterday’s Shadow

Saturday, August 18 at 8 PM – 2 AM UTC+01 to Aug 19 at 2 AM UTC+01

At: The Victoria


Now, forgive me for being “provincial” but it occurs to me that with all these Vampire Balls and Events goin’ on there might be a mess of folks would be needin’….

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Teeth by Dnash

straight outta Stratford, Connecticut

Yeah, and remember, only 89 days to Halloween…!!!




Okay, Okay, Okay… got sumthin’ new for ya…

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Okay, here’s a scenario for ya…

A person is in an online group, said person is acting up a bit, making an ass of themselves and is gently told so, told that it might be in their best interests to calm down a bit.

Said person splits and makes own group, goes “member shopping” on everybody else’s “friends list” and drops them all in the new group, ZAP, Zero to 136 in a couple of hours…!!!

Next thing they are bleeding the original group they were in of material to fill up their own sad little effort…!!!

What’s a good name for a person like that? What about sycophantic little nut-sucking douche???

What’s that? “Don’t worry, it happens all the time.” Yeah, taxes and death happens all the time too and they ain’t pleasant things either…!!!

Obviously said Douche didn’t bother reading, “So, you want your own empire.”

Hey, amigo, break out the frickin’ Tequila…!!!

REMEMBER: RVL advocates responsible consumption of alcohol, DON”T DRINK AND DRIVE, RVL Warns that The United States Surgeon General has deemed smoking to be a health hazard.

Iz okay, you can have sex if you want… responsibly…!!!

Gonna get th’ FUCK outta here now and pour meself another one… until next time I remind you that if you do get caught remember the words to this song…

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The Master’s on tour

Fang Tour


Teeth by Dnash is, and has been for many years, a well known and trusted name in the fangsmithing world… and the original “Fang Tours” are ready to come to a mouth near you!

The new season Fang Tours are kicking off

July 9 – CLEVELAND, OHIO – call for location
July 11 – BEAVER CREEK, WISCONSIN (madison suburb) – call for location
July 12 – MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA @ Costumes For Your Eyes – 6175 Cahill Avenue East #101 | Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota 55076
July 19 -20 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS ö call for location

In the days after Chicago, I have the option for either Grand Rapids, Michigan, or Toronto, Ontario. the city with the most votes WINS!!!

Come on down and join the ‎#fangtour show

The history of Teeth by Dnash is a proud one and began in 1994. Three years later, making flying visits as early as 1997, the show was on the road and culminating with an idea in 2005 when Dnash first discussed the concept of taking it “on the road” with a friend in LA, who developed reality tv for vh1 and was getting her 3rd pair of fangs. The idea was to buy an old school bus and renovate it to look like a prison transport vehicle….. all black with police lights and chicken wire on the windows…. and making gear storage in the back, living space and recording studio in the middle, and a fang making station/kitchen/hang out lounge in the front. It became a serious concept that would occupy much of the next few years.

As Dnash recounts;

In 1994, I began to experiment in custom fang making as a side interest. A year later I established Teeth By Dnash, a name that has now become household in the vampire community and beyond.

I worked for my dentist for a period of time doing all manner of chairside assisting including implants, crowns and bridges, fillings, etc.” and it was in this period that his original idea began to coalesce into a goal.

In 2005, a decade after establishing Teeth By Dnash as among the best custom fang producers available, FANG TOUR was born. The idea was simple: bring the quality and value of Teeth By Dnash to the people rather than relying on the sometimes lengthy process of mail order.”

 The “road trips” today are accomplished both by airline and by virtue of the amazing

Miss Daisy” ~

Daisy&Dnash(For the car buffs out there, ‘Miss Daisy‘ is a 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood… now that’s style! )

Amongst his other projects was the establishment, in 2013, of a new health and safety initiative called The Fangsmiths Resource Network a cooperative of today’s leading fangsmiths who are committed to raising the bar when it comes to quality of service and adherence to acceptable levels of safety in their industry. The network that, in working together, ensures that everybody is best served by improving the quality and standard of service for their clientele.

Along with this Dnash is also passionate about his music, self-admittedly one of his first professional aims and desires, and alongside the fangsmith business he also plays music gigs. You can find Dnash, and contact him, about fangsmithing or music gigs at the following links:



www.facebook.com/dnashofficial (Music)

From the first ever “Fang Tour”, driving to South Dakota to play a [music] gig in Aberdeen at the college and making teeth all the way there and back, to the new summer Fang Tour, Dnash continues to deliver top quality, safe and affordable fangs for an increasing number of clients.

The Latest News, which you can catch up with anytime on Dnash’s Facebook page, is that Chicago and Minneapolis are on the touring route for later this month. If you would like to make an appointment, find out about the very affordable prices for fang work and find out where the master fangsmith is going to be simply drop by his Facebook page or teethbydnash.com, alternatively you can drop us a line and we’ll pass it on. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your top quality fangwork done by one of the very best…



8768_384188135014117_1250356841_n  http://teethbydnash.com/


 www.facebook.com/dnashofficial (Music)

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