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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

It is always a good idea, whenever you set out to provide information, commentary or “news” to any audience that you have a good, strong staff line-up, and consultancy access, to ensure that you are providing a well rounded and vibrant delivery. At RVL E-Zine we pride ourselves in following the mandate of our owner that we remain “neutral” in all corners and present, without..shall we say… “fear nor favour”, information that is relevant and up to date as well as providing a good cross-section of opinion and “point-of-view” perception that enables our readership to remain “in-touch” and fully informed of all sides of an issue.

In tis spirit we are proud to announce that we have forged two new affiliations for 2018.

Beginning today Dave Wolff of Autoeroticasphyxium Zine and RVL will enter into a free-share agreement of links, information, leads and general shenanigans…

We are excited to include Dave as a friend of RVL, and a personal friend of mine, since we worked together on the recent cross-zine interviews between RVL and AEA.

AEA will have a dedicated page at the header of our homepage which will give our readers access to links for the content at AEA. Please look the page up at AEA Fanzine, on this site.

When all is said and done our humble little Vampire E-Zine is still just as much “underground” as we vampires ever were really and so it makes sense to join forces with the best underground ‘zine in the business.


Another affiliation that we would like to announce today is with a very special person whom we have interviewed very recently,

Lady Suzanne Carré

Lady Suzanne Carré has agreed to join RVL in the capacity of a consultant editor and we are very excited to be able to announce this. The collaboration with Lady Suzanne will lend us the ability to expand our repertoire into areas of the academic pursuits.

As you may well have read in our recent interview with her, Lady Suzanne is, in her professional life, a mathematician and theoretical physicist.  She is also a researcher who works with other leading academics and well respected members of the Vampire culture. As she revealed in the recent interview, 

Suzanne Carré is my pen-name in honour of my French grandmother. I entered the online vampire community as a writer so over the years it has been convenient to remain under my writer name when dealing with vampire subjects because it helps to keep my worlds separate. This is similar to what vampires call separating their nightside and dayside: Suzanne is my nightside. I like to think of it as wearing different hats and this works well for me now that I’m also publishing academic articles on real vampires, the last in Journal of Positive Sexuality 

There’s great deal of work yet to do in the study of vampires, and I’m still learning about what real vampires are. It means I’m still asking questions and still researching real vampires. I think there is much to investigate to be done on the science of vampires.”

We are honoured to have Lady Suzanne on board indeed.

There are, as always, other changes in the wind, more to come and even better service for our global readership. Again, we would like to thank each and every one of our readership for following and spending a little time with J.Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine.


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