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Presented by: Tim

This afternoon we are pleased to welcome, to RVN, the owner of another newly established vampire community resource on the web. It is a place that with its inviting ambience and its support of the creative spirit in the community is sure to provide new members with a stimulating haven in which to explore and compare notes, ideas, views and opinions.

With out further ado, RVN has great pleasure in introducing the lady and owner of Real Vampires, Luna.

A self-identified sanguinarian, Luna hails from a family background that included another real vampire. In giving us a little biographical glimpse, Luna explains; I was raised as a vampire by my mother who was also a vampire.  We never called ourselves vampires or any other name.  To me, these were just traits that ran in my family, even though these traits seemed to skip over my siblings.  I first looked into vampires in the early 80s but quickly dismissed it after finding only mythological ones.  Two decades later I found the online vampire community and have adopted the label vampire.

     Currently I live on Long Island in New York. I am 49 years old and recently divorced after being married for a few months short of 30 years. The divorce was not in any way related to my being a vampire. It was simply a very human resolution that benefitted both of us. My ex-husband was not a vampire but rather an average energy user who understood and accepted my vampirism since the day we met. We have one son who is now 31 years old and is also a vampire.


RVN: Good evening Luna, we are honoured to be able to share a little time with you today.

L: Thank you. It is I who am honoured to have the chance to discuss my website with you..

RVN: May we begin with a little information about the website/group, what name is it known by and where can our readers find it?

L:  The website is called Real Vampires or Real-Vampires

Live Chat:


RVN: If I may, what is your preferred manner of address by your members and guests?

L. I am known by the names Vampire Luna, Vamp Luna, V Luna and Luna. I prefer to simply be called Luna

RVN: And, may I ask the nature of your self-identification?

L: I am a Sanguine Vampire.


RVN: Who are the chief administrators of the group?

L: Raven and Amber are the group’s administrators and have been indispensable since the inception of the website, chat and forum. They have also become my closest friends.

RVN: And, in general, what is the geographical base of chief administrators?

L: I am located in New York. One of my administrators is from the United States and the other is from Denmark.

RVN: In the main, where are the group’s members from?

L: Most of our members are from the United States but we have members from Canada, South America, Europe and Australia.

RVN: What is the group’s main philosophy?

L: We strive to be welcoming to all people whether they are vampire or not. The group gets a family-like feel to it, where all members and their opinions are important. We also want to teach people what is true about real vampires.

RVN: In your audience and membership, who does the group cater for?

L: The website, chat and forum are for all people, whether they are vampires or people interested in real vampirism.

RVN: Would you outline for us the Group’s main purpose?

L: Understanding the truth about real vampires and helping to dispel the old myths along with new ones that current books and movies have introduced are the main purposes of this website. Through a better understanding of real vampires, hopefully someday we can be more open about ourselves to those we love and even to the general public. In addition, we hope to be able to provide some guidance and assistance to newly awakening vampires as well as any help a mature vampire may be needing.


RVN: What content or type of material is the main input for your group/website?

L: We concentrate on factual information regarding real vampires on the website. Through our chat and forum, we will discuss any topic related to vampires whether it is historical, literary, current news or a creative endeavour by one of the members.

RVN: Even though the group is still young, what major events have occurred over the group lifetime, or recently?

L: Real Vampires was started in April 2009. Our member list for the chat is at 180 and growing. We recently launched our forum. The forum allows the reader to read or post at their leisure, even if they are not able to be online at the same time as others. Anyone can ask or answer questions, share ideas and information, debate a topic, share links to sites they think would be of interest, and even post poetry or short stories.


RVN: What would you like to see the group become?

L: I would like the site to become easier to find for those interested in real vampires or looking for a connection with the vampire community. Hopefully it will become a place where all can meet with a sense of community, with a family feel to it. A coming together regardless of our backgrounds, feeding habits, religious beliefs, or any of the other things that try to tear us apart as a community. We welcome all, vampire or not.


RVN: And, can we ask what development work/ strategy is planned?

L: I am a novice at website development but I am driven by a passion for helping others and the vampire community. Suggestions for improvements or ways to increase our reach are always welcome.

RVN: We would like to thank you, Luna, very much, for taking the time to introduce us to your group and share with us a little something about it.

L: It was my pleasure. Hopefully, some of your readers will find their place in our little corner of the net, a place where they can express themselves and be free to be themselves.


Real Vampires, without a doubt a new group that will be aiming at making the environment as friendly and as welcoming as possible. In developing a space where the creative input of the members is welcomed, and encouraged, it becomes a home as much for the members as for the owner and staff.

The sense of, “let’s talk about you” that the website puts out make this house a must visit for anyone serious about encountering one of the best new web-groups in the online vampire community.

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