‘art attack with Goddess Rosemary

Img. Source. – ‘Heart Painting’ by Janos Kerekes

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Good evening,
Tonight we’re not going to talk about modern Vampires… well maybe just a smidgin, later on. No, tonight we are going to talk about the arts and, in particular, one artist, Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza. A prolific artist, a creator, a visionary and an explorer.

In speaking of Temple-House Sahjaza she notes, proudly,
We are big supporters of underground theatre and theatrical companies, such as, La Commedia del Sangue: Vampyr Theatre”, she goes on to say, “The Sahjaza have been putting on events since the 70’s such as Cirque de Erotique and the most recently the Undead-A-Go-Go. Over the years Temple-House Sahjaza has done everything from Ghost Tours to Whale Watching.

As a businesswoman Goddess Rosemary “owned one of NYC’s first notable Computer Graphic Corporations in 1985 and paved the way for groups to follow such, as Kinko’s.

The Sahjaza Matriarch is also an actress, filmmaker and “champion of women’s freedom of expression, personal growth and rights.” As an artist, Goddess Rosemary has exhibited art in shows in NYC from the Andrus Gallery at Carnegie Hall, to the Salmagundi Club and other notable galleries and venues.

She has directed award winning films that she calls “in-depth and psychological works like Fritz Lang or perhaps even David Lynch” and her most noted work, “The Elegant Spanking”, explores fetish themes and celebrates the female form. She is a fan of “cult classics, film noir and dark movie format” and often works in black and white. She also designs her own sets, having studied art direction for film at the New School as well as acting at HB Studio in NYC, and dance at the Leslie Dance School, also in NYC.

Goddess Rosemary, apart from all this, is also an “advocate for lost and homeless shelter pets, spay and neuter programs and education.”

Coinciding with the release of the “Goddess Rosemary Ankh” today RVL is greatly honoured to be granted her first in-depth interview in almost a decade and we are very proud to welcome Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza.


RVL: Good evening Goddess Rosemary, thank you very much for agreeing to spend some time with us. I suppose that the first, and perhaps most common, question that artists would get is when and where did you first become interested, and involved in, artistic pursuits?

GR: I first started drawing horses and made a book for my mother out of some yellow paper tied with bread ties, later I took to drawing and writing on old computer paper my Dad brought home they had a hard time in those days keeping me in paper, I always find the paper is just not big enough for the “movies” that play in my head thus my becoming a film maker, and studying art direction for film at the New School in NYC. Nothing is big enough not paper, neither is the canvas, I love doing huge wall murals the largest became 60 foot long and 8 foot wide in a tavern.

RVL: It is well known that you are among a large number of artistic people in the modern Vampire culture, in many diverse fields from literature, to hand arts, to music and to film making – what’s your favourite art form to work in?

GR: I touched on that a bit in the first question but I will give more detail now, I love computer graphics also photography, being a living art form in figure study modelling that I have done with a variety of wonderful photographers.

I love colored pens, pencils, charcoal, and acrylic, I do not use oil anymore due to the toxicity of the oils and the mediums used with oils but at one time I loved to use them, I like cutting out paper with sharp scissors and making things 3D and using a variety of mediums to create illusions of depth and texture. I have some brushes that I have had for over 30 years they are tools that I know exactly what they do and what particular act of painting they will perform, painting is like dancing it’s an art that is music to the canvas and the paint is the song, it’s creating a world that draws people in and makes them respond. It’s energy transferred to canvas and when I paint I paint very, very fast it’s an energy and almost like feeding, or a form of energy charging. As I do this it’s somewhat akin to the same idea of some fast type of automatic writing, it’s a bit hypnotic and I do not like to stop in the middle as it’s sort of hard to regain the same pace if you stop.

I enjoy doing erotic studies of women, not always because they are perfect, or perfection but in their own beauty, and I enjoy landscapes and creating a story on canvas.

My film “The Elegant Spanking”, a 16 mm black and white, 30 min duration fetish film, played all around the world in film fests in the early 90’s, it is still a hot topic in the debate forum at the University of MD where it’s in the library and they discuss yearly, Is it pornography or art? I believe its art as to me it was all artistically channeled, inspired by art and life, and it’s the story of a woman vampyre and her female companion, or serving girl. It reflects my life and the life of every mistress and maid, the wheel in the wheel, one made for the other, for without the serving girl how can you have the mistress of the house? Without the mistress of the house how do you have the serving girl? Each knows their role and without each other neither role works, it’s my version of Metropolis perhaps, or Fellini.

In 1995 “The Elegant Spanking”, won awards world-wide, at a future date I may offer the director’s cut of the film if there is enough interest…

It was featured for a time in Playboy Catalogue with the caption, “Not for the faint hearted”.

I also adore Kubrik and Lynch, film and art run together for me and I loved Walt Disney, wanted to be an illustrator and animator, my film desire to animate comes directly from his old cell by cell methods.

Salvador Dali
img. source: The Art Story

RVL: …and, for those who may not have chanced upon our June articles, how long have you been involved in art culture and its comings and goings?

GR: I have been involved in art all my life and won my first art award at age 12, I won a Waterford crystal bowl and I sold my first work of art sale to Godfrey Anderson Rockefeller at about the same age. I was also influenced by Leonardo DaVinci’s works, by my friend Salvador Dali and my dear friend Andy Warhol, I actually met Andy by accident we both went to the same Dr and met in the Dr’s office …

Andy Warhol
img. source: biography.com


Other of my art favorites are, but are not limited to, John Singer Sargent, Goya, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Martin Johnson Heade, Winslow Homer, Andrew Edward Hopper, Newell Wyeth, Georgia O’Keeffe, adored, then gone too soon, Patrick Nagel.

My friends Keith Haring and Andy Warhol influenced me greatly on so many levels including giving me the freedom to be me along with my friend, singer and song writer, Jim Cowan and Reb Stout who showed me that I could express myself with the freedom and abandonment of a strong and passionate spirit and to let myself be me in all ways, breaking out of society and social norms, in my art and my artwork and I thank them greatly.

I love collaborating with other artists, writers, and musicians, electrical energy generating and creative types. Thus the vampyre archetype, and lifestyle, is a more than perfect place for a living art form life-form being to be.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French, Albi 1864–1901 Saint-André-du-Bois) img. source: larousse.fr

Toulouse-Lautrec was a huge influence on me, my grandmother had four pieces by him and they are mine now but they both terrified and attracted me. Some of the figures were silhouetted and scary but others, bawdy female figures, in acts of a bit of naughty play I adore them and had them re-framed in black frames, they are beautiful and among my most personal treasures. These are the actual ones i have lithographs of –

RVL: …and how do you define, personally, your own art styles today?

GR: My own personal style today is, I would say, “evolving”, as I am and seem to be ever evolving, are we not always evolving and changing, blending and becoming more? Well, hopefully more…

There is one artist who deeply influenced me I can’t recall his name, I will fill it in later… a British painter, he painted scenes of romantic women lounging around pools with leopards and such ritualistic baths and other attire romantic columns and the grandiose rooms or outdoor courtyards like the later Hollywood films took to heart as much as I did I’m sure. His work influenced my set design within my own rituals and within the work I did in set design for film, videos and photo shoots in NYC.

RVL: Without revealing any trade secrets, can you give us a little insight into what you are up to these days?

GR: I am currently working on two charity pieces one for the local animal shelter and the other for another charity for the preservation of wetlands.

I am also going to release some of my drawings in poster format and I am working on a compilation photo book of me by a variety of photographers which will also contain assorted writings by myself and others.

As well as these, we have released, this morning, the long anticipated “Goddess Rosemary Ankh” it will be available on TempleHouseSahjaza.com in a Rhodium plate and in Stainless Steel.

The Goddess Rosemary Ankh

RVL: …and, quite apart from any sort of ‘nightkind’ influence, where else do you draw your inspirations from?

GR: Everything I see is art, a portent of, for or to create art. I feel that we are all living art as we are all the living Sahjaza, it’s the same principal.

Nature, people, animals, birds, the sky, the earth, everything, buildings and I particularly love old ghost towns and decayed buildings that were once a glory just like I love old houses, they were a work of art not “cookie cutter” buildings like modern houses; give me my 100 year old fall-down house with her plank wood floors and crooked walls any day. To me ‘Sanctuary’, where I live, is a canvas in renovating a 100 year old house as well as the grounds one tree at a time.

RVL: Where can our readers view your work and do you have an outlet for retail?

GR: My art display at Temple-House Sahjaza is a work in progress, that’s not on line yet though posters of the “Woman with a veil” can be obtained from me at Temple-House Sahjaza and there’s some artwork on my YouTube channel, YouTube/ShannonAvalon that I have created, and play with. I collaborate with many friends, musician, author, playwright and ritual conspirator Tony Sokol , journalist, musician, composer, and song writer Creek, Joe Cerna of Black Virgin fame, Dead Eddie, Carlos Vivanco, The Madame Webb in Digital Dream, and so many wonderful others whom allow me to use their original music for my creations; creations which are sometimes only limited by my own personal computer equipment. I hope to someday build a proper computer lab. Incidentally, I owned one of the first three computer graphics companies in NYC, I was actually somewhat a pioneer in the field of computer graphics.

‘Woman with a veil’


RVL: Do you have a favourite piece, or pieces of work amongst what you have done so far?

GR:Woman with a veil”, an artwork with pen and ink and the totem pole that was at my gallery show at Carnegie Hall, NYC called “Into my web” a multimedia show. My painting called “Mother Nature” is also a great favorite.

RVL: What advice would you give to any budding artists looking to get their own work ‘out there’?

GR: Just keep creating!! Dream big.

When we travel a creative path, and live creatively, feed on creativity, become the dark muse, the universe provides a wealth of food for creativity –  it’s self-perpetuating and will always push creative types to create, regardless what distractions are out there.

RVL: Do you consciously confine yourself to one or two art forms at a time or do you like to explore and create as the whim takes you?

GR: I am involved with as many as 15 to 20 art projects all the time it never stops, never sleeps, never enough time, or canvas, or paper everything is an inspiration, I drink it all and pour it out onto, and into, my work regardless of what medium I am working in.

The last thing I did was hand make the place setting cards for the Sahjaza Family Reunion Dinner. They were created them out of computer generated artwork printed on parchment paper put on heavy card stock with attached gems I acquired some 30 plus years ago from famed costume designer Edith Head, in L.A., at a venue once owned by famed fashion designer, fetish fan, and my lifelong friend and mentor (and member of the Black Rose) Reb Stout. I decided to glue some of them on for decoration to give them a NOLA flair they also have some authentic black photo brad attachment corner things that must be about 40 years old.

Mo-mo & Merlin

Reb, by the way, was the owner of my white dog Mo-Mo you may have seen with me in photos. I inherited him in November 2007 when Reb, a former Navy Seal, succumbed to lung cancer after fighting a great battle

He and I were dog people and I inherited his dog whom I love dearly and is best mates to my dog Merlin who is an Australian cattle dog and has rounded him up from day one.

My Consort assisted me in making the placement cards helping me with some of the more difficult measurement and cutting and gluing of the pieces I was pleased with them when we were done, and I had the last of the glitter on them – who said vampyres don’t like glitter!

RVL: Do you find, or think, there is a large niche within the modern nightkind culture for the expression and appreciation of art such as you produce or, do you think too much has gone the way of “instant gratification” to the point where many are losing the ability or desire to really appreciate physical art pieces?

GR: people are either inspired by them or they lose touch with “touch” and “feel” and “see”. There are those who are glued to the addiction of instant gratification of “likes” and “selfies” and do not even look up from the phone to see real life, or go to a wedding and see it via the lens of a camera, taking a film they most likely will never even watch again to record it for some time in the future when technology will no longer play that medium. I am more concerned with the loss of our culture when technology passes our mediums by and our recordings, photos and archives are no longer compatible.

I believe the Russians, I heard, had a 30 day “detox” and almost “AA style” place for people who were too addicted to “Second City” to do their day to day jobs, are we addicted to social media or are we using it to create how connected is too connected? When you read of someone who is out buying toilet paper, and they feel the need to post it, they could be doing something creative.

I am inspired by much I see to be, and become, creative and what others are creating, I view – on social media – there is never enough time of course to do what I want to do or create but, for example, the film directed by a woman, Wonder Woman, that I viewed on opening night at a theatre, was HUGELY inspiring to me and made me remember so many reasons I wanted to become and artist, I think DC comics is hugely inspiring to creative people.

One must get off the behind and do so to not let the massive amount of outside stimuli, and easy gratification, monopolize their creative time, rather use it as a time to connect, to bond, to use as a tool, to learn to read papers, articles, hear music and experience using the tools, don’t let them use you. One of the things that takes much time is the internet and the purposeful attempts of internet trolls to tie up and chaos your time thus taking you away from valuable real-life interaction.

7 Devil’s National Park – Ritual for Ninagal

RVL: When you aren’t creating the art yourself what forms of art do you like to kick back and enjoy?

GR: I don’t know that I am ever not creating, Dali said once to me, “You are art” however, for enjoyment, I am going to the Blood Lust Ball, in NOLA on October… what is it 29th   Sunday? This will be me appearing for the first time in a public venue ball since NYC in 2013!

RVL: What would you say is the most “extreme” art form you have ever embraced, or moved in the circles of?

GR: Performance art, live on stage art in NYC at the Hellfire, Paddles, the Vault and other clubs and venues, at my own events, and others. I love NYC because unlike most the USA with a few exceptions such as L.A., San Francisco or Las Vegas, you can be naughty as ya wanna be – and it’s still art!

‘Her Dragon’

RVL: Naturally, I would suppose, we would like to touch, at least once, upon your knowledge and history within the nightkind culture; have you any wise words for modern living Vampires dear lady?

GR: Be elegant, be compassionate and play hard. Never stop creating, inspire and be inspired.

RVL: Thank you very much indeed for sharing your thoughts, advice and insights with us today. We greatly appreciate your time indeed, it has been an absolute pleasure speaking with you.

GR: You’re so very welcome it was my pleasure and so fun to close my eyes re-live moments when we, as Z/n, used to gather and sit in big high back chairs by the fire and fondly remember days at the, Algonquin hotel in NYC, and a former Corporate Technology Chief of the NYSE, my friend and co-author of many projects, Chris Keith, who recently passed over the veil. I remember him telling me like it was yesterday,

When you’re old and full of sleep these will be the days you remember”, as we all sat there trying to capture some of the inspiration or channel some dreaming of the ghosts of past patrons Mary Shelley and her friends trying to catch the vibe of Dracula, Sherlock and Frankenstein.

If people wish to contact me they can do so on my FB page RosemarySahaza, or Temple-House Sahjaza on FB.

My personal twitter account is @goddessrosemary and @SahjazaZn

We also have @templeSahjaza on twitter and Sahjaza on Instagram.

People can order the Goddess Rosemary Ankh on TempleHouse Sahjaza.com or, if they want to catch up with me, come see me at the Blood Lust Ball in NOLA.


Preparing this presentation was an exhilarating experience because it was the first time that I have done a “live”, of sorts, interview… Goddess Rosemary and I sat down before our monitors on Sunday evening and we let this roll its own way, it could have gone on much, much longer.

It was also exhilarating because when you are in touch with this lady in such a manner you actually get to feel the energy, the vibe, the passion of the artist coming right at you, grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking you ‘til your teeth rattle…

Of her accomplishments there can be no doubt, her awards speak for themselves. Of her in person, one can only sit and marvel at the friends that have graced her artistic circle through her life thus far and wonder what more is to come from such an amazing lady but despite the glamour of the situation one can instantly recognise the true soul-passion for her arts, the adventurous spirit of her creation and the fearlessness of her approach.

I don’t know but honestly I’d rather try jumping in front of a speeding train than try and stop Goddess Rosemary from doing, and achieving, whatever the hell she wants.


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A new “world” order – reprised

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Good morning,
In June of this year we began following a story of a new initiative aimed at uniting portions of the modern Vampire culture in a coalition of groups from different states in the U.S.

Through the editorials “A new “world” order”, the subsequent “A new “world” order – update” June 5th and “A new “world” order – update” June 8th we reported on the unfolding events surrounding the establishment and early reactions to The Unity Project and the founding of the group Blood Nations.

On June 5th one of the chief architects of The Unity Project released a statement concerning the initial furor that the initiative seemed to have produced.

It gives us great pleasure to be able to present, at this juncture, an editorial that is. In one sense, a closure yet, in another sense, an introduction. From very early on in the course of covering the events the level of confusion surrounding the inception of The Unity Project, and the ensuing ‘hue and cry’ that met the proposals, reached a quite ferocious level with some quite volatile statements being made that seemed to be polarizing the opinions of many members of the culture.

As with any story there is always more than one side and now, now that the hub-bub has died down, it is time to hear from two of the senior people involved in these efforts.

We are very pleased and honoured to be joined today by Lady Gia Bathory-Von Ecsed, Countess of Cachtrice-Hrad and Queen of The Memphis Court and King (Heir Apparent of New Orleans) MavenLore of The House of Lore.

Img. source – The Unity Project/ Blood Nations
(reproduced by permission)

RVL: Good evening Lady Queen Gia and Lord King MavenLore, welcome to RVL, it is an honour and genuine pleasure to have you with us.

LG:  Thank you for having us.  We are always happy to network and interact with the various Journalists and Publications that serve our community faithfully and do all they can to bring truth and wisdom to our Kind.  I think I speak for both The King of New Orleans and myself when I say, we are glad to be here and have the opportunity to clear the air on some of these issues, questions and facts that have been so perversely skewed.

ML:  I appreciate the chance to clear the air regarding the project.  A project of this magnitude is actually what brought me into the community in the first place 20 years ago, I’m very honored that now I finally have the opportunity to work with some amazing individuals to finally see it come to fruition.


RVL: Over the last few months there have been many questions raised, a great deal of misinformation, and a great deal of discussion circulating, about Blood Nations and The Unity Project, some of the “discussions” have resulted in some quite dramatic exchanges and others in “lines being drawn in the sand” – would you tell us how, and when, the original concepts of the two came about?

LG: Yes, there are always those who will rail against peace and unity, because it implements a system of checks and balances for those who call themselves “leaders”, the purpose being to prevent tyranny, war mongering and corruption.  The original concept for Blood Nations was conjured from the Aether one night, by Maven and His Majesty, King Logan South as an idea for giving the Vampire Community, worldwide, a digital domain where they could have access to all the events, news and cultural information associated with our kind.  The Unity Project (the other side of the Blood Nations Coin), was founded by the Three of us, later, as an expansion of what Blood Nations aimed to do as a whole.  It is a global effort, by the vast majority of community leaders in the US and Europe, to unite our kind for the first time in generations.  This way, with shared goals, visions and through the combined efforts of the aforementioned, we can link Vampire communities together over great distances and offer community to places and people who otherwise would never have had the opportunity.

ML: The website, in its infancy, had very little text or context to it, so misinterpretation was bound to happen given its beta state.  Furthermore, due to a certain feud between two individuals, the map was leaked to the public with an inflammatory call to arms concerning “power grabs”, “hostile take-overs” and other such cringeworthy buzzwords, all with the sole purpose of furthering their agenda concerning a their personal grudges and vendettas with one another.   We were going to release the blood nations FAQ a week later, however due to the map being leaked, we decided to release info to the public early to clear up the disinformation the people were getting that would be used as a weapon against the project.

King (Heir Apparent of New Orleans) MavenLore of The House of Lore

RVL: What is your personal vision for the Unity Project and for Blood Nations?

LG: My personal vision for The Unity Project is to use common cause to unite our kind, on a global scale, to give us not only a voice in the mainstream world of politics, activism and culture, as we are now “Out” and part of the mundane world, but to bring peace and prosperity to our kind, who have been beset and plagued by decades of war, infighting, corruption and the abuses of delusional maniacs who have called themselves “leaders” of our community in the past.  Blood Nations plays a huge role in this vision, as it allows a massive global unification to occur, giving people a voice, a network and a worldwide community, from which to have the sense of family, belonging and the ability to form cohesive units within the greater Vampire Community, as a whole.

ML:  Over the last 2 decades I have watched the online “community” destroy the efforts of physical communities, I have seen bickering and infighting amongst these groups while physical communities shrink and become more insular, becoming untrustworthy of “outsiders”. Thus, stagnation and a lack of growth / evolution set in.  This saddened me to point I wanted to do something about it, as I remember the days when I could walk into a haven and see representatives from a dozen different houses, clans and courts all in communion with each other, all working together, socializing and building a better tomorrow.  Everyone should have this feeling, everyone should have these resources.  This was the spark that ignited the project with Logan and I began in 2015.  This spark later inspired Lady Gia and Prince Shaolin Macphee to join the project.  We envision an online resource for physical communities that is safe and private from mundane eyes, helps connect communities together via online communications, helps perpetuate an economic infrastructure amongst vamp owned or vamp friendly businesses, and also helps place people in respective geologically determined communities or helps visiting community members connect with whatever state or city they plan on going to.  Our project is a tool first and foremost that we are gifting to the world, free of charge.

RVL: We know that you are no strangers to the modern Vampire Culture… May we ask, of your personal backgrounds, do you identify as a modern living Vampire and for how long have you been aware of your true nature?

LG: I identify, one could say, as a Serpent in a human suit.  The feeding from other’s energy, life force and Aether, can technically classify me, in the blanket term sense, as a “Vampire”.

ML:  As far as Identification goes, I would say the more imperative question is; The need for a social and digital infrastructure, as we have more young fledglings than ever and are training more and more of our older members how to merge their old life with the onset of catching up to the digital jetstream generation.

Lady Gia Ahlia Bathory Von Ecsed, Countess of Cachtice-Hrad, Queen of the Memphis Vampire Court

RVL: The development of the ‘Fleur de Sang’ has also attracted much comment and a share of criticism as simply being a badge that one has to apply for to be ‘in the club’, how would you respond to this?

LG: I would respond by saying it is fear mongering, virtue signaling nonsense. The Fleur was a gift given to all attendees of the 2015 Bloodlust Ball in New Orleans.  It was not until His Majesty, King Logan South praised the symbol as a “Battle cry” that we all decided to use it as a symbol of the Blood Nations/Unity Project.  There is no “Club”, there were attendees at a Ball who got them in their Swag Bags if they purchased VIP tickets.

ML:  I agree with Gia.  No matter how you spell it out, there’s always going to be a contingency of individuals that will try and sully even the best of intentions with their narrative.  The public has made it a symbol for unity, THEY choose to wear it as such, nothing is required to purchase to show your support.  When I first gifted the symbol to the community, all the usual trolls came out of the woodworks to try and destroy its intent.  When I originally designed the Fleur De Sang in 1999, I envisioned a sigil that embodied the spirit and origin of vampires of the “New World” after hearing the myths about them arriving in American through the port of Orleans.  New Orleans has since been dubbed “The spiritual home of the vampire”, which prompted me to gift the Fleur De Sang to the world.

Img. courtesy of King MavenLore, 2017


RVL: Since the names here seem to mirror a common theme, that is, ‘Fleur de Sang’ sigil and Blood Nations, are we correct in assuming that the Unity Project and website are one and the same, and are to be specifically Sanguinarian in nature or do you plan to include “others” who wish to join the new, unified, entity?

LG:?  No, it does not.  The Blood Nations and Unity Projects are welcoming and open to all Kindred and Otherkin who wish to be part of the Vampire Community and are tired of the squabbling, chaos and corruption our community has been saturated in for the past 17 years.

ML:  Considering how many types of vampires exist, why would we restrict it to blood feeders only?  That just makes no sense.  The problem in the past is that various groups have tried to push certain philosophical/religious/ideological imperatives as being the one true way.  We don’t subscribe to that.  We encourage an open and individualistic approach to how members of the community or houses/courts/clans/groups wish to conduct themselves.

RVL: Pretty much everyone who has been following developments has seen the ‘maps’ with the different coloured states represented on them and despite the explanation in previous addresses people are still frequently asking, in public forums, what, exactly, the colours mean –  Can you enlighten us on that point?

LG:  I am unaware of the colours being anything more than aesthetic choices.  People will dig, reach and grasp for anything they think will suit their own agendas.

ML:  This is another non-subject that many have jumped on the “freak-out” bandwagon.  The colors mean nothing, they were just what I randomly was in the mood to label them as on that particular day, and red was the default color programmed in our map generator.  Nothing more.

RVL: …and on that note there have been statements made that this “map” represents some sort of “takeover” plan aimed at “absorbing” existing Vampyre-kind groups and organizations in those, and other, states… what would you say to this?

LG:  I would say those people are clearly looking for a way to cause drama, infighting and division within an already fractured community.  There is no “Take over”.  This is a lie fabricated by corrupt, power hungry tyrants that think everyone is like them.  Therefore, they transfer and project their own perverted, megalomaniacal agendas onto us and a clearly transparent project.  Simply put, our dissenters are dishonest, corrupt, abusive individuals who themselves would stage a coup if they were able, so they pretend we are doing the same, so they can virtue signal panic monger the community into following them.  As they think this will somehow give them a cause to unite the garbage dregs of our community behind them, so they can have the coup they have wanted and could never deliver themselves, due to their own shortcomings and failures.

ML:  Those who use the terms “Power Grab”, “take Over” and “Absorbing” concerning literally anything in this community are judging us by the what they would do and how they think, or are parroting those that they hear that hogwash from.  There is no federally mandated law saying we have to follow anyone.  House/Court/Various Group leaders are such because people freely give their loyalty and support to them. You can’t “Take Over” anything, you can’t “Grab Power” from anything or anyone, that’s not how it works.  Power is given BY the people TO who they choose to.  And for the millionth time, the “Map” merely represents existing communities and organizations as a reference for potential traveling vampires or those looking to connect and become part of a community in a certain region, the communities existed long before our project was even a thing, and we hope to update our map in the future with the help of everyone who would like to contribute.

RVL: How has the initial growth curve and response been to the Blood Nations set up, and the Unity Project, from your point of view?

LG:  In my experience, aside from the normal dissenters and loud mouths that scream and yell any time they are not the center of attention, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  With the support of such community legends as the Gotham Halo, The AVC, The real movers and shakers of our people and even our own Matriarch, Goddess Rosemary, the founder of our entire community and even blessed Temple House Sahjaza, we have been able to expand beyond our wildest dreams and spread the message of Unity and Community to 4 of 7 continents thus far.

ML:  The response from the real movers and shakers of the community has been overwhelmingly positive and I am quite humbled by their support.  The only dissenters we really ran into were, in all actuality, trolls from the online “communities” that caused problems for the GVC in the first place.

RVL: Given the current shape of the modern Vampire culture, and its often volatile and changeable nature, will anyone who comes seeking a place in Blood Nations be given one? Even though they may not be “popular”?

LG:  I’m rather unsure as to the reasoning for this question.  There are several members of both projects who would not classify as “Popular”, so I’m not sure where this came from. Any group or individual who wished to be part of Blood Nations or the Unity project can do so.  However, because we are not idiots or naïve, we only offer positions of leadership to those who have proven they either are well suited for the position or have proven their loyalty through years of contribution to the North American, South American or European Vampire Communities.  We care very much about the structural strength and stability of this project.  Therefore, we do not allow drama mongers, traitors, criminals, etc. to lead our groups or the communities we work with.  We have nothing to do with those who have proven they do not have the greater good of the community in mind or in their interests.  Thereby, at the end of the day, they choose by their actions or lack thereof, whether or not they want to be part of the right side of History.

ML:  I’m not sure how to respond to this, as we have stated many times, the unity project is not an organization, it is a tool for offline communities.  It has nothing to do with housing wayward vamps, nor is it a place for popularity.

RVL: Prior to embarking upon the Unity Project and the Blood Nations set up did you, and/or the other founders receive any input from other Houses or Organizations regarding the proposal and are you at liberty to reveal which other organizations are actively involved in the initiative?

LG: We have been deeply involved with the foundational pillars of the Vampire Community from the very start of this project.  The first week we began the expansion of the Unity Project, we were already working with some of the largest and most well-known courts, halos and monarchs the community has to offer.  We obviously did not just wake up one day and say, “Let’s try to do something nearly impossible and transformative for our community…but not discuss it with any of the people we will need the support of before we do.”  Every group, Monarch, Regent, Court and Council that is involved, is exactly that, Involved, and have been since day One.

ML:  While I can’t publicly talk about our supporters outside of founding members, I can say that the number one issue that they had was the assurance that their houses and courts wouldn’t be ruled by the website, nor would they have to change their structure and bylaws.  The idea that we presented to them is that this project would help expand their respective organizations and/or rebuild organizations that have long since fallen into disrepair through global communication and working hand in hand with other communities.

RVL: Crystal ball time…Where do you see the Unity Project and Blood Nations website in say, two years from now?

LG:  I see the expansion projects we have begun, growing and blossoming into massive, connected communities world-wide.  I envision a world where our Kind can hop, Court to Court, Halo to Council, across the globe at the drop of a hat and never miss a beat of news, events, balls, gatherings and business.  We strive for a connected, unified community, globally, that can embrace Peace and ethical conduct, from corner to corner.  We are, after all, of Peace.  Always.

ML:  I personally agree with Gia on this, however I would like to add that part of this project includes our basic ideological evolution.  This new generation of vamps inspires me with new ideas on almost a weekly basis, I hope to see how they can mold and evolve the project in the years to come.

RVL: …and what is the true ultimate goal, or aim, of the Unity Project?

LG:  I think we have made that rather clear thus far.  The global connection and unification of Kindred and the ability for communities to communicate, do business and network throughout territories in, ideally, every country in the world.

ML:  Again, I agree with Lady Gia

RVL: There have been some rather “inflammatory” statements made by individuals connected with the Blood Nations initiative and, by association, with the Unity Project, comments made both before, and after, their individual involvement in the initiative. What would you say regarding, what may be seen by many as, threatening and/or derogatory rhetoric and its effect on the initiative?

LG:  Rhetoric of dissenters does not affect our success, plain and simple.  Simply put, jealousy is an ugly thing.  Those running their mouths and pretending they know what they are talking about, are in all honesty, sad, pathetic people with no accomplishments of their own and no real grasp of what it takes to work with and for our Community.  If they possessed any of these qualities, they would not be doing what they are and fabricating the lies and fantasies they are.  Their local communities are in shambles and chaos due to poor, inept leadership and they are looking for someone other than themselves to take it out on.  Plain and simple, they are insanely jealous of the success, positive reception and positive changes that both Blood Nations and the Unity project have received and the real life changes we have made for dozens of Courts and Communities (not to mention charities and non-profit organizations) in the US, as well as abroad in Europe, South America, etc.

ML: A lot of this has to with the inflammatory post about the blood nation’s map and tying it to someone who was NOT a founder, and later this information was used in an article on this very site enforcing the provocateur’s accusation of a non-founding individual as a founding member of the site.  There’s also the fact that we can’t control everyone’s actions when personal disputes are aired publicly and temper tantrums fly.  Sorry, but I reject the notion of “guilt by association”.

RVL: We’ve spoken of practical things, such as aims and goals but can you tell us, what is the guiding philosophy behind Blood Nations and The Unity Project?

LG: For the Unity Project (As that is my area of expertise regarding this interview), I would say much of it was modelled on Machiavellian Political Theory and a bit of Peronism.  Machiavelli teaches that we should write laws and practice ethics that are applicable in the real world we live in.  Not to write laws that are idealistic and based on a utopian society in which we clearly do not live.  Most Groups, societies and organizations base their structures on the idea that everyone is honest and generally a good person.  Therefore, the rules they live by, become a situation where everyone secretly breaks the rules and laws, while prosecuting others for doing the same things.  Machiavelli allows us to forego that nonsense of opinion and realize that if we play the “All opinions are vital and important and should dictate the way things are done” card, we must also include the opinions of murderers, rapists, child molesters and monsters.  After all, doesn’t “Every opinion and voice count? Of course not, that is allowing the inmates to run the asylum. Thus we come to the false “Democracy” we experience today, where only some voices matter, but everyone is told they are a special snowflake who is so important and indispensable to the world turning.  This is where the entitled, drama mongering, trolls get their opinions of themselves and therefore, find the justification for the horrific acts they engage in that tear our community apart with divisive and purposeful misinformation. In closing, we use a method that has centuries of tried and true examples and evidence of working properly.  Democracy is an illusion and always has been.

ML:  For me it is a little different.  When I first came into the community I had the distinct honor of being part of the NYC Haven.  On a regularly basis, I saw representatives from dozens of houses and groups convening, toasting each other, getting along, solving issues together, building a better tomorrow, etc.  It was an amazing feeling to experience such communion.  I want that again, but for everyone and every territory.  The Unity project will be a continuation of this but on a global scale.  For me, it is family, friendship, solidarity and evolution for all of us.

RVL: As far as the Blood Nations web group site is concerned, may we ask when the infrastructure will be in place for member forums, discussion forums, topical forums and the like?

LG: This question would be best suited for King Maven Lore, as I do not handle the web aspect of Blood Nations.  Therefore, am not exactly qualified to answer this.  I will say, however, that the features of the Blood Nations site are revolutionary.  Many are brand new technologies and programs that allow freedom for users, Voice and Video chat and interactive maps to aid the member of our community in finding like-minded individuals in their area.

ML:  There absolutely will be forums for discussion, however, unlike many Facebook group, we will not tolerate abuse, name calling or trolling.  The #1 rule for the website is essentially “don’t be a douchebag”.   Other than that, the forums will be free in any topic for users to create, manage, reply and participate in.


RVL: Have you anything that you would like to add that we haven’t covered in the interview, any words of wisdom for our readers?

LG: Do not believe everything you hear.  Many of our disdainfully vocal opponents are just angry because they were unfit to lead their communities.  That is the true reason why many who think they are “leaders” and scream and yell on the internet (from behind their keyboards, mind you), are not included in the future of our community.  They wish to start wars and see the chaos of the past return, so they can capitalize on the unrest and misery that has plagued our kind for so many years.  If you have a question, ask.  We are a completely transparent movement and all one need do is read to find that to be a fact.

ML:  I would say very simply this: Build something beautiful.

RVL: King Maven Lore, Queen Gia Bathory-Von Ecsed , many thanks for taking the time out to address these questions. We realize that much of it has been covered before in some places but sometimes things just need to be reinforced and we are honoured that you permitted us to work with you.

LG:  Thank you so much for coming to us directly to clear up the nonsense and false propaganda that has been floating around regarding all of this. It is important that people know the truth, straight from the founders of these projects and the ones who are actually fighting and working to build a better tomorrow for our people, instead of trying to tear it down.

ML:  I appreciate the chance your publication has given us and also for giving us an alternative means to disseminate the message of unity.



Without doubt, throughout the history of the modern living Vampyre movement, new ideas have been hotly contested, challenged, fought and argued. Some have endured, many have not but should this stop people trying?

Quite possibly one of the most telling points that has recently been made in this matter comes from Temple-House Sahjaza.

Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza, Matriarch of Temple-House Sahjaza

Goddess Rosemary has declared that the Temple-House backs the Unity Project/Blood Nations initiative, she comments;
“I support the Unity project and Sahjaza supports the unity project.”

A strong endorsement indeed from one of the oldest established, most respected and renowned organisations in the history of the modern culture.

We must recognise that any social mechanism which fails to strive for “betterment”, that sits contentedly in its own mediocrity and simply engages in endless, fruitless skirmishes and conflict is doomed to stagnate and to eventually disappear, become extinct. What do we all do if that happens? Do we go back to the pre-net days of wandering about aimlessly wondering if the person we just met at the coffee shop is like us? Wondering we are a little crazy or is it the rest of the world?

It doesn’t seem like a good alternative does it? Maybe it’s time for the modern Vampire culture to grow, take stock and aim for something better than we’ve had, or got. Perhaps unity, far from being a “pipe dream”as I was once told, isn’t such a bad idea after all and let’s face it, we’re nothing else if not Vampyres right? We all hail from the same history and Blood Nations seems to be an entirely apt manner of describing that descent. Perhaps it is time for a little peace and quiet, no?


Copyright notations RVL, The Unity Project & Blood Nations 2017

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Chatting with Vampires – Beyond Borders

Img. source: Geology.com

Presented by


Good evening,
Along with the realisation that our corner of the global village is but one part of the world as far as the modern Vampyre culture is concerned comes the realisation, when treated to being in touch with international guests, that in other countries the scope and the freedom that is celebrated by modern living vampires is much more open and visibly accepted than we might experience at home.

Our guest this evening joins us from the South American country of Brazil, specifically, the city of São Paulo.

For those of you whom may not be familiar, São Paulo is a municipality in the southeast region of Brazil. The metropolis is an alpha global city—as listed by the GaWC—and is the most populous city in Brazil as well as in the Southern Hemisphere. The municipality is also the largest in the Americas and Earth’s 12th largest city proper by population. The city is the capital of the surrounding state of São Paulo, one of 26 constituent states of the republic. It is Brazil’s most populous and wealthiest state. It exerts strong international influences in commerce, finance, arts and entertainment. The name of the city honors the Apostle, Saint Paul of Tarsus. The city’s metropolitan area of Greater São Paulo ranks as the most populous in Brazil, the 11th most populous on Earth, and largest Portuguese language-speaking city in the world.“[1]

São Paulo is also home to a part of one of the world’s longest standing and most respected modern culture institutions, it is the home of the Brazilian chapter of Temple House Sahjaza and presiding over that branch is Prince/Lord Axikerzus Sahjaza.

It gives us great pleasure and honour to present, in conjunction with Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza and her Staff, to bring you an interview with Prince/Lord Axikerzus.


Img. source:
Temple House Sahjaza

RVL: Good evening Prince/ Lord Axikerzus it is a great honour and a pleasure, as always, to welcome a member of Temple House Sahjaza to RVL.

Lord A: My pleasure noble one. Let’s tell about our lands…

RVL: As Leader in the modern Vampire culture, would you mind sharing a little of your personal history with us?

Lord A: Vampires have been in my life ever since I remember, it all began by listening to legends and stories around fires near the great pine forest we have on my family’s estate on the top of a mountain that I inherited – and which we have called for more than a decade. Sacred Solo Strigoi. I live in Brazil, although vampires have been in our cultural production for well over 170 years (if we leave aside the gods and shamans with long prey and bat shapes from previous pre-Columbian civilizations) the story of people living a Vamp archetype Something less than two decades down here. Thus, my history as a leader began in mid-2003 with the foundation of REDE VAMPYRICA, a group of websites, blogs, articles and cultural production transmedia dedicated to inform and provide contents, events and meetings to all lovers and allies. About 10 years ago I present a radio program called Vox Vampyrica with more than 300 editions, I am the author of the book MYSTERIES VAMPYRICOS  by one of the biggest Brazilian publishers of spirituality and occultism with more than 10,000 copies sold (the work is in translation for the English with plans to be launched in England soon). I worked as a DJ and event producer for the Vamp context for 18 years and developed my spirituality and ties with the so-called Vampyrica Cosmovision through the legacy and learning with the Sahjaza dynasty where I occupy the highest male degree, his art and trades.


RVL: In your own mind, what is a real modern vampire? And, what attributes do you see in modern vampirism?

Lord A: I find it strange to use the term modern or postmodern to refer to what I live at every moment of my life. Both the Vampire and the Witch belong to the premodern imaginary where their existence is possible to be measured, since there are resources where the same imaginary can be measured and used as an essential and practical part of life. In modern or even postmodern thinking we are only subcultures and social subgroups with strange and clandestinely acceptable beliefs. So I think we are more than all of this. We are something first, feral yet elegantly dressed walking along the main avenues and event houses of the world. We are something that periste and atavicamente resurge. We are inevitably linked to an invisible art and a nameless office, devoted, devoted and passionate with our power to crystallize dreams and transmute our lives into something more sublime. We use pagan and Christian symbols to create a new life and as long as your name is unknown we will call it vampirism.

RVL: …and may we ask, do you identify as a modern real vampire? And. If so, how would you define your vampirism?

Lord A: I’m a Vampyre. I am a Strigoi and I walk on the trail that I learn and develop with the Sahjaza dynasty side by side with the discrete society called Circulo Strigoi that I develop here in Brazil, South America and Portugal. Our “vampirism” or “Vampyric worldview” lurks, hunts and gathers the “Blood” of the Gods and Goddesses in majestic rites of great power and with deep shamanic involvement in every way. We seek presence of spirit, speak from the heart, transcend the solar flames of the ego, to embrace the fluidity of the waters of the dark cosmic ocean that surrounds us – where only what we carry with us. Covering what we are and sharing with love. Understanding that immortality lies instantly and in the shared legacy along the crossroads of life. Our Vampirism It has nothing to do with parasitism, emotional problems, thirst for attention or lack like those bullshit promoted in written publications without any foundation and integrity. Our Vampirism has deep connection with the pagan, the esoteric and the original sense of the term used to the north of Russia in century X.

Prince-Lord Axikerzus Sahjaza & Lady Xendra Sahjaza

RVL: Turning now to your local area, if we may, what involvement does your House or Organisation have with local communities and with the modern Vampire culture there?

Lord A: The history of the Brazilian scene and our REDE VAMP blend and blend together because we ended up being the introversion and developers of the context Vamp in Brazil, South America and Portugal. They are at least 14 years of history and great achievements. There are well over 400 events already held between parties, serenades, fashion shows, social gatherings, public or closed rites. The first and most popular of these events was my THEATER OF VAMPIRES (reportedly included in the Vampyre Almanac publications and other books in Europe) deeply inspired by Anne Rice’s work and the underground group presentations created by Tony Sokol. We have been doing Fangxtasy (6 years ago), Carmilla (6 years ago, a luxury event), Bazar Rede Vamp (which encourages young artisans and micro entrepreneurs who explore the dark theme in their creations). For 14 years we have been the only traditional Vamp Mask Dance in our continent. We edited a printed periodical; a webradio program called Vox Vampyrica  on the air for more than 10 years. Also we developed here the World Dracula Day created by Dacre Stoker, with actions in bookstores, municipal schools and escapegames. Together with the Strigoi Circle we offer training and development in vampyric spirituality and worldview, as well as performing an annual open rite in the largest pagan and holistic event in South America. São Paulo is the only city in the world that has an official date and a law called DAY OF THE VAMPIRES that encourages the donation of blood in public hospitals and campaigns against prejudice and encourage the artistic diversity created by Liz Vamp cineaste for 15 years. I live in a country where social activists have started dressing up as vampires to collect and collect works and promises from politicians to poor and disadvantaged neighborhoods. There is a lot of special things in Brazil. This is not to mention the large team that works weekly in the creation of articles and content for our portal www.redevamp.com

RVL: Without wishing to play Devil’s Advocate here, you will undoubtedly be aware that there are critics of you and your work, how would you respond to that?

Lord A: We learned from the Masons that we did not respond to criticism. We show our work, our actions and our achievements, we focus attention and energy on its improvement, development and continuity. If we make mistakes we apologize and try to do better. If someone comes to us to talk or treat with civility something that bothers or disturbs us, we talk and try to reach a point of peace.

Unfortunately we live in a country where the religious fanaticism of so-called evangelicals has become worrying, as well as our bipartisan politics and we actually live in a country ruined by almost 15 years of political left in power. So we have a people more concerned with putting on their tinkering, repression, insufficiency and powerlessness as a flag and political dogma – more concerned with revenge and persecution who do not want to deal with all this political bullshit than to do something substantial. So we often deal with prejudice and even physical aggression. People have already been discriminated against, beaten and injured just by dressing differently when they went to a party or even donating blood to a hospital in the Vampire’s Day campaign. Brazil is not for amateurs, with civility and distinction we seek to ensure space and representativeness for the Vamps here and all who do not fit in the molds that necessarily the politicians and religious leaders of here try to impose us.

RVL: What led you to the decision to establish your house, or organisation and when did this come about?

Lord A: In 2003 I went through a near-death experience. He concludes that he no longer wanted to imagine or pretend that one day he would leave here to live in the United States or London a lovely cultural scene of events and with people who lived the archetype vamp in their daily lives. So I decided to share content and translate various materials on all this to inspire and find similar in my lands… today 14 years later I notice that the plan worked out. We’ve already taken events and ours into the City Hall of the largest city in South America claiming their rights as citizens and many other fantastic things..

São Paulo skyline
Img. source: Tone Deaf.com.au


RVL: …and in the long term, what are your ultimate goals for your house/organisation?

Lord A: There is still a lot to be done and I think expanding without losing the quality or identity of what we already have is our best strategy. We still do not have German festivals here like M’Era Luna or Wave Gotik Treffen that stop small towns for a few days and become a mecca of everything Vamps somehow cherish. So I think something like that still needs to be established and banked on our lands. It seems like a good dream, something inspirational and if it is done respecting the local identity – it will be fantastic!

RVL: Does your House/Organisation have an online website and, if so, where can our readers find it?

Lord A: Yes you can find us at www.redevamp.com

The Official site of Lord A. http://redevampyrica.com/lord-a-oficial/

Worksite, Parties, Transmidia e etcs…




And our webstore,


Contacts at:


Jardim botanico, São Paulo
photo credit: Eliana Souza

RVL: In the “About” statements at many Vampire homepage sites it is commonly written,

Discussion and debate are absolutely welcome. Resorting, however, to blatant racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, or any other means of tapping into major structures of oppression to attack, demean, or even “joke” won’t be tolerated in this group.”

Do you feel this something that can be entirely avoided in the modern Vampire culture, either offline or online?

Lord A: The vampire Achilles’ heel still today lies in the shallowness and thirst for popularity and immediacy expressed in the actions of many in this context – unfortunately! If we think of the beginning of the 21st century we have had several cases of plagiarism, theft of intellectual property and use of content without any foundation or possession of uniqueness by many pilantras thanks to the internet. Out of nowhere anyone became the father or the father and owner of an order or house sometimes of one or two members, only reading booklets or fallacious sites. Most of the time inventing any nonsense. I come from a country where the term “house” recalls candomblé (Afro-Brazilian cult similar to Voodoo) and to establish a “home”, first the person goes through a learning and practice of many years and constant ordeals to ensure the transmission of a Spirituality and his role as a priest. It is not something simple or available to everyone. So as a researcher I think there is a lot to be transmuted out there in the United States, whether online or offline.

You see, Americans have access to wisdom, honor, and a solid spiritual foundation offered to the Sahjaza dynasty for more than forty years, thanks to the blessed work of matriarch Goddess Rosemary. Historically and in practical life the influence and inspiration of his spiritual work touched people even in other continents. It formed the basis that allowed the self-proclaimed top leaders of today’s context Vamp in the world to tread their ways. However, for the “modern” Vamps leaders it is more convenient to sublimate, to play the gaslighting and to pass through precursors or inventors than they were not. Those who sell what they do not have, dance with dry cloths at the side of the fire, show no respect.

Whoever omits his own history, cuts heads only to appear taller is unworthy in every way.In my view that is exactly what does not help and unfortunately glorifies the infamous popularity of some names whose generated and published content is risible for lack of foundation, experience and consistency – and mock fun at more traditional orders and spiritualities for obvious reasons. Many Vamps ignore, and others mask the very history of the road that trills only to gain popularity. That sucks and should be avoided.

We have history, we have content, a spiritual basis comparable and worthy of dialogue with other pagan expressions like Traditional Witchcraft, Wicca, Druidism, Shamanism and others. But most people just want irresponsible fun and make faces that dominates something they have no idea what it is. I understand that my words are hard, but they are punctual. More Camille Paglia! Less Father Todd!

RVL: If you had one piece of advice to offer newcomers to the culture, what would it be?

Lord A: Live, Love, Learn, Study, Study, Study, Training, Training and more training… party, party and party… know and love the story of who walk this way before you. Be kind and prosperous for those living this way with you. And develop, share, cultivate, spread, transmit what is good for those who will come and connect with you. This words was confessed to me at 90´s and remains true!

Img. source: Fangxstasy

RVL: Do you have any other comments or observations that you would like to share at this time?

Lord A: Come to Brazil! Especially for Halo Antares or the city of São Paulo. We will love to be able to welcome and show the beauties and the strength of this ancient land. The vampire is timeless and transregional I think the more the class from North America and South America (as well as Europe, Oceania, Asia and Africa) get involved the more useful and practical it will be for the whole context.

RVL: We would like to thank you deeply for granting us this interview, we are very appreciative of your time and we would be honoured to keep in touch with you regarding the ongoing growth and development of your House, or Organisation.

Lord A: Thank you for the opportunity and the space. It was great to revisit and review the steps of our trajectory during the time dedicated to your interview. Many thanks to all involved. Always visit www.redevamp.com and with a bit of google translator you will be able to know a little more everything that we do here.

Differences in cultural perspectives of the modern living Vampire culture can, and will, go a long way to securing a strong future for the culture. Perhaps they can even help engender a new sense of co-operation that can only strengthen our way of life.

In developing and conducting this interview, in communicating with the people of Temple House Sahjaza I am struck by a singular hope, it is very much embodied in these words;
Live, Love, Learn, Study, Study, Study, Training, Training and more training… party, party and party… know and love the story of who walk this way before you. Be kind and prosperous for those living this way with you. And develop, share, cultivate, spread, transmit what is good for those who will come and connect with you.”

That is the philosophy that will make our culture stronger, that is the philosophy that will endow our culture with dignity once again.

Copyright: RVL, Prince-Lord A. Sahjaza & Temple House Sahjaza 2017

Additional references; [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%C3%A3o_Paulo

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