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Good evening,
I trust everyone is well? You know I have a habit of revisiting certain things that I feel are of great importance to, not only our readers but to the cyberworld in general and this evening I wanted to return and take an updated look at “information”, information and its presentation, its uses, its benefits and even some harms.

There is a vast array of information sources available to the explorer of the modern real Vampire culture online, just like in the rest of the ‘world information’ infrastructure. Sometimes it is very difficult to discern whether the source you are looking at is totally accurate, honest and approaching matters with an unbiased sense of integrity.

In many cases it may not be so difficult to tell, for example, if you want to read positive things about the current government of the United States you read certain ‘pro-government’ newspapers, if you want to review negative things then you read other news sources. It is very much the way of things these days… as the old saying goes, “Opinions are like a-holes…” etc. etc.

So, how does the reader tell that what they’re reading is kosher?

img. source:

When we prepare a publication piece at RVL we begin by researching the subject, the material, available resources and information that may be in the searchable public domain. From there we will ALWAYS attempt to make contact with the people involved in what we are intending to write on, after all, our audience wants to read about those people and their ideas rather than what we interpret their aims, goals and purposes to be. If the piece is an “Opinion Piece”, like this one, we will identify it as such, hence the “Crossroads” banner and headlines. In all cases we go to great lengths to ensure that what we are writing about is based in fact, is supported by material that can be linked to and cross-referenced or checked by the reader. We may not hit the mark 110% but we will always strive to get as close as we can and we will, with all except the “Crossroads” pieces, perhaps, seek for a mandated balance of impartiality but never doubt that sometimes even being neutral can get you in trouble though…!

Over the last couple of months we at RVL have been reviewing a selected sample of ‘Vampire’ resources, reviewing for content, reviewing for informed comment, reviewing the supporting information on which such commentary is based and looking for common denominators in these resources. Naturally, as one would suspect, we have found both ends of the spectrum. In presenting the following conclusions we are NOT denying anyone the right to say, and write, whatever they will… after all the freedom of expression is enshrined in, certainly, the constitution of the United States and, by and large, in the constitutional instruments of the majority of democratic institutions around the world.

Perhaps it is with a sense of the necessity for integrity, honesty and impartiality in reporting ‘news’ and ‘current affairs’ in the world wide real Vampire culture that we tend to measure other sources and determine our own path.

The resources that we have focused on during this period of observation are Lady CG’s ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, Jet Berelson’s ‘VampireFreaks’, Zane Robinson’s ‘Awake and Drink’, the late, great, Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius’ ‘’ and the relatively newly arrived ‘The Red Cellar’.

In each case, firstly, we must accept the fact that the owners and writers for each resource have the right to have an opinion about whatever they will, they have a right to publicise these opinions within their groups and to disperse these opinions as they see a necessity to do so, everyone has that right and that is something that must remain inviolate. The rub comes where said opinions, from anywhere, can’t be, or are not, supportable.

With this in mind let’s take a more in depth look at each;

img. source: Zane Robinson’s

Beginning with Zane Robinson’s ‘Awake and Drink’, as a part of its offerings the resource presents a series of analyses of different sites, groups and web-resources along with the author’s opinion of each resource. One of the items that stands out is the analysis and presentation relating to Temple-House Sahjaza.

Mr. Robinson opines that;
My own thoughts on this Temple are generally disfavorable. Although their online presence is fairly unexciting, they are an extremely active in-person group. There have been numerous reports of some…unruly members of this group; however how much of that is the individual, versus how much is the Temple is questionable.

It is one thing to say that there have been “numerous reports” of something, quite another to offer substantive proof to support that statement and this is where opinions can fall down.

He goes on to write;

Also of concern is the indecisive attitude in regards to whether or not/how much they want to associate themselves with the Sanguinarium and vampyre subculture. For instance, here are two statements from this page:

“We will only accept those who come with a desire to maximize their potential and who can make a significant contribution to the Family, the Sanguinarium and the Vampyre subculture.”

“The Sahjaza, as a Family, do not hold involvement in the politics of other organizations or games of individuals of the sanguinarium and vampyre subculture.”

While I understand where they are coming from with this –that they don’t want to be taken down with all the other idiots out there by those idiots’ actions– you just can’t have it both ways;…

One of the problems here is that this is “old news”, it does not reflect the modern and most current outlook and practices of the organisation. This particular timeframe was somewhere back in the early to mid- 90’s, around 24 years ago.

The other major difficulty we discovered was that none of the hotlinks to “sources” mentioned in the analysis worked so we were unable to verify any of the statements and substantiations offered. We did make attempt, on two occasions, to contact Mr. Robinson for clarification via email but we received no response.

Upon reading further, particularly with reference to the section entitled, “The ‘Guide’ to Vampyrism” ( accessed via the publicly accessible dropdown menus ) we read that the site owner is adamant on the following point,

“The one thing that I will not tolerate is misinformation. While you may or may not agree with all which is posted within this site, unless you can challenge it with an argument well-supported enough to change my mind or the minds of others viewing, then the information contained herein will not change.”

At the very least it could be concluded that the web resource ‘Awake and Drink’ is now defunct by virtue of its material being long out of date, if not somewhat self-contradictory.


img. source: Lady CG’s Smoke and Mirrors

In stark contrast to this example we have Lady CG’s ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, established in 2002 this resource has had, and still does, a long and illustrious record of support and service to the modern Vampire culture. Many of you may recall that Lady CG was a guest on A&E’s “Secret Lives of Vampires” documentary, along with Lady Michelle Belanger, in 2005.

Smoke and Mirrors offers, and always has, in depth ‘real-time’ discussion facilities, a live chat venue on-site along with extensive archives of articles, editorials and reports that go back, pretty much, to its inception and provide a huge resource for students of the modern culture.

Of the many resources offered the modern real living Vampire there are a great number of practical guides for actually living the life, not in any theoretical sense but from the solid basis of Lady CG’s personal experience. Items such as the “Vampyres for Beginners” forum, an informative, supportive and non-judgmental place for newcomers to find out much needed things, Lady CG’s own seminal work, “Practical Vampyrism”, a book that modern Vampires can use as a guide to healthy and happy Vamp life.

Make no mistake, there is always room for opinions at S&M as well but the difference between there and many other places is that the atmosphere is most decidedly non-combative and though discussions can get lively they are, by the great majority, mutually respectful and non-judgmental.

img. source: Unesco

From the very beginning of my association with Real Vampire Life E-Zine, Real Vampire News back then, our owner made it very clear that decorum, impartiality and a ‘fair hearing’ for all were the foundations for the E-Zine. Yes, we are allowed to have opinions and, as Staff we are allowed to publish said opinions BUT the condition is that we identify such as personal opinions NOT the general position or opinion of the E-Zine. That’s why I created the “Crossroads” series. As I said, “…everyone has one” and has the right to speak their opinion.

Jet Berelson – founder of VampireFreaks
img. source: Google-Plus

One of the biggest surprises that we got while researching this matter was in the well-established and widely known web resource “VampireFreaks”. Originally developed, we discovered, as a Goth/ Indie/Industrial cultural resource it has, unfortunately, become widely associated with criminal instances perpetrated by individuals who frequented the site with predatory intent. As we also discovered, over something like two months of interactions there, there are NO real Vampires, or, at least, none who wanted to ‘stand and be recognised’.

After entering an inquiry, and touching base every few days or so, these are just a sample of the replies we received;

“They sparkle”

 “Just mosquitoes. ~shrug~”

“Vampires Bite”

 “there was a Vampire Duck called Count Duckula, he was enemies with Danger Mouse”

“Vampires existed in Ancient Egypt. They drunk blood in certain rituals.”

“Do you wear a fedora”

 “The red cross is an insatiable blood sucker.”

“Don’t even get me started on the Red Cross”

“I’ve worn fedora’s for 20 years until about last year when it suddenly became a thing not because I’m anti hipster, just because I wanted it to be 1935 again” 🙁

“You miss college that much?”

“I WISH I was college age in 1935, are you kiddin’!? Fun time to be alive. As long as I still lived in the NJ/NY area and not like Wyoming”

Okay, drifting off topic there at the end…!!! Out of curiosity we attempted to contact Mr. Berelson to determine how the name came about for the site, thus far we have yet to receive a reply. is an online community for the Gothic–industrial subcultures. It was created by site owner, Mr. Jet Berelson, in 1999, beginning with a limited range of forums dedicated to Gothic–industrial music.

Stepping away from the online site VampireFreaks hosts an online store that sells Goth and alternative clothing, it also hosts a number of events, mainly in the New York City area. Information of these events can be found on the website. Two of the most popular being the ‘Cybertron’, a gothic-industrial club night in NYC, and the ‘Triton Festival’, a music festival that has attracted gothic-industrial bands from around the world.

The site has been, as I say, somewhat unfortunately, linked with a number of violent and sexual controversies however, in a reported response the site owner has said, “the website does not influence its users to commit crimes”, and goes on to note that “The goth scene is a very friendly, nurturing, non-violent community and we are very supportive of our users and do not condone any illegal activities”.

But, as I said, contrary to the name, NO Vampyres to be found, sorry.

img. source: The Red Cellar

One of the latest resources that we have watched develop is that of ‘The Red Cellar’ and the linked resource ‘Ask a Sanguivore’.

It is a growing resource and one that caters specifically to sanguine Vampyres, now there are those that have, and will, opine that such separation is not good for the overall culture… sorry, doesn’t hold water in my opinion (there you go, there’s that phrase…!) It is vitally important to any culture that the rights of its individual sectors be upheld in equality… after all,

“The United States Constitution First Amendment (1791) Free Exercise Clause guarantees a person’s right to hold whatever [religious] beliefs he or she wants, and to freely exercise that belief. The amendment guarantees an individual’s right to express and to be exposed to a wide range of opinions and views. It also guarantees an individual’s right to physically gather or associate with others in groups for economic, political or religious purposes. It was intended to ensure a free exchange of ideas…” [Ref: Monk, Linda. “Amendment I”. Annenberg Classroom. Leonore Annenberg Institute for Civics of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.]

The Facebook portals offer an up to date reporting of resources for the student of the Sanguine and the website presents articles, editorials and commentaries regarding the current Sanguine life and movement. It is true, to some extent, that the Sanguine Vampire culture has been under assault for many years, the proliferation of ‘alternative’ Vampyre practices and theories that came along over the last ten to twelve years has been nothing short of breath-taking and, while each had its own points of merit in most cases, we have to agree that nothing says “Vampire” like the consumption of blood.

Whether the proofs are coming to support beneficial and nutritional uses for the ingestion of blood or whether we look back at ages old recipes that contain blood in some form in foodstuffs, whether we allude to the old folklores of the Vampire or whether we choose to examine the accounts of the ritual and historical uses and consumption of human blood among ancient, and indigenous, races we must accept that there is a great deal of merit in the Sanguine assertions and that ‘The Red Cellar’ is at the forefront of the studies of such.

img. source: Elcom

One of the greatest difficulties that anyone faces when coming to an online culture is in deciding what is a “good” source of information, and what is a “bad” source. Unfortunately you can get drawn to a “bad” source by the trappings of glamour and glitzy approach… it’s an age old advertising ploy, “catch the eye, catch the attention”, this can, however, often hide inferior product – false advertising? Some would say “clever advertising”. A good thing to bear in mind all the time.

Whenever anyone asks me what I consider to be the best web-resource for Vampires on the net they all expect me to say, naturally, J. Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine, many of them are surprised when I don’t… my answer never varies, and hasn’t for the last decade or so…

In August of 2015 a great tragedy was visited on the modern living Vampire culture, we lost Lady Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius (a.k.a. Sangi) Her site,, had become the yardstick by which everyone else measured their site developments and has been heavily supported and frequented since its establishment in 1997.

The site is still being maintained and provides a great range of resources for the modern culture. In an easy to navigate manner, the tab drop-downs at the top of the home page make it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for and the vast amount of information, much of it going back to the nineties, is maintained and fully accessible.

From The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame (Version 2.6) to Vampire FAQ’s, from an Online Press Room to Vampire Community Graphics to the famous ‘Dictionary of Vampspeak’ and more there is a wealth of study information and interaction/reading available to anyone looking for relevant and unbiased information.

As it says, on the “About Us” page, in the ‘Statement of Purpose’;
“To establish and maintain a national/worldwide communication, information, and support network for all blood-drinkers, self-identified vampires/vampyres and otherkin/therians;”

At last visit it seems that the “Registration” for site is still disabled, however, we have contacted the administrators/managers at The VCMB (the message board) to determine whether this will be changing and when. We will make the information available when we receive a reply.

In Conclusion:

As you can see, and perhaps it’s no big surprise but the resources available on the internet for real living Vampyres, students of the modern culture or researchers looking for credible sources, vary widely in scope and quality. The first thing one needs to make sure of is, “am I reading facts or opinions?”

If you can identify them as “facts” then they should be supportable, able to be cross-referenced and verifiable. A fact is NOT a fact just because someone says it is.

If you identify it, or rather, should the author identify it as “opinion” then, ideally, it should be informed, based in some sort of original fact or verifiable possibility. After all, opinion without support can very often be mistaken for something else and ignored.

Cases both for and against need to be built, built in calm, rational and sensible ways. They need to be supported and, above all, plausible. If they’re not they simply sound stupid, no?

Don’t sound/look stupid – doesn’t help anyone, least of all you…!


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Smoke and Mirrors re-‘vamped’

S&M mirrorPresented By

Lady M

Since the inception of the OVC on the world wide web there have been a number of iconic names that have gone hand in hand with the sub-culture, from the first webpage of and the establishment of Sphynxcat’s Real Vampires Support Page in 1999; from some of the largest sub-culture groups like the Vampire-Church and Darkness of Fear to the renowned Darkness Embraced and one of the most constant, and prolific, of the organizations was Lady CG’s Smoke and Mirrors.

A vital resource in the sub-culture online since 2002 Smoke and Mirrors provided help, guidance and support for a generation of newcomers and a place for the many disenfranchised to come together in the wake of the dissolution of other, similar, resources.

After a decade the matriarch of S&M, as it became affectionately known, knew that the time had come for a personal hiatus and that has been the order of things until now.

In the last few days the Mirrors have been re-hung and the Smoke has been rising, the news is now official. Smoke and Mirrors is back, back with renewed vigor and purpose and set to resume its place as one of the premier internet resources for the modern vampire sub-culture.

We were fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity to chat with S&M owner, the highly respected and popular Lady CG.  Personally, I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Lady CG for over 10 years.  She has been a good friend, mentor and an excellent source for educational information regarding the community.  It is great to see the S&M flag flying once again. 


~ Lady CG ~

~ Lady CG ~

RVL: Good evening Lady CG, thank you for joining us today it’s a great honor for us to be able to spend a little time with you today.

Lady CG: Good Evening, it’s been a long time, it’s good to see you!

RVL: There are going to be many people who are not familiar with the history of Smoke and Mirrors, would you give us, please, a short history lesson about when and where S&M came about?

Lady CG: Smoke and Mirrors was born in 2002 on the old Ezboard network (now Yuku).  This was a time when the community was getting away from our old haunting grounds on the e-groups and moving to a format that better allowed us categorize topics and cover ground that was awkward to cover in emails.  It was a time when Vampires were just starting to become more public.  I belonged to the old Pathways to Darkness board and when it closed down it left many of us without a place to call home.  I tried a few other boards and found that this sensitive time of Vampires “breaking out” brought with it a certain paranoia and many boards had topics that were important to Sanguinarians  but totally taboo in discuss on public forums.

S&M was the brainchild of Hapsburg, my original partner in the venture and me. It was born out of a need for a place where ANYTHING could be discussed, from Awakening to dealing with blood rage; from learning to feed and respect a donor, to learning to control our feeding impulses, in a supportive setting. There was a myriad of issues that Vampires wanted to collaborate on in a more open setting.   While the board’s original focus has always been on Sanguinarians, we created places in our community for all types of Kin, in the course of doing so we became a family.

We’ve had our rough times, but the dream became reality and Smoke and Mirrors has indeed become a safe haven for those Vamps and Kin who want to find material to further their gifts and the time, space and advice to help them learn to thrive.

RVL: Smoke and Mirrors has a huge store of articles and information from historical sources to modern sub-cultural sources and has, for a time, been an “archive only” resource. What’s going to be the new direction for the ‘re-vamped’ S&M?

Lady CG: We’ve reopened the archives to posting, as we have all our forums *smiles*  We get a LOT of requests from those doing research and this way the information can continue to grow.  I don’t see us going in any new direction.  Those were forums we always allowed posting in originally, so we’re simply going back to allowing that.  We hope to see our resources grow with new articles and we certainly encourage our staff and members to contribute to our growing collection.

Copyright Smoke and Mirrors

Copyright Smoke and Mirrors

RVL: I suppose that one of the main questions that everyone will be wondering is why are you re-opening S&M after your personal hiatus? What has brought you ‘back into the fold’ so to speak, at this time?

Lady CG:  By the time I’d run S&M for a decade I was burning out.  When I became aware of how outside of myself I’d become I decided it was time to do something different for a while.  I know how to look after my Vampiric needs, and I am very comfortable with who I am.  While I loved my community and missed my friends, I didn’t need the VC to teach me how to live comfortably and happily as a Vampire, so it wasn’t that difficult to change my focus for a while and spend time doing other things I enjoyed.  I needed the break.  Anxiety was taking over my life and I was no longer of much use to the community except as a source of drama, something I despised seeing in myself. 

So I took some time to look after ME for a while.  A lot happened that has changed my life and my outlook on a lot of things.  The daughter who was kidnapped by her father many years ago, who I looked for, for years, came home.  After a bout of health issues, my medical team helped me find the right anti-anxiety meds and I spent some time looking after me and healing.

I can honestly say I’m happy now.  While I tried to give a lot to the community, I feel I now have more to give and I hope my experiences dealing with what I’ve been through can help someone else not have to go through it.

I have always taken an interest in both young vamps and those of us who are going through the changes that come with being an Ageing Vampire, and those are things that I’d like to turn my focus to, once more.  I think there is room and interest in the community to discuss and learn from each other on these topics.

So while I once thought S&M had become obsolete, recent events and the winds of change blowing through the VC, once again, have caused me to rethink my closure of Smoke and Mirrors and reopen it to those who didn’t get to experience what we offer there, the first time.

RVL: Do you see S&M as having a particular ‘mission’ or purpose to fulfill now?

Lady CG:  I believe our mission is what it has always been.  A place where ANY Vampire can find shelter and the resources to further their gifts and learn more about themselves in a safe, accepting environment.  I believe with 12 years of articles and discussions and research on the board, it is our duty to continue to find and offer support to those who seek to find themselves.  We don’t have the answers, but we have the resources to help people find their own answers.

RVL: There are a number of other forum style resources established and available around the sub-culture, will you be maintaining S&M in line with that style or are you looking to establish something ‘different and unique’ from the standing “forum” boards?

Lady CG: “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” I’m a firm believer in that.  I’m afraid S&M is remaining “Retro” *laughs*. We like what we have happening there and we’re gonna keep offering more of the same.  The community has certainly matured over the course of more than a decade.  It’s already a unique environment, *laughs*

RVL: Speaking personally, what is your impression of the modern vampire sub-culture today and how has your impression changed over, say, the last five years?

Lady CG: I think the subculture has something to offer everyone.  I think that is the beauty of the inclusivity of the greater VC.  Has it changed?  I believe the focus on the media has become a bit overwhelming, but I can feel the swing of the pendulum again and change is in the air, so we’ll have to wait and see what direction we take off in next, I believe.  My crystal ball is cloudy and the 8 ball says “try again later”

RVL: What do you see as being one the greatest needs in the sub-culture today and what role do you see the re-opened S&M as having to play in this?

Lady CG:  I honestly believe that as a maturing subculture it might be time to take our eyes off the media and what the outside world has to think of us.  I think we’ve been influenced far too much by opinions and pressures coming from outside our community and I fear we are losing sight of the original community goals of bettering ourselves both in understanding of our kind and in our individual journeys.  Vampires are incredible people (this applies to the Kin community as well) , and it is way past time we celebrated our gifts and our community.  I believe we were given our gifts to make our lives easier and to benefit ourselves and those around us.  I’d like to see more focus on building on our strengths both as a community and as who we are as individuals.

RVL: Obviously you’ve been having a long hard think about re-opening S&M, what is the personal aim for you and what expectations, if any, do you place on the re-vamped board and its staff?

Lady CG: I’ve missed seeing my Staff on S&M *smiles* Not that we lost track of each other *laughs* I play Warcraft and Final Fantasy with some of them and the rest of us keep up very well on Facebook and communicate pretty much daily.  We are a family and while we took a break from the work it took to run S&M I think we always knew that someday we’d put it back together… I just needed to recuperate from my first round *chuckles* 

My personal aim is continue doing what I’ve never stopped doing, in continuing to quietly mentor those who seek guidance, and to insure a place still exists on the net where no one has to go it alone.  On S&M there is always a light on and someone to talk to, a place to be safe when you don’t know what to do or how to handle what you’re feeling.  There are safe people to confide in and it’s a place where tough subjects can be brought in the open and discussed safely, and hopefully resolved as kindly as possible.   Why?  Because I care about Vampires and having gone through awakening alone, I would never wish it on anyone else.  So I guess I’m driven to do what I can to be there for others, in the way I wish someone had been there for me.

RVL: We presume that the S&M forums will be welcoming members both old and new; who does S&M cater for and what ‘specialist’ forums will be re-opened?

Lady CG: As of this morning I think we have almost ALL the old forums reopened.  Our staff graciously came flocking back and posting privileges have been reinstated, and the backlog of forum applications has been processed.   While we do and will always cater specially to Sanguinarians, we have forums for everyone and open discussions that include all parts of the VC and Kin communities.  We’re already back posting up a storm *laughs*

RVL: In general, what message, if any, would you like give the modern sub-culture?

Lady CG: Stop being so hard on yourselves.  It’s not a competition and there are no hard fast rules outside of the legalities we ALL have to obey.  The community needs to stop judging itself and others and work on themselves FIRST.  There is so much out there to help us be so much more than we are, both as a Culture and as individuals.  All the drama and bickering is a waste of energy so great that all the feeding in the world will never replenish it.  Stop.  Be Kind. Work on yourself before you stop to point out a flaw in someone else that they didn’t ask you to address.   We’ll do ourselves a great service if we go by the creed “Love is Louder”.

RVL: Thank you for giving of your time today, we are very happy to be able to cover this event and we would like to wish you all the very best with the return of the excellent Smoke and Mirrors.

Lady CG:  It was my pleasure, as always.  I’m hoping things around the board fire up a little slowly. *laughs* I’m out of practice, but as a friend pointed out to me, jokingly, after spending over 5 years wrapped up in MMOs and running raid groups, I should be able to wield a ban hammer LIKE A BOSS!  … It’s a joke… really… *smiles*

Stay warm

Stay Safe

Stay Together.

Lady CG.


It is with delight that we look forward to once again having Smoke and Mirrors as a strong and vital part of the modern sub-culture. The wealth of information, stretching back over twelve years, forms a splendid source of information and learning for newcomers who are just now arriving on the scene and, once again, a place for those who have in depth experience and knowledge to be able to share that with everyone.

Looking after each other, and ourselves, as vampires is one of the most important choices now facing the sub-culture and its members. Smoke and Mirrors is poised, once again, to resume its pivotal position in promoting the culture and the care of things important to us.

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