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Well, slap me sideways and call me a saloon door…!!!

What a time we’re having hereabouts… heat indexes still boiling the thermometers, pollen counts in the millions of parts per million, I think the sun is actually orbiting closer to Illinois than to Mercury at the moment…!!! Seriously, I saw a lady walking her pet Dachsund the other day and I swear the little woofer had griddle marks on him…!!!

Hey, “What’s the weather like on your planet?”


Yeah, oh, speaking of questions, has anybody been playing with those funny little, “Add an answer” things on Facebook? Really, it can be quite amusing… just take a serious question and think up a completely smartarse answer…

Example, I came across the question the other night, “How do like your spaghetti?”… oh, what an opening…


Img. source: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
Produzioni Europee Associate (PEA) (Produzioni Europee Associati – Rome)
Arturo González Producciones Cinematográficas (co-production) and
Constantin Film 1967

Okayyyyyyy… let’s see what my beautiful assistant has for me this time around… some news, some news, some things, some… *shuffle, shuffle, shuff…*

Ah Hah


Img. source: Court of Lazarus

The 198th Court of Lazarus; A Metropolitan Vampire Society

Sunday, July 15 at 9 PM – to Jul 16 at 12 AM EDT


The Court of Lazarus

94 W Houston St, New York, New York 10012

With ShaIn Ilisha, Monica Ann Pedone, Angelica Valkyrie, Patrick DeLaney, Valerie Ferrante, Naamah Aeternus, Elena Innocence, Melissa Rensky, Victor A. Noirlocke and Valerus Lideim.

~ And ~

Img. source: Iron Garden

“Calling All Nightkind – Therians, Lycans, Canis Lupus, Otherkin, Witches, Pagans, Vampires and All Beautiful Children of the Night”

Join us Friday, July 27th – 9PM Sharp!

Events include;

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Lupa Gunnr MacPhee Lykaios – Founder of Tribe Lykaios presenting on: Wolves Among us

CONCLAVE: The Berserker Mindset w/Citizen Wolfgang Krystman aka Herr Wulfsunus Elder of House of the Dreaming

ART EXHIBITION by: Don Lee Ferguson

CEREMONY: Full Moon Transformation Blessing by Jennifer Bobbe

PLUS – Goth Lounge in the Crypt by QXT’s DJ Pete DeFillipo

and much more… don’t miss out…

Img source: Facebook someplace

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha… I am so gonna use that next time…

Know what? I’ve been thinking, just recently, about “constancy” “- the quality of staying the same, not getting less or more”[1] and “inconstancy” “- not staying the same, especially in emotion, behaviour, or choice of sexual partner”[2]

Yeah, yeah, okay…enough with the sex jokes already… seriously now…

Having spent almost 18 years online, in this wonderful little alternative reality we have called the VC, I have seen an amazing amount of changes… not so much wholesale, widespread, cultural changes but smaller, somewhat radical and fleeting changes. One of the most prevalent types of change that I recall is level of inconstancy of a good many folk. It seems that from initial identification as one form of “kin”, for wont of a better term, there is a decided shift that comes along at not too infrequent intervals where people will re-imagine, reinvent or re-define themselves and I have to ask myself why.

Is it because they have an epiphany? A blinding revelation accompanied by the choral strains of an assemblage of winged daemons telling them that they’re not what they thought they were?

Is it because, eventually, people get bored with their “persona”, get bored with waning visibility, get bored with having to think themselves restricted in topics of discussion (if they care about that sort of thing of course) Is it a need to become “visible” again, to become “noticed”, to become part of the “in crowd” again?

Is that why we seem to be constantly discovering new types of Vampires in our midst? Is it simple inconstancy that afflicts?

Yeah, food for thought I thought…

Img. source: Sacramento Magazine


From Lady Shannon McCabe all the way out on the western side of the continent

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – The VAMPS will be back for our 10 year Anniversary! #VAMPS #ShannonMcCabesVampireBall #Halloween #Sacramento

Check in at Vampire and keep up with the latest news for this years ball in Sacramento


As the lady relates; “I am feeling rather nostalgic today as I think back on the last 10 years… Enjoy some of our beautiful VAMPS from years past… If you haven’t liked the Vampire Ball yet, you should, we have some really exciting things coming up… Peace, love and vampires.
Shannon” (Tickets on sale now for 10/27)

#Sacramento #VAMPS #Halloween #VampireBall

No doubt about it, they have big balls in Sacramento

Okay, digging down into the “medicine bag” again…. annnnnnd….

Ahhh, yes, Lady Raven’s recent message…

Img. source: Vampires Masquerade Ball PDX

A location change for the ball is in the offing for this year. For details on the event and the changes check in at;

Vampire’s Masquerade Ball PDX


I think that’ll be enough out of me for now, don’t you? (Rhetorical question… not necessary to answer…!!! – *Laughs*) Yeah, cuz we have to laugh don’t we? What’s the alternative, sit in a corner and cry while we bang our heads against the wall? Nahhhhh…

Good night “Night People”….

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California Dreamin’

Img. source:

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Well, good evening,
I hope everyone is well out there?

Y’know, getting this one together I kept getting the feeling that I should head it up with something like a big fanfare and sweeping searchlights, or a big ol’ lion roaring or something… It was a lot of fun, a splendid adventure with a real nice person… always heightens the enjoyment when you work with someone of such a calibre and who is so approachable with it.

The West Coast of the United States has never been far from the consciousness of Vampire aficionados. 1987 and we found The Lost Boys in Santa Carla, 1992 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Kristy Swanson) The Movie came out of L.A., followed by the immensely popular series, starring Sarah Michelle Geller in the lead role, which took us to good old Sunnydale, 1996’s From Dusk Till Dawn took us on a road trip further South, to Mexico, and in 1998 John Carpenter had the undead holed up in New Mexico… and so on and so forth but… where are all the real vampires in Cali?

To help us answer this question, and more we hope, we are whizzing off to the Wild West in our first, to my knowledge, West Coast One-on-One with a lady who really needs little to no introduction.

In the arena of Vampire themed events on the West Coast she is probably the highest profile organiser there, aside from this she is owner of SnMproductionsCo and an actor in her own right.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, putting that unmistakable West Coast G in glam, putting the P in passion and the C in compassion it is with the greatest of pleasure that we are able to bring you an RVL One-on-One Interview with Lady Shannon McCabe.

Img. courtesy of: Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball 2017

RVL: Good evening Lady Shannon and thank you very much for sparing a little of your valuable time to be with us, and our readers, this evening.

SM: Most folks call me Mistress Shannon McCabe *wink* – Thank you kindly, for wanting to speak with me.  It is truly my pleasure to speak with you all… You’re a very well- respected information source in our little community… The Vampire community.

RVL: *chuckle* Naturally, Mistress, I suppose, for the uninitiated, I wrote the foreword with my mind firmly latched onto some of my favourite Vampire movies… tell me, do you have a favourite Vampire movie?

SM: Indeed, I do.  I have several but I will tell you my ultimate favorite would have to be “Nosferatu”.  I am enamoured with it.  It’s so simple yet incredibly complex, and who doesn’t love a great Dracula story?

Img. source: Kate Bush Encyclopedia

I would be remiss if I did not mention some really great TV shows as well…

I really loved American Horror Story, Hotel.  I thought Lady Gaga was an incredible vampire, and so sinfully sexy.  That season, really had an incredible feel to it.   Hollywood glamour is just so enticing, I loved it.   I was also a huge fan of HBO’s True Blood, as well.   I loved it so much, that I have hosted two “Truly Bloody” vampire balls in honor of the show. I was fortunate enough to meet the goddess, Charlaine Harris, who wrote the “Sookie Stackhouse Novels,” and she told me that I was what she imagined Sookie to look like when she wrote it.  That was a lovely little ego boost that I will never, ever forget. 

Dani Fontana,
“The Lost Boys”

RVL: …and just as obviously, we would assume, given the size of the Real Modern Vampire population on the East Coast there are probably a fair number of the culture there as well, no?

SM: Indeed, we have our city- dwelling vampires here in Sacramento, yes, but you will find most of our West Coast vampires in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  I reside here in Sacramento, because I find a slower lifestyle suits my needs…  I have lived in both LA and San Francisco and love both cities in their own right, but my town has a big enough love for vampires and that is what keeps me here. 

I do spend a lot of time in my sister city, “the Crescent City”, New Orleans. Louisiana.   This is where you are going to find most of your vampires…  This is what I love so much about the French Quarter, vampires move freely throughout the crowds.  If you’ve been to New Orleans, you have no doubt, encountered the undead.

Img. courtesy Shannon McCabe

RVL: How “involved” are you with the modern living Vampire culture there?

SM: I enjoy reading the stories, but I really enjoy making a safe space where vampires and revelers alike, can celebrate our favorite holiday, Halloween.

RVL: I’m going to have to put you on the spot now, many of our readers will be dying to know, do you identify as a modern living Vampire yourself?

SM: Many people, that have never met me, in person, have asked me this very question.  My reply to them, and you, is if you meet me in person, you will find out for sure.  I guarantee it…!

Img. source: Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball 2017 Logo on Facebook

RVL: Can we ask, how long have you been “involved” with the modern Vampire culture and what are your earliest memories of it?

SM: I began reading stories from as early as childhood.  I loved Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  I loved anything spooky. I was never a princess, or Cinderella type of child.  I was a Disney’s Haunted Mansion and spooky swamp type of kid.   When I became a young adult, I owned and operated a large paranormal group. H.P.I. Paranormal with my friend, Paul Dale Roberts.  This was some of my first interaction with people who identify as vampires.  It was fascinating meeting these vampires. They always had interesting stories to tell. Now, as a full fledged adult, I encounter these folks nearly every time I am in New Orleans…

RVL: If we can turn our attention to your Vampire Ball productions now, it is something that you have been doing for a while now, yes?

SM: Indeed, yes. We are going on our 9th year. 10/28/2017.

RVL: …and just how difficult is it to put something like, for example, a Vampire Ball together?

SM: It is not difficult for me, I love what I do.  I find it exciting, rewarding and I can’t imagine not doing it.  It seems that folks enjoy coming, so that keeps me going.  We have sold out most every year, so we really have so much to live up to, and I hope that we can pull it off for season 9!  This season our theme is “The Original Vampire Diaries” and the event will be like “Halloween in the French Quarter”  where you will find, the Crescent Wolves, The French Quarter Witches, Damon, Elena, Caroline, Stefan, Elijah, Klaus, Rebecca, Davina and more… waiting for you around every turn of our haunted automobile museum.

Imgs. courtesy of Shannon McCabe


RVL: Do you have a staff that works for you on the Vampire Ball events or do you have to do everything yourself?

SM: You could truly stick a nail in my coffin if I had to do it all myself.  Yes, we have a long list of volunteers who help at many of my events, and many performers and DJ’s that also work the events.  Not to mention our operations crew, door staff, bartending crew, cast of our actors (mentioned above) fire dancers, pirates, voodoo crew and more… We would have a full house just with participants!  I am so grateful for my cast, they are amazing. I could never do this without them.

Imgs. courtesy of Shannon McCabe


RVL: What other sort of events do you organise and/or host?

SM: I run a non profit with Leslie Breitsprecher, called KOV Children’s Charities and we do events all year long.  We raise money for UC Davis Children’s Hospital and Shriner’s of Northern California.  This year, we’ve been raising money for iPads for the kids.  In fact, we get to bring three of them over this week!    As far as events go,  Mardi Gras is a blast, we have a sold out party that we do in historical Old Sacramento.  It’s so much fun to decorate for Mardi Gras, so much fun that we just added on an event in September at the Woodland, California fairgrounds called the “Crawfish and Catfish” festival where we turn the fairgrounds into a full on Mardi Gras party. We actually grow Louisiana Red Crawfish in the rice paddies of Yolo County here in Northern California. These crawfish were trucked in from New Orleans in the 1980’s and the DNA of the Louisiana Red Crawfish still exists here in good old Northern California. The gal that runs it is full NOLA. Her name is “Louisiana Sue” and working with her, you lean a lot about the culture. Our next party, after the Vampire Ball is New Year’s Eve.  We’ve never thrown a New Year’s party, but why not start now?  The folks of Northern California are starving for good entertainment and so we do our best to bring them something that we, ourselves, would like to go to!

RVL: How long have you been involved in promotional work of this nature?

SM: Nearly my entire existence.. It’s what I love and what I know.

RVL: … and besides your promotional work, your ‘profile’ mentioned actor… and now we know you are involved in charity work over there, would you like to let us in, a little more, on that side of things?

SM:  Since we talked about KOV Children’s Charities a little I’ll let you in on a funny secret.  KOV stands for Krewe of Vampires.   I was advised,  early on, that many companies or contributors might find that writing a check to a vampire might be offensive.  Henceforth, we decided to not alarm our contributors and call it KOVShh…

Img. courtesy Shannon McCabe

As far as acting goes, I’ve been doing this a very long time as well.  I’ve been on many paranormal tv programs, a few indie movies, most recently a show by the Wachkowski’s (The Matrix Series) called ‘Sense 8‘, and a few of the “murder porn” tv shows as well.  I enjoy acting in my down time, it’s fun to play make believe.

RVL: So, the biggest West Coast Halloween event we have heard about is your Vampire Ball 2017, just how big, how spectacular and how extravagant… or decadent… is it going to be?

SM: Well, thank you very much for that.  We get roughly 1000 vampires and revelers at the haunted California Automobile Museum every October.  We have  our cast of actors acting out scenes from the shows “The Originals” and the “Vampire Diaries, the “French Quarter Witches” the “Crescent Wolves”,  Voodoo Priestesses giving readings and doing rituals,  Psychic readings in the Witch area, fire performers and fire toys in our outdoor courtyard, burlesque, Voodoo VIP Lounge, Absinthe bar with our beautiful absinthe fairy, Dorian.  We have so much going on that one cannot see everything.  There is something for everyone, weather you like to dance, shop, wander, eat, drink or just play.  We have it all. Vampire Vineyards is one of our sponsors this year, so you will be able to try the Vampyre Vodka, the entire line of Vampire Wines and their brand new offering, Vampire Bloody Mary in a Can. You don’t even have to shake this one… It stays mixed!  It’s sensational.

For those of more Southern persuasion, we’ve got Twisted Tea, which would be lovely on your porch during a balmy southern evening… or perhaps around a bunch of vampires…

This year should prove to be quite decadent we hope to see lots of ball gowns, tuxedos,  masquerade masks, and of course, fangs.    V V

Imgs. courtesy of Shannon McCabe

RVL: …and where can people find the tickets for the event?

SM: is our official website for Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball and our ticketing site is: Eventbrite – Shannon McCabe’s 9th Annual Vampire Ball $30 Online. We only have 50 tickets that we sell at our door so we urge people to buy ahead.

People and vampires alike, can also get  $25 discount tickets at all Greater Sacramento Spirit Halloween Stores. We partner with Spirit Halloween and collectively sell “Purple Pumpkins” for charity each year resulting in $48K raised for Shriner’s and $50K raised for UC Davis Children’s Hospitals.  Please purchase a purple pumpkin when you go into Spirit Halloween, It means so much!

Vampire Ball guests rock..!
Img. courtesy Shannon McCabe

RVL: Might we touch on your thoughts on the modern Vampire culture now, are you active in the general online or offline presence much?

SM:  I really do not spend a lot of time online researching the culture. Lucky for me, it comes to me willingly. I am a proponent of the Law of Attraction, and that which you put out there, you receive back. I enjoy my friends in the vampire culture, they are one of a kind beings.

RVL: …and do the general comings and goings of the wider culture get a lot of attention on the West Coast or is it something that is relatively rare there?

SM: In Sacramento in October, everyone is talking vampires.  Many of them come out for Mardi Gras as well..  but other than that, I don’t hear of very much.

RVL: What, if anything, do you find to be your major interest in the modern real Vampire culture?

SM: I just enjoy the dark and everything that comes along with it.  I feel very fortunate, that I get to make a living out of what excites our senses and raises the hairs on the back of our necks.

RVL: …and what is your personal feeling about the direction/s that the modern culture seems to be moving in?

SM: I am quite pleased.  If someone wants to live their life as a good person (or vampire) then they should be able to do as they wish.  I hope people can put aside their political differences and come together as a community of positive and loving beings.  It’s what we need.

“The League” courtesy Shannon McCabe

RVL: Okay *laughs* enough with the interrogation thing, here I’ll take the bright light away… let’s skip back to your business and promotional work… what’s coming up for the latter part of the year for you again?

SM: Next up after Vampire Ball is, New Years. We are excited for this new challenge and hoping that we can please our revelers with what’s in store.  I apologize, for being vague, but that is what vampires do sometimes.  I think, I will  also go have a trip to New Orleans in between Halloween and New Years.  One of my best friends, Dee, is moving into the “Uptown” Garden District in November,  so I think I’ll go help her set up her new pad.   She’s a few blocks from Sandra Bullock and a few blocks from Layfayette Cemetery. It’s going to be a lot like the American Horror Story “Coven” house, with portraits of past and present witches and vampires that we know and share a sisterhood with.   I can’t wait…

RVL: …and, because we’ve got you here, what’s the plans for Christmas? Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

SM: I love Christmas, I love to decorate.  My style is black and white Gothic with lots of crystal. In fact, I begin decorating in Early October, and transition in to Christmas in November.  It’s actually a family tradition.  My aunts are exactly the same, we have unofficial decorating contests but Annie always wins… As far as shopping goes, I despise it.  I am no shopper, but I do love Amazon!

RVL: If we were to ask you to offer one piece of amazing wisdom and advice to our readers, what would it be?

SM: Love yourself, others and animals. Don’t get angry or text in traffic, it’s not worth it. Respect your elders, they know more than you do. Be grateful. Always try to live a positive, loving and charitable life because what you give out, you get back times three and you’re going to want that to be something good. A wise witch once taught me that.

Img. courtesy Shannon McCabe

RVL: In closing, is there anything that you would like to add to this wonderful little chat?

SM:  I thought your questions were very interesting, thank you, and thank you very much for looking me up.  If any of you wonderful vampires at RVL would like to come to my vampire ball on 10/28/17 in Sacramento I would love to have you as my personal guests.  Sincere thanks.

RVL: Lady Shannon McCabe, thank you so much for your time and presence. We are very proud to be able to bring this to our readers. We wish you the very best in all your business and personal events, we especially wish for outstanding success for you at the upcoming Vampire Ball 2017.

SM: Thank you from the bottom of my cold black heart.

Img. courtesy of Shannon McCabe

Was that a deliciously evil little giggle I heard at the last there readers???

You know, if Vampires these days were to sparkle I think that Lady Shannon would be among the brightest, no? The amount of energy, the positive and pure “vibe” that comes from the lady is amazing, it seems to leap out of her words even.

I would suggest that Lady Shannon McCabe is a wonderful ambassador for the modern Vampire culture… after all what better ambassador for Vampires than a… hmmmm, can’t really say that because I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the lady, yet. *smiles*

Let’s just say, “I’ll get back to you on that…” and leave it there shall we?


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‘Tis the season to be spooky…

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall
img. source:

Presented by


Okay all you gorgeous creatures that go bump in the night, ‘tis the season to be spooky and show them that “something wicked this way comes”… that’s right it’s Halloween season, that one night of the year when the veil thins and we cavort in the company of ghouls, ghosties, witches and, of course, our favourites, VAMPYRES…!!!

We’ve got some seasonal information mixed with a little entertainment for you, grab a coffee, tea, soda, absinthe or whatever and kick back for a few.

Firstly, what’s hot around here;

Starting in the home town, the Windy City is going to be seeing,

Yup, that’s right folks, we’ve got big balls too…!!!

Bouncing east from here, more or less, we find that the Iron Garden has a splendid event planned, you can find all the details at the Facebook event page;

Iron Garden Celebration of Mexican Traditions & Day of the Dead!

The highlight will be a costume contest that we have joined the sponsors for, we’re looking forward eagerly to the pics…!!!
Off to our dearly beloved New Orleans now and the big news is, of course,

The Bloodlust Vampire Ball – The Old World

The Blood Lust Ball 2017

Now, if you’re planning to get down that way perhaps you might need a little something to really carry the night, how about making a date with the extraordinary Dnash

…but I wouldn’t dally, I’m pretty darn sure that the bookings will be filling fast for one of the best.


Now, any party requires three things, food, drink and dancing…. Hmm dancing, *snaps fingers* I know, let’s go get our dear friend Psivamp… an eclectic mix of Techno/Electronica and Trance to put you right in that zone. The artiste kindly received a little something I put together to go with a track from his 2004 album “Doppelganger”, even had some kind words for about the presentation and thus, my Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen I give you my interpretation of, “The Shield”…

Off to the haunts of lost boys, and ghouls, the Wyld West now and we hear that Lady Shannon McCabe is throwing quite a bash out that way…Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball

Speaking of which, in 1987 Warner Bros. brought out a wonderfully youthful tale of dastardly deeds in a west coast town and to go with it a wonderful soundtrack, this song, originally penned in 1967 by Morrison and Krieger, was an integral part of that soundtrack and here it is given a wonderfully wistful and melancholic makeover by an outfit named “Johnny Hollow


We’ve also patched in, and touched base, with some of our International friends to find out what’s happening in some faraway locations…

Courtesy of the London Vampire Magazine and the self-described “Dastardly DandyDarren Demondaz, what’s goin’ down in ol’ London Town…

“An Alternative Halloween in London

It’s the Night when the Pagans herald in the New Year and the boundary between this world and the next comes down. The Souls of the Departed are allowed back, for one night only, and they will wish to visit their old homes and hearths and will expect to be remembered and will wreak havoc if they are not. This is most likely the origin of the practice of ‘Trick or Treat’ or ‘Begging’ as most people now call it now. Halloween is mid-week too this year which means there will be two weekends or more of fabulous, fetishy, macabre and bizarre amusement to be had in London for those that wish to embrace the coming of the darker seasons and in the following weeks the skies will be lit with fireworks.

Obviously all London clubs will wish to host something if the extended dates fit with their event or nightclub. There will be more Halloween themed events than you can brandish a bloodied machete at and Goths everywhere will be quite forlorn for the period as they won’t stand out anymore! I will, most certainly, be slapping the ‘Halloween Special’ tagline on my own Retro Club-night Yesterday’s Shadow and that’s on the 21st October but it’s a Goth Club anyway so most wouldn’t note any great difference there.

Here are a few noteworthy events in London that you might be interested in if you are looking for something other than a goryfied fancy-dress party.

If you wish to learn something new about Gothic and Macabre London you would do well to look at the epic series of events from ‘A Curious Invitation – The London Month of the Dead’. They will be hosting various events over the period ranging from talks about the Necropolis Railway and the Crypts and Catacombs of the City. There are even workshops to learn Mouse or Insect Taxidermy and many of these events, night-time tours, talks and tales are actually hosted within the prime locations of London’s Magnificent Seven Cemeteries. They are also hosting a Halloween Ball ‘A Theatre of Blood’ on the 27th October at London’s ‘Coronet’. Look for the full listing for all of the events here

Without a doubt one of the largest Halloween events will be ‘The Festival of the Dead’ on the 21st October at London’s Troxy. FotD are a huge international affair and are setting up events all over the UK and Europe with circus, theatre and carnival themes to be seen on a very big scale.

Also on the 21st October will be ‘Deep Trash in the Underworld’ at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. A devilishly deviant occult-themed night of visuals, installations, live art and gothic-techno tunes from DJs Patricia MacCormack and Kasey Riot (aka Cellardoor). For this Night Witchcraft, Voodoo, Teratology and magic are featured heavily with work submitted and performed by over 40 artists.

Perhaps you might like to find out more about Haunted London and there are, if you believe, one hell of a lot of Ghosts in London who presumably prefer London to Hell! ‘London’s Ghouls & Ghosts (aka Spooky London) have a guided tour and talk just outside central ‘Feltham Halloween Guided Ghost Walk’ on the 22nd October – look them up if you want to know more about the Ghosts of London as they host regular events.


For a Night of Medieval Enchantments do consider ‘The Serpent’s Lair’ on 29th October hosted by Serpentyne (mediaeval/symphonic/metal band) at Nambucca, with suitable support acts and DJs for this most Ye Olde styled magical and musical night.

London’s Largest Alternative Fetish Club – Antichrist – will be having their Halloween Extravaganza on the 3rd of November with a Mad Max Themed Night of Mayhem at their new labyrinthine venue ‘Fire’ in Vauxhall.

Farrukh Hyder (a noteworthy photographer of London’s Alternative Scene who submitted the photos to accompany this article) and Daniela Fanetti will also present a Free Night of photography, fashion and cabaret at the Resistance Gallery on 9th November featuring works with fetish, erotic and punk themes.

After that Halloween is officially over and you may respectfully commence with Christmas shopping.”

Thanks to Darren, yeah, uhhh Christmas, right…!!!

Okay, keeping up with the old “frequent flyer” thing again we zoomed off to Italy to pay our good friends at Lega Italiana Real Vampires a quick visit and find out what’s cooking in their neck of the woods for Halloween, courtesy of the delightful Vice-President Of LIRV, Lady Maria, we learn that…
RVL: We understand that LIRV is planning a major Halloween event this year, what sort of party will it be?

MA: Lirv will make a great Halloween party with other new friends. In Genoa this year this city will always be full of games and fun and our long black veil ball !!! then we will send you the photos of the event!

RVL: Is it an “invitation only” event or are tickets to be available to the public? And, do you expect a major turn out for the event?

MA: Only with invite, we are more people…

RVL: Is Halloween a major focus of the year in Italy in general?

MA: In the last few years halloween is a very well-liked party here in Italy as well. Especially for fun and different parties every year. We always have a lot of fun!

RVL: So, without giving anything away what can the people who attend expect from your Halloween event?

MA: our Long Black veil ball our dance in themed costumes, with always different shows and games that capture participants from the beginning to the end!

RVL: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers at this time about either the television project or your Halloween event?

MA: There will be pleasant scary and unforgettable surprises !!!

On the way back we swung by Sao Paulo, Brazilas you do… and courtesy of noted local identity and author, Prince-Lord Axikerzus, we’ve got a line on the hottest parties in town for the Halloween in a place noted for its parties…

Prince-Lord Axikerzus gave us a little low-down on the business there, apart from being the speaker for October’s Wiccan and Pagan events, World Dragon Day and  World Pagan Pride Day he is also the speaker for two big festivals there, the Festival of Halloween Bosque dos Gnomos and the Festival de Halloween Casa de Bruxa.

I commented to Prince-Lord A,
“I see, wow, are you going to be busy…! *Laugh* When do the Festival of Halloween happen, October 31st?”

Lord A told me, “No no… All events running this weekend and on the next weeks”

So, starting the weekend of October 7 it seems there’s going to be back-to-back parties around there for the rest of the month… how’s that grab the “party animal” in you?

Sao Paulo at night
by Julio Boaro

Now, I have to admit something here, a serious confession… I have a particular Halloween favourite, bit of a predilection actually, something sublime that just takes your breath away and leave it to a Texas band to put it into words right? What would Halloween be without a little…


Going to leave you with a bit of tribute here… TO US…!

Bela Lugosi in ‘Dracula’ (1931)

A little thing I put together celebrating the cinematic culture and, strangely enough, demonstrating that Hollywood has had a long, deep and meaningful affair with us, so much so in fact that they have repeatedly demonstrated a predisposition to having mesmeric, definitely Sanguinarian, Hybrid Vamps around… curious eh?


So, hey, there’s a bit of news for all the ‘Weeners’ out there, and rest assured we’ll keep updating the information at our Facebook page right up until the last moment. If you have a Halloween event going on that you would like people to know about please feel free to send us the information in a message to our John Reason’s Real Vampire Life Facebook page.

Heading toward the evening in question, this is well worth a catch-up…

Quest Documentaries – History Of Real Life Witches Documentary

We wish you a very happy creepy night and whatever you’re going to get up to, or down to, be safe, consume responsibly and we’ll catch you, all safe and sound, on the other side, yes?

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