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Good morning,

Going into 2019 J. Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine (Incorporating the Reason Learning Foundation) will be celebrating nine years of serving the modern living Vampire/Vampyre culture and interaction with affiliated cultural bodies.

Maybe we haven’t been around as long as some, we’ve been around longer than others, and our goal is to present news, information, infotainment and educational resources from all over the modern culture. Perhaps we’re not the biggest but our Stats and Circulation figures, we think, speak for themselves.

If you follow our little E-Zine you will be aware that we have built solid working relationships, built on mutual respect, with Vampire communities in England, Italy and Germany… we have built a history of supporting and promoting national events in the United States with distinguished people and entities from the West Coast, to NOLA to the Gotham Halo. We have built these relationships so that everyone who comes to RVL, be you Vampyre or no, can feel connected to the “global Vampire nation”.

You can always subscribe to RVL, via email, by visiting our Home Page and clicking on the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” link. You can also keep in touch via Twitter at @RealVampireNews

As you may know our particular forte, if you will, is in the invitational Editorial Interviews that we are fortunate to be able to bring you. We have forged some wonderful and enduring contacts and friendships through this process, friendships that, really, are the food and fuel that enables us to keep going and keep doing what we love.

You may also have realised that the staff at RVL are actually real people, people with opinions, with feelings and with perceptions of their own. I will admit that I have taken to exercising my right to have an opinion at times, times when I mix a kind of magickal madness with some rather scathing commentary… this is something that is quite aside from RVL in so far as these “editorials” are quite personal and are of my own making and responsibility… there have been questions as to whether this is in fact proper for RVL to be hosting this material given the strictures contained in our Contributors and Submissions Guidelines, is it proper for me to have an opinion? Do I have the right, like everyone else, to state my opinion? To each question I submit the answer must be yes but at the same time there are two different hats on my rack in the office here, there’s the “Tim” hat and there’s the “Ed. in Chief” hat… all I can say is that I will always make it abundantly clear which hat I am wearing – fair enough?

Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that the “Weekly Biatch” feature was inspired by my dear friend Lady Sylvere Ap Leanan of the VVC and her famous “Grumpy Vamps Guide to the GVC on WordPress? Thanks dear lady… 🙂

Img. source: Chevalier College

If you would like to have your events, promotions, charity efforts or any other group news featured at RVL please do not hesitate in contacting us…

If you have ideas for Editorial topics you would like to see researched, written and presented at RVL about positive, helpful and info-educational matters for the living Vampire culture please do not hesitate in contacting us… (we love good ideas…!)

If you have written something that you think would be useful, supportive and helpful for other Vamps to read please feel free to make the submission to RVL…
Our submission Guidelines are quite liberal and friendly, you can find them HERE, and we also offer a full range of pre-publication services including editorial corrections and support services – we want your idea to shine…!

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Asking one of our friendly staff (they don’t bite…well… much…) to get a message, with return contact details to “Da Boss(again, ‘smee folks)


In short, if I may, “Everybody has a story to tell.” Why not let us help you to tell it to as many people as possible?

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J says…

Owner ~ RVL

Good morning,
From somewhere in between his job, his studies, his hobby – components and design machining – and all the other general stuff that goes on we were very happy to hear that the boss was still alive… LOL

J does, naturally, keep an eye on us as we work away at RVL and he wanted to leave a message, not only for his staff here but for all our readers in general.

I guess you might say that someone is watching over us, yeah?

from:     J. Reason <*****************>

to:          Tim <**********>

date:     Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 5:42 AM

subject:                Re: J, J, J, J, J… Tim calling…



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Dear RVL readers, everywhere,

When I began this site, I wanted to help people with different ideas and experiences from around the world come together and share in their common bond. It has been so amazing to see so many wonderful people from all walks of life find an opportunity to grow and learn together.

While I still own the site, I have, thankfully the most amazing people, Tim, Lady M, Gordon of CLAVIS and Lady Ronin Costa in Italy that have taken up the mantle – and taken my dream to a whole new level. I couldn’t be more pleased. I always look forward to reading new articles, and seeing what people, and vampires, from across the globe are doing. You are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known.


 Thank you all for helping to make Real Vampire Life welcoming, informative, and compassionate for everyone. I’ve never found a more accepting and considerate group in my life, and that is exactly the perception that I would like people to have of the vampire community.

Please remember to always be safe in your endeavors, always take care of yourself – emotionally and physically, always help the little vamplings, and never, ever feel alone.

Thank you for making my RVL dream a reality,


J. Reason

As J always says to us,
“Peace and Love, peace and love…”

Oh, yeah…and…
“Now, get back to work…”