A midsummer night’s ponderings…

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S.O.S. Canada, S.O.S. Canada… can you please, for the love of all the gods, saints and angels, muster your forces and send us a winter jetstream… URGENTLY… Texas is trying to kill us…!!!

We need to box this stuff up and shove it back south where it flamin’ well belongs… tell ya what, 30 years downunder and I know heat, I can deal with the heat but this ‘humidity’ bull…WHAT??? J.C. wept on a salty cracker, where are we, bloody Singapore…!!!

If I wanted heat index in the 105 plus range I’d have stayed in the Gibson… at least it ain’t humid there for Pete’s sakes… I mean really? get a load of this…
Summer solstice 2018 in Northern Hemisphere was at 5:07 AM on Thursday, June 21

(For 6/30)…



* TEMPERATURES…Afternoon highs in the mid 90s today and low to mid Sunday, with tonight`s lows only around 80 degrees.

* HEAT INDICES…Peak afternoon heat indices in the 105 to 110 degree range. Heat indices are unlikely to drop below 90 in the core of the city, even late tonight.

* IMPACTS…Oppressive heat and humidity combined with ample sunshine will lead to hazardous conditions, particularly for the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions. Stifling heat is likely to linger well into the evening hours with very little nighttime relief from the heat. This will exacerbate the potential health impacts during this intense heat wave. Residents of the City of Chicago can call 3…1…1… to request well being checks for elderly friends or family members, or for information on finding the nearest cooling center.


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Okay, okay… firstly, standard pre-blurb disclaimer…

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So, parents, send the kids over the neighbours to play, give them twenty bucks and send them to a fast food joint to contribute to the National childhood obesity epidemic, put ’em in a cupboard with some magazines… it’s “big kids time” again…

What has my lovely assistant been cooking up and working with this week, except for yummy food for me… LOL

Remember this from the “June bug” editorial?

Well, RVL’s own Lady M was invited to read a pre-release of the book… she has read and her review is pending – providing we are allowed to share that with everyone here (permissions needed methinks) we’ll bring you that soon. 


Img. source: The Glass Coffin

Annnnnd speaking of the Lone Star stuff…

“Hey Everyone, so The Best of The Best of Austin is out! It would be really cool if you guys could nominate The Glass Coffin: Vampire Parlour for best Antique Store, Boutique and Local Tourist Attraction 🖤 “

The Glass Coffin – Best of the Best in Austin

GO AHEAD… make their day…!!!

(Ed. note: follow the link, click on the “Shopping” tab and from the list on the left side of the screen select “Antique”… C’mon Austin, get behind the Coffin…!!!)

So let’s keep rolling with the whole Texas Tea thing shall we…


Y’know… been thinking a lot this week, been thinking about languages, the uses and abuses thereof… got some writing coming which will be up soon, courtesy of my friend Lady Sylvere, at the Grumpy Vamp on WordPress.

The lady shared a thought recently, something along the lines of, “You’re not entitled to an opinion just because you had a thought.”

How true is that? A thought is a random, often fleeting, concept that zips through the old brainbox and doesn’t really have any substance, logic or definition… it’s a thought, will-o-the-wisp stuff, really… NO, an opinion requires some thought, some research, a little reading to form properly, logically, sensibly and to be able to present it credibly in an open or public forum… I’ve often thought we’d be a lot better off if people separated the two concepts, don’t you think??? Peddling out random-access thoughts as bona fide opinions, NOPE, doesn’t fly… just makes you look like an idiot – you don’t what to look like an idiot, do you?

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” ~Unknown~

Oh, yeah, btw… speaking of “Dracul” an’ stuff…

Img. source: Whitby Gothic Weekend 2018/2019

Whitby Goth Weekend
Oct 26 – 28 2018

See… fleeting thoughts… LMAO
I seem to be permanently playing catch up with myself…

What else, what else, what else indeed…

Img. source: The Leathur Lair of The Brat Prince of Chicago

Yes…yes…yes… Friday nights are TLL nights… a special blend of mayhem and madness from our friend D.

Haven’t you got the urge to grab a six pack and hang with a delightfully and lovably crazy dude…???

The Leathur Lair 

Be there or be square…!!!

WHOA…! That rhymes, I wonder if he thought that when he made up the name…??? Ummmm… Nahhhhh…!!!

Here’s one for you Maestro…


Where can we go after that bit of sheer class???

YES... over to another bit of sheer class…
Our mate Dave has been working his tail off with interviews and profiles at AEA, slip on over to check out the latest with the inestimable Mr. Dave Wolff himself…

“Autoeroticasphyxium zine (since 1997) supports and endorses underground metal of all genres (black, death, doom, thrash, NWOBHM), punk rock, grind, crust, hardcore, goth, horror rock, occult rock, stoner rock, electronic, ambient, industrial, experimental, synthpop, darkwave, world, independent net radio, independent film, horror fiction, art and sculpture, poetry, performance art, photography, vampire lore, subjects related to the occult, the paranormal and witchcraft. Visit AEA on the internet and contact me if interested in being interviewed or contributing to the zine.”

We have it on good authority that Dave is in the market for contributors and is also looking for music reviewers, reliable genre oriented people who can work with a little discipline to be a part of one of the most well established sources on the net for Music reviews and indie/underground interviews… as the man said, contact him for further details…

Speaking of which… RAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH….!!!!

Oh, wah, hooooooo…!!!

So we gotta flip the burgers to this one now…

Well, that’s about as steamy and summery as we can get for the moment…

Img source: http://pictures-and-images.com/content/forest-magic-dream.html

Yeah, so, roll on Summer… QUICK DAMMIT…!!!

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