Crossroads – Plain Speaking Part 3 – Peace for our time?

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With gratitude to Stefan Resurrectus of Clan Resurrectus, Stefano Bordogni of Il Tempio Oscuro, Italy and Gordon (Hesperus) of CLAVIS for their responses to the invitation and proposal contained in Part 2 of the “Peace for our time” presentation it falls to us now to look at the results of that exercise.

When the concept of this proposal first came to the point of discussion it was realized, quickly, that the usual round of counter-arguments would ensue. Counter-arguments based on “what is already happening”, counter-arguments based on the concept being seen as the product of a particular “group” or “organization” and the fully anticipated counter-arguments about who was “expecting” to be in charge.

Firstly I would like to point out several things.

I, and Lady Tania, regardless of any personal or group affiliations developed this proposal in concert with an independent third party. This project was NOT the concept of a particular group or organization other than these three people.

This proposal to action was instigated by someone who was in the VC/OVC a long time ago, who left for an extended length of time and then returned to find absolutely nothing, in their opinion and experience, had changed. If there are so many people working on doing so many good things in so many places within this ephemeral vision of “community” why are we, the general population of the “community”, NOT seeing it? Why are people of good character who leave for long periods of time returning to find the same problems?

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The invitation, going out to the list of recognized leaders and public figures of the “community”, was aimed at involving, ostensibly, the most influential people in the “community”, it was also aimed at considering whether or not the exclusivity of existing mechanisms can be considered to be truly representative of the entire “community” or not.

It did NOT represent an attempt to put anyone “in charge”, it does NOT represent an attempt to “police” the “community”, what it DOES represent is an attempt to propose the establishment of an accord to provide a safer, more peaceful, open and supportive real modern vampire “community”.

Indeed, one comment that has been made follows the realization that the “usual objections start to surface”. The question is how can there be objections to the concept of a peace accord? How can there be any objections to the concept of open communication and harmonious inter-reaction? The only conceivable cause for objection can be that the people who are currently placing themselves in perceived positions of control and command are actually opposed to the idea that anyone else can be allowed to exercise any influence or have any real input into the peaceful existence of the modern vampire community.

It is also very disheartening to me, and I believe, to the majority of readers and observers when they see comments such as this from someone who holds themselves forth as an Elder and Leader, “most of the fucktards proposing this “unity” type action are EXPECTING to be put in charge somewhere along the lines or pulling the strings from behind the magick curtain and are ALL EXACTLY LIKE Lady ***. Abusive. Manipulative. Willing to drop a lie at the first sign of breath. Willing to spread lies about ANYONE they perceive to be a threat to their own personal power, whether that person is wanting to be involved with them or not.

Img. source - RVL copyright 2015

Img. source – RVL copyright 2015

Questions raised about the proposal

There were, early on, a number of valid questions raised about the proposal and I would like to address one of those; I noted in a post at the RVL Social Group right after posting the “Peace for our time Part 2” editorial, that even though I co-presented this article I would like it to be known that,

Before the commentaries begin to come in, this is NOT an attempt to set myself up as some uber-leader/elder of the “community”. It is not an attempt to embarrass anyone nor is it an attempt to “build an empire” for I will have nothing whatsoever to do with whatever detente or accord might arise as a result of it. The responsibility for building and maintaining the structure is up to the people who will become signatories to it.
It was my job to join with Lady Tania and bring the presentation to the attention of the “community” and sub-culture, that’s all. It is my job to report the responses to the proposal in the set time frame, following that, “my work here is done citizens”.
I will NOT be seeking, nor accepting, any active role in what ensues as a result of this presentation.”

So, in as far as the initial concerns that were raised we had answers all set out and detailed in such a manner that it would be quite clear what this proposal was and what it was not… unfortunately that has become a moot point.
The conclusions:
It is very hard, indeed virtually impossible, to draw any kind of hopeful or optimistic conclusion from the result of this exercise. Indeed, the very prospect of any sort of wide-ranging “peace accord” amongst the majority, or even a significant proportion of the sub-culture seem to be as likely as this writer becoming the first transgender astronaut on Mars ~ with deepest respect to our transgender brothers and sisters of course.

We have to ask ourselves why, why does the very concept of a broad and unifying peace seem so unwanted and unsupported; feared even? Perhaps it is a case that can be found mirrored in the words of one who attended a pretentiously high level meeting and discussion of a particular organisation, “Change is coming, however, if it is going to be on OUR terms…” and another attendee who commented, and quite rightly so, “Egotism hinders progress because it obscures the truth. People care about being right or promoting their own personal agenda more than facts.” [1]

It would appear that then, just as now, it has to be seen that there can be no common ground, no acceptance of the right of any other organization, group or other body to propose nor yet contribute to any form of progressive peace initiative. There can be NO leadership, initiative, positive effort or voice other than those who declare themselves to be THE only ones that matter and while that is the state of the playing field then we are forced to admit, whether we like it or not, that there is NO common “community”.

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As I have often mentioned, a person, whom some regard to be quite highly placed in the so called “community”, made a comment to me some time back that, in speaking of the modern vampire sub-culture “unity is a myth”… I wonder if Lady Slinky knew, when she made that comment, how very true it was and would continue to be.

Unfortunately we can draw only one solid and realistic conclusion now, “the vampire community IS a myth”, and it’s a fiction that has been woven around the ideas of a few people who have a need to feel as though they are in charge of something. The bad news is, there’s NOTHING there, NOTHING to be in charge of except for whatever little club they may have created for themselves. So, we need to address the cold hard truth of the matter, we need to stop running around playing Prince, King, Grand High PooBah and the like and trying to convince people that there is such a thing as a “community”, either online or off.

Vampires, in all ways, have always been popularly represented as “solitary”, there has never been a need to be in a “colony”, a “community”, a “nation” or any other such thing…unless you’re role-playing in The Masquerade of course. Vampires, real modern traditional vampires don’t NEED any of that bullshit, they don’t CARE for any of that bullshit and it is becoming increasingly clear that they don’t WANT any of that bullshit.

It’s time, perhaps well past time, to stop dragging the carcass of a “community” on our collective shoulders; it truly is time to stop flogging the dead horse, drop the burden and forget the empire building and the masquerading stuff, no one owns cities, no one rules anyone, no one makes rules for others and no one has permission to shove bullshit into other people’s faces. It’s time to stop the “media-whoring” interviews that make a laughing stock of real modern vampires and is absolutely well past the time when we should have recognized the self-serving, self-important “wannabe God” figures that have attempted to put themselves out there as the “be-all-and-end-all” of our right. No one is a “King” of anything, and those who have the sense to realise the depths to which this has sunk have already found other things to do.

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There are just vampires now, modern vampires, each on their own recognizance, each to their own and each responsible to no one save themselves and, in hindsight, perhaps it would have been better if it had stayed that way all along. It’s time to abandon the crumbling “castles”, the decayed tenements and look past the faded gilt edging of a fictional community; it’s well past time that we got back to where we belong, back to where we have ALWAYS belonged, time we get back to being Vampires, not Mickey Mouse Club groupies.

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1. Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) Public Meeting – September 23, 2012

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An RVL Guest Editorial – A Question of Etiquette: Courts/Houses/Etc.


Good morning,
RVL is very pleased to introduce, and present, an article by a guest author today.

The article is entitled “A Question of Etiquette: Courts/Houses/Etc.” and is brought to us by author Rei Tadashi.

As Lady Rei tells us; “Well, my awakening period is a bit tricky cause I’ve always known I was different ever since I was young. How different didn’t occur to me until much later and it was drawn out due to many reasons. Hmm, for milestones sake, we can place it at around 13. Stumbled upon the OVC when I was 20.

She goes on to say, “I wrote the article in response to a question posed by a member of Vampire Town Hall about etiquette. As I typed, the idea kept on growing in my head until it became what it is now.”

A Question of Etiquette: Courts/Houses/Etc.
By: Rei Tadashi

The Vampire Community is vast. Some members in a given local area sometimes group together to form Houses, Courts, Clans, etc. Newly awakened ones may find themselves drawn to join one of them and it can be a concern for new ones how to conduct themselves when meeting other vampires for the first time.

Understandably, a conscientious newcomer’s focus might be how not to cause offense and avoid unnecessary hostility, in order to be accepted, and to establish a good relationship. Consequently, the tendency would be to focus on how to treat the group’s superiors. Hierarchy is one thing and it has its merits but whether one is building a group or joining one, putting primary focus on hierarchy would lead one to unconsciously disregard things that are important in the long run.

As I mentioned, people are people. Courts are no different than other associations of people, social groups, whether they be clubs, corporations, etc. They have their own culture.

As a newb, learn the values held by that group. It’s just like going to a different country. Know the core values of this culture.

What it comes down to then is VALUES.

Take Japan for example; their core value is the concept of WA ( 倭 ) meaning group harmony. They value group harmony. They see the collective as more important than themselves. They see others as important if not far more important than themselves. How they communicate right up to how they conduct themselves from their day to day lives, whether dealing with family members, workmates, everyone else, is built from this perspective. It’s why they do not talk directly, because they want to avoid hurting another person’s feelings. It’s why they have a crazy work culture because they see the company’s goals as more important than individual desires.

Same with other business groups, corporations or clubs. Some value innovation, some value creativity, some value openness, etc. Most likely than not, their group policies follow and build around those values. It wouldn’t be that different with courts.

So what should the new ones do?

My tip would be to sit back, observe and ask questions. Some of what you should ask are as follows:
What are the values important to the court you are planning to join?
What are their goals? Is it in alignment with what you are seeking?
Are you comfortable with its policies? How about the atmosphere?
These would give you the insight into understanding how and why the group conducts themselves as they do, as opposed to focusing on the group’s formalities at the get go.
If you answered no to the above questions, then chances are, that group isn’t for you. Best to move on and find another.
If yes, then go on observing, asking questions, and be courteous to everyone. It doesn’t hurt to be nice. Any group worth its salt would be open to being asked questions and open to guiding their new members, whether it be on that group’s specific code of conduct or procedure, teaching and learning methods, how they implement their projects, etc. If the group is in alignment with what you are seeking, then absorbing their principles would be easier and would be organic.

If you’re looking to build a group/court/house in your local community, the same applies, except you would be on the position to build and implement.
What would your group stand for?
What would its core values be?
Writing a mission-vision statement is a good way to keep you in track. If you plan to implement a hierarchy, what purpose would it serve and does it follow the goals you set out for? Most likely, the codes of etiquette and internal policies would flow from there, as well as how you would enforce it.
And just like how some business don’t like competition, some existing courts may not like it when new courts emerge in their area without going through certain procedures *chuckles* but that’s a whole different topic.
So it’s really not that different. Courts, houses, etc, even if it/s “nightside” aren’t really that different from any other “dayside” group, as vampires are as much social animals as next non-vampire, so codes of conduct, etiquette can be approached from the same context.

Bottomline to make it work: don’t be an asshole.


Copyright Rei Tadashi 2015
Reproduced with full permission of the author.


The views and opinions presented in this article are the opinions of the author and/or contributors and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of The Owner/s of RVL, their officers, assigns or agents. RVL and its officers do not personally, individually, or jointly necessarily recommend or condone any of the activities or practices represented.

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The Unity Question – Part 2 – Peace for our time

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Presented by

Tim and Lady Tania Tranquillitas

Upon returning from the Congress of Berlin in 1878, British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli stated, “I have returned from Germany with peace for our time.

“Peace for our time.” – Is such a thing possible?

Since 1878 the world has borne witness to 547 separate incidences that were severe enough to be termed “war” and, of that number, 53 conflicts are ongoing today. There is one more that should be added to that number, a conflict that has been going on since around the early nineties ~ perhaps ’93 or ’94. So far as we know it hasn’t claimed any lives but it has affected, probably, somewhere in the thousands of people.

It’s the ongoing conflict within our own sub-culture.

The word ‘war’ is heard fairly frequently around the place but what does it actually mean within the context of the modern real vampire society?

It can be as simple, and tactically limited, as the exchange of harsh messages and words in public internet forums, it can take on an offline form of harassment wherein threats are made and received by other means of electronic communications and it leads to bitter feuds, grudges and latent hostilities that influence both whole groups and individuals negatively.

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What’s the answer?

The majority who live within the real vampire sub-culture will probably tell you that there is no answer and to look for one is foolish and futile but is that true? Is it a “carved in stone fact” that when an individual participates in the VC/OVC they lose, automatically, all sense of right and wrong, all sense of good conduct versus bad conduct, all sense of peace versus hostility?

If that’s true then we are all doomed, as has been noted, to live in this positively “Dantean” ‘inferno’ for as long as we can stand it… or until we go mad, whichever comes first.

If we are going to go looking for an answer to the problem, a possible solution to the situation, then we need to recognize that we are going to be facing “forces” that have a vested personal interest in seeing the chaos maintained, in seeing it maintained for their own amusement and entertainment… that’s the circle that needs be broken. The vast majority of the people who participate in the OVC do NOT want to have to put up with what is termed “Drama”, “B.S.” or “Asshattery” any more and, if so many want something, why can’t it come to be?

Imagining possibilities

Wherever we roam when we venture into the OVC we can usually find some level of conflict, it may be subtle, it may be volatile, it may be overt, and it may not be. It may be cloaked in disdain, disrespect or outright anger. Wherever we find it, it is almost instantly recognizable and almost instantly repulsive to the majority but it seems to be something that is accepted, by everyone, as being the “status quo” and therefore unshakeable. What could happen if we shake it anyway?

Could we bring a number of great minds, effective leaders and positive influences into alignment? Could we see a better “community” formed?

img. source:

img. source:

In human society, outside of our sub-culture, the main element that underpins society is the cooperation of the vast majority of the citizens of the society to enable the survival and improvement of their society for their collective benefit… is it so very hard to imagine doing it on a smaller scale within the modern vampire sub-culture? And, if it is so hard, why are we participating and keeping in touch with each other at all? Why are we bothering to call ourselves a “community”? Why keep up the pretense that we have anything at all?

This is not something that we can answer with a “poll” or a “survey”, this is something that can only be answered by each and every person who associates themselves with the modern vampire sub-culture in any way.

Some things already happen

In small ways there are a great many good things already happening within the sub-culture, for example, Shannon McCabe’s charity events on the West Coast, NOVA’s Homeless people’s meals events, Suscitatio Inc. studies on modern vampires and the sub-culture but these are far apart and relatively isolated events that achieve something on local levels.

Imagine, if a group of the majority of recognized leaders of our sub-culture were in a cooperative venture that was aimed both at reducing internal friction within this “community” and at enhancing the power to achieve such things on a wider scale than ever before, where that could; and would, take the modern vampire sub-culture’s profile; both in our own estimations and in the public eye.

We are, of course, fully expecting to hear that we “already have something” in place, the problem with whatever is already there is that it is not representative of the entire majority of the sub-culture and, if it is meant to be, why do we still have, see and experience the near disastrous consequences of “drama”, “B.S.” and “asshattery” at the levels we do every day?

Isn’t it time we stopped thinking up ways to “get one up on the other guy”, “make ourselves self-proclaimed emperors”, or other such things and started imagining, and making reality, things to benefit and enhance the sub-culture and our “community” as a cooperative venture?

img. source:

img. source:

Looking ahead

The whole thing, naturally, depends on individuals… individuals who are ready, willing and able to stop fighting, to stop playing “one-upmanship”, to stop “rattling sabers”, to stop the “conflict” within the sub-culture. Yes, it’s a big, big ask… yes, it’s going to be laughed at, it’s going to be the subject of derisive and sarcastic commentary, yes, it’s going to be the subject of debate both sensible and insensible… if not downright volatile but isn’t that how all great ideas get treated when they are first proposed? Yes, we might be painting bulls-eyes on ourselves for even daring to suggest such a thing but if we don’t try for it we’ll never know will we?

Obviously, the very first thing we need to do is invite a maximum number of well respected, influential and long term “leaders” to the party. When the concept was first proposed, in a private message chat some days back, it was broached like this;

Part of me wants to dust the OVC off my boots again. Another part wants to call [“X”] and [*Y*] and [*Z*] to [*town*] Stooge Slap them all, then sit us all down to write a new charter or something, over a few rounds in a bar of course.”

We’re not advocating, for one second, “stooge-slapping* anyone but we must confess the “few rounds in a bar* looks very inviting. No, the concept, to begin, needs enough interest to even begin to get its undercarriage rolling and with that in mind we would like to issue, formally, invitations to the following leaders and high profile public figures of the “Community of modern vampires” to think on this matter and then forward, to, their indication of support… or not.

img. source:

img. source:

We, on behalf of EVERYONE in the VC who are sick and tired of the “drama”, are calling on the following people to take up the challenge, consider the concept, weigh the pro’s and con’s, then think outside the square we all find ourselves confined in;

Lord Aramond Sebastian VanRahamdalph (Houston Vampire Court)
Belfazaar Ashantison (NOVA)
Berinvonn Daerthledd (Alaska)
Lady Briessa Malferic (AVOW California)
Corvis Nocturnum (Dark Moon Press)
King Logan South (Vampire Court of Austin)
Lady CG (Smoke & Mirrors- Canada)
Lady Onyx Ravyn (Matriarch of House RavenShadow)
Lady Raven (Lady Raven Productions, Oregon)
Lono Fructus Vespertilio ( aka The Psychic Vampire Resource and Support Pages)
Lord Chaz Howell (New Orleans)
Lord Shaolin Asura-Macphee (House Asura-MacPhee)
Madame X (Dark Nation’s, Iron Garden, House of the Dreaming)
Merticus Stevens (Atlanta Vampire Alliance)
Michelle Belanger (House Kheperu)
Nikluz Dragon d’Argent & Lady Perce Coeur (Manerium Lamiis)
Octarine Valur (House Valur and South African Vampyre Alliance)
Goddess Rosemary (High Priestess & Matriarch of the Temple House Sahjaza)
Lady Shannon McCabe (S&M Productions, Sacramento)
Lady SangSavvy (The Free Vampire)
Sebastian DeCavalier (Gateway of Tainted Souls)
Stefan Resurrectus (Clan Resurrectus)
Stefano Bordogni (Il Tempio Oscuro – Italy)
Thanatos Ventrue (Family and Knights of Ventrue)

In fourteen days we will publish the responses we receive and, just possibly, we may have the groundwork for an unprecedented, global initiative for peace within the sub-culture.

After all shouldn’t ANY “community” have a reasonable expectation of its leaders that it  be able to enjoy a measure of peaceful existence?

Copyright RVL and Lady Tania Tranquillitas

PLEASE NOTE: The list we have presented is by no means exhaustive nor is it meant to exclude ANYONE in the VC/OVC. If you wish to become a signatory to any “accord” or “detente” that may arise from this, please, feel free to email your intent to


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