…and lo th’ night be almost ‘pon us

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First things first boize and ghouls…

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There, now we’re all ready… *smirk*

Been thinking about things Halloweenish lately… (No fucking kidding… DUH…!!!)
This is the first thing I thought about…


You talk, you dance, you laugh and drink,
While in the shadows, dark things slink.
In those closets where monsters were,
The corners of your minds now aver.

The glitter and sound that swirls around,
With dark senses, makes hearts pound.
The taste and sense of bodies drawn close,
That heady drug, a massive attack dose.

While shimm’ring beyond pools of light,
Ever ready to dart in, draw blood in a bite.
The wide eyed expectants hope to find,
Salvation from boredom within dark kind.

Beware, beware that gentle dark night,
When All Hallows stretches senses tight.
We are waiting, circling, with delight,
Now you dance in our hell, with one bite…!

copyright T. 2018

That’s a little something for all the “wannabe’s” that’ll be out and about this weekend in their funny clothes and heavy make-up… have a wonderful time won’t you…

Oooooh, wasn’t that bitchy? Care factor – fucking zero, i’m in a bitchy mood today so deal with it…!

…annnnnnd I feel like making sum NOIIIIIIIZE…!!!

For ANYONE that’s EVER been, or felt, DIFFERENT…!!!

You know, there comes time when some things are just more trouble than they’re worth yeah? Ever come across one of those things? Jobs, Cars, Getting out of bed, Facebook… etc.

So, in accordance with that precept we’ve shut down our Facebook portal… I mean, let’s “face” it (very punny eh?) Facebook has done more harm to the modern Vampire Culture than any other single event or process ever did. In fact, to be quite honest, yeah, let’s try that for a change eh? – Facebook, for something that started out as a “good” idea, Facebook has fucked up more lives and situations than any other single thing in the history of history. Just go and Google search some Facebook “bads”… you’ll see there’s only one possible conclusion.

That’s why we now have modern Vampires, with all their experience and knowledge, hanging around on fucking Gamer chat platforms… fer chrissakes already – does that put our people in the same league as momma’s basement dwelling, pop-tart stuffing, socially retarded gamers? What happened to dignity? Or… hey…maybe that means that the “gamers”, dare I say it… the “roleplayers”, now have a legitimate “in” to the modern culture?

It’s especially concerning when you hear reports of good, solid, respectable modern culture people being harangued, slapped down and insulted at the hands of the people in these “channels” and especially disquieting when you hear stories that it’s one or more of the supposed ‘moderators’ doing it… you REALLY wanna be there? Really?

Sheesh, as if things weren’t bad enough around the place…!!! Anarchy in the V.C. ???

Yeah, right on John…!!!

So, what’s next on the agenda… mmmm…mmmmm… more “social commentary”…. hmmmm…

Oh, yeh, yeh, that’s a thing…

Have you been following the latest MedSang Saga??? y’know, the one about manifesto’s, counter-manifesto’s, betrayals, excommunications, underhanded skullduggery, apologies, swipes and counter-swipes along with seemingly endless reams of “why’s and wherefore’s” about the whole thing?

I gotta be honest with ya, it’s getting worse than the Walking Dead… worse than General Hospital, worse than The Young and The Restless… I mean fuck me sideways people, really? An internal issue, a COMMON issue in just about every single group that’s ever been, or ever will be, in the culture and it’s getting bigger than Ben Hur?

I mean, why the sudden transparency and urgency to discuss internal politics by a faction which, historically, has pretty much rejected every single person who ISN’T absolutely in agreement with their “manifesto”???

Holy Fuck, suck it up and go back to your lives citizens…!!!

Y’see… these angelic little boys WERE prophets yeah?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we’re on a roll now aren’t we *manic giggle* but y’know the hoary old saying, “Some things just need to be said”… ’bout time we just stopped thinking it and stepped up right?


Oh-kayyyyy, we’re off to… ummm… ahhhh, here’s a good one

Yeah, I think we’ll make this time for… you got it… your favourite part of the show…

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Okay, we have this wonderful, amazing, swirling, roiling, boiling, rockin’ an-ah rollin’ thing called the Modern Vampire Culture. (Known fact)

Within this splendid amalgam of social microcosm we have a myriad of individuals who are walking many paths, following many faiths, credos, manifestos ec. etc. etc. We have Havens, Houses, Temples. Cults and so forth – We have Elders, Leaders, Magisters, Matriarchs, Patriarchs, Lords, Princes, Goddesses, Kings and Queens who (sometimes) have some semblance of control over what goes on in their “Houses” and battle for influence without… they fight a war for the hearts and minds of “the people”, persuading the persuadable to betray, divulge, delete, blacklist and generally “create anarchy” to unbalance their rivals… sound familiar?

Yep – it’s called The VC

Now, at the ground level, within this this magnificent melting pot we have the “members”, the proletariat, the “public” who are being fought over with grandiose schemes, proclamations and edicts, manifestos, creeds and vast, oft times unintelligible “speeches” and rhetoric… yes, it’s like a sad semblance of the Imperial Roman Empire of antiquity but without a Senate…!!!

And you know what? PEOPLE DON’T REALLY GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT IT ALL… Y’all driving away more good people with the stupid games and bullshit than at any other time in the history of the whole thing.

Really, people, in general (and I’m speaking from a vast range of comments that I personally have received) are really, really, really sick and tired of it. So, just think on that for a minute – build your empires, hold your enclaves and develop your manifestos but at the end of the day WHAT GOOD IS HAVING AN EMPIRE WHEN THERE’S NO ONE IN IT BECAUSE THEY THINK YOU ARE A PRIZE DICK…???

Nuff said…

Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy…


Img. source: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
Produzioni Europee Associate (PEA) (Produzioni Europee Associati – Rome)
Arturo González Producciones Cinematográficas (co-production) and
Constantin Film 1967

Mmmmmmmm… this is gettin’ juicy ain’t it? Probably should throw in a midpoint disclaimer here… L-fuckin’-O-L (Yeah, I’m bein’ a prick today…!!!)

“The views and opinions presented in this article are the opinions of the author and/or contributors and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of The Owner/s of RVL, their officers, assigns or agents. RVL and its officers do not personally, individually, or jointly necessarily recommend or condone any of the activities or practices represented.” (Ref: RVL Website Disclaimer)



Meme by T.

There’s something else that’s been in the back of my mind for months and goes back to a little while back when my lady and I got suckered into a particular situation that turned out to be one the most heinous examples of bullshit, misrepresentation and psychological manipulation ever… Loyalty? Honesty? Integrity? – as we say in AustraliaIN A PIG’S FUCKIN’ EYE…!!!

Okay, breaks down like this…

In our wild, weird and wonderful culture – as I mentioned earlier – there are many, many paths, trails, journeys etc. Everybody’s headin’ someplace, by some “road”, somehow and without reservation I wish everyone out there all the best of luck and good journey. I hold everybody to be free to follow whatever path – that’s one of the highest gifts you can give to another person, the right to be what they will.

Having said that, let’s say you go into a group, Haven, House, Temple…whatever… you go in because it is a – see above list – for Vampyres. When you get inside you find there are Vampyre-Therians, Vampire-Witches, Vampire-Fae, Otherkin, all kinds of folks in there – great…! Wonderful..! Amazing…! Vive la difference I say, it’s a chance to learn from other sub-cultural factions and celebrate the diversity in our modern culture – then it begins… “Oh, you should be a Vampire/Therian/Fae/Witch/Otherkin… especially if you’re going to be in our haven…! Let’s put you in with these fine folk…”

WHOA…!!! Hold the boat… you said you honour ALL paths, right?”
“Yes but…”
“Hang on a minute, if you honour all paths, what about my path?
“Yes, well, we are a more ‘spiritual/theological/esoteric/metaphysical’ (whatever) house”
I’m a Vampyre
“Yes, well, that’s fine, you can be a Vampire…we just think you need to be…”
“But I’m a Vampyre, just a Vampyre, that’s all… I don’t have any spirtual/esoteric/theological/magickal etc. interests… I just want to learn…”
“Well, of course you can learn, here, here, read this… it’s our handbook/manual/bible/manifesto… it’ll make everything clear to you dear.”

Yep, that’s actually happened to my wife and I on more than one occasion now and then, after you’ve done ALL the work you suddenly become the REAL BAD DUDE/DUDETTE and you’re fuckin’ shafted, rudely, with a blunt fucking sceptre…

Vintage metal sign – zazzle.com

Vampires/Vampyres who are just that – MOTHERFUCKING, A-GRADE, 100% REAL LIVING VAMPYRES… and you wonder why there’s so many “RONIN” vampyres around…!!!

img. source: Samuel L. Jackson in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”
Miramax (presents)
A Band Apart
Jersey Films, 1994.

So, fair warning, all you would be “Emperors” who wanna turn us honest to goodness Real Living Vampyres (only, nothing else) into something else – BACK TH’ FUCK OFF – WE BITE…!!!

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WOW…!!! Fuel dissension man, what a ride…!!! Yeah…fuckin’ sing along mothers…!!!

Betcha I can’t get this on our good friend Lady Sylvere’s Grumpy Vamp…!!!

Y’know, I’ve been “awakened” – if ya wanna use the term since 1979. Awakened as a Sanguinarian in the days before internet and Facebook and so forth, all we had then was each other, we didn’t have computers, we didn’t even have frickin’ cell phones – even in the darkest night we ALWAYS had each other. now we hear, from folks down NOLA way, the “spiritual” home of Vampires in the U.S. no less, that different factions will actually diss each other, in the street, in public as they go about their daily business. WTF is that???

There’ll be a whole load of you that are reading this and saying, “Yeah, yeah… blah, blah, blah… heard it all before…!”

Well, in the words of my sacred homekin…


FUCK YOU… We have fucked everything up and now we are heading toward leaving the mess to the younger generation. What are we going to leave to them?

img. source: Pond5

Yeah, exactly…

So, this is my message of warning to the younger ones, to the ones who will inherit, to the ones whom, hopefully, will build something better than we have…!

Yep, yep, yep, yep, yeppers…!!!

I feel so much better now, so much better because I know that there will be one person, maybe one only out of thousands, who will read this and it will help them make a better choice for them… when that happens I will know that my job has been done and done well. That’s about all we can ever hope for right?

So listen, everybody have a great Halloween, everyone be at peace, everyone think about stepping up and doing the right thing… above all… have some fuckin’ fun yeah?

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Crossroads 2014 ~ An editorial and an invitation


crossroads header the great debate


Good morning,
Questions have been raised recently, I am led to believe, as to the veracity and the conduct of some of the material that is placed at Real Vampire Life E-Zine and I wanted to reiterate just what it is we do at the E-Zine.

We aim to present information, information of both topical and general interest for the sub-culture.

Do we have an “agenda” at RVL E-Zine?

Yes, indeed we do. To present material that can be read by our global audience for as it says in our “About Real Vampire Life” statement;
“Real Vampire Life (RVL) is an E-Zine aimed at spreading, and promoting the sharing of,  information about the real vampire and sub-culture life to as many people as it can reach. We want all our readers to celebrate the mystique, the style, the culture and the reality that is Real Vampire Life.”

Our “agenda” is quite simple, we aim to represent as many opinions by as many people as possible and to that end we base our editorial/interviews on topics that we feel are important and deserve to be covered.

It has been suggested that many of the questions involved in the editorial/interviews are “leading” ~ naturally, as the author of such things, I have my ideas about things that should be and things that might be and it is inevitable that my approach, as author, will seek to capitalise on such an “agenda”, however, our guests are chosen at random unless we particularly wish to highlight what a specific guest has to say on any matter and that is where the “Chatting with Vampires” series comes from.

The other thing that I would ask everyone to bear in mind is that our guests are absolutely free to say (keeping within certain bounds of modesty and good taste, anything they might wish to say. Add to this, our guests do not know what the questions are going to be. They are sent the pro-forma “Q&A” details only after they have agreed to participate. At this time, should any wish to withdraw, they are most welcome to make that decision. Similarly, at any time during the process that any of our guests wish to amend what they have submitted, again, they are more than welcome to do so.

At the end of the day we present our guests words and opinions verbatim, we do NOT exercise editorial control over the responses from our guests and we guarantee this. Our guests are quite free to disagree with any point raised in, or by any of the questions they are sent and, in the event that that occurs we would still present our guests words verbatim.

There are a great many folk both in and around the VC/OVC and each and every one of them is guaranteed, by RVL E-Zine, the right to have their say in a non-threatening, non-hostile, non-abusive environment. That is our pledge to the people who work with us.

In order that we may put an end to the “scuttlebutt” that is floating around I would like to propose an idea… a simple idea really but one that should prove intriguing.

Graphic source: mythunderstoodalliance.com

Graphic source:

The proposal is quite simple, RVL E-Zine will host a debate and here’s how it will be done.

An invitation is hereby issued to any person who may be interested in taking part in this debate to register their interest BY EMAIL to rvlmail@yahoo.com

Your registration email should contain, in the subject line, Re: The great debate
Further to that we want to know whether you are on the “Affirmative” or the “Negative” and you MUST include a brief ( 5 to 7 lines) summation of why you hold such a position.

The registrations we receive will be reviewed by a panel of five persons, two from the RVL E-Zine Staff and three from outside the RVL E-Zine team. Each panel member will cast three votes for who should be on the affirmative team and three votes for who should represent the negative team. The people selected will then be contacted and we will take it from there.

The debate topic is:
Over the last five years has the Vampire “community” improved in its service to, representation of and wellbeing of its ‘rank and file’ membership?

We look forward to hearing from you and urge every one to think about getting their registrations in as soon as possible.
Regards and deepest respects,

Freedom in expression ~ House Rakoczy

House Rakoczy header graphicPresented by


House Rakoczy, a well known and respected name in the modern living vampire sub-culture, whose members display a bond between each other that is deep, sincere and nothing short of enviable and the House efforts in support of the “community” and their works on a personal level with many members of that “community” are visible almost every day as one travels around the internet haunts of the modern vampire sub-culture.

What is it that makes House Rakoczy so successful? What is it that members of the Household share that makes the House such a stable, solid and reputable entity? Where did House Rakoczy originate and what are the base principles and ethics that govern what some have called, “the model house”?

We at RVL are honoured to be on very good terms with several members from House Rakoczy and presented a request to the House Magister, to conduct this interview/editorial. As a result of that we are very pleased to be able to bring you an inside and “in depth” look at House Rakoczy.


RVL:Good evening Meph, welcome back to RVL and thank you for the privilege of sharing a little more time with you.

M: Greetings in return.



RVL: Would you share with us, firstly, a little history of House Rakoczy, when was it founded, by whom and why did it come about?

M: House Rakoczy was officially founded in 1968 by Janos Rakoczy and his wife. It is from the founder and his wife that the members of The House get their last name within the Community as well as the lore connected to the line of Rakoczy, and the legends attached thereto. Prince Fenerc Rakoczy II of Transylvania is known to history as the Count of St. Germain. An alchemist and supposed immortal, this prince serves as the archetypal foundation and model for the members of House Rakoczy.



RVL: …and how would you describe the philosophy and ethic of The House?

M: The philosophy of House Rakoczy is one that stresses personal empowerment and enlightenment, that must be balanced with tangible, objective results in the mundane world. Being Upyre is a matter of spiritual and blood identity, but we live in the mundane world. We must have jobs, homes, and a stable life similar enough to that of human beings so as not to cause discord. Ethically speaking, we are predators by nature, meaning we take what we need from life, but do so in such a manner that doing do improves life for all. We do not take more than we need, because to do so would jeopardize both the “prey” and the “predator.” Each of us must deal with the results of our actions. One of the principles of House Rakoczy is knowing where the individual stops and all else starts. The distinction shows the individual how much power it has over its experience of reality. It is considered the duty of House Rakoczy by its members to live its ways, to be an example to the Community. We do not seek converts or validation from others.



RVL: Since its inception how would you describe the growth of The House?

M: In the early nights of House Rakoczy, growth was slow, with The House being centered in what was then Hungary around the family of Janos Rakoczy. Since 1993, under my leadership, The House membership has expanded steadily.


 RVL: …and how many members do you have at present?

M: House Rakoczy currently has 165 members.



RVL: From a previous article we have had the pleasure of presenting, ‘Alternative Thinking – The spirit be willing‘ (Jan 2013) it would seem that the essence of House Rakoczy lies in ‘Spiritual Vampirism‘, would you agree with this?

M: That is true for some but not all of us. What some see as spiritual, religious, or occult, others may view as archetypal or otherwise psychological. Still others may take the literalist view.


RVL: Your members seem to have, at least publicly, an extremely close bond. How important is the interrelationship between members to the success of The House?

M: We have, in my experience, a unique situation in The House, in that some members are very close to one another and interact on a nightly basis, while other members keep to themselves, interacting only with the head of The House. Our unity is in the cultivation of our individual strengths; if one member falls, The House does not fall. If The House falls, the individual is able to stand and, thus, The House rises. Each of us embodies The House; no two of us are alike.



RVL: …and what, in your mind, have been the highlights in the life of The House since its creation?

M: In 1993, after circumstances required that I take the seat of The House as its head, I and a group of eight others initiated an occult wing of The House named after the great school of magick in eastern Europe in legend known as the Scholomance or school of Solomon. A more recent highlight has been the public works of The House through the Vampires for Freedom of Expression group at Facebook and playing a role in the formation of NOVA or the New Orleans Vampire Association.


RVL: We understand that The Scholomance was fabled to be a legendary school of black magic, run by the Devil, supposedly located near an unnamed lake in the mountains south of the city of Hermannstadt (now called Sibiu in Romanian) in the Transylvanian region of Romania. Does House Rakoczy embody an element of Satanism into its ethic and practices?

M: No, we are in no way satanic. Members of House Rakoczy view the devil in the legend as symbolic of a pre-Christian deity much like the Egyptian god Set.



RVL: …and with respect to the Vampires for Freedom of Expression, how vital a part of the House Rakoczy course is this group proving to be and what benefits is it bringing?

M: While it is not directly a part of the path, being of service when and where we can certainly is, as is promotion of freedom of thought, whether we agree with said thought or disagree with it.


RVL: Are you able to share with us some account of the “role” that House Rakoczy played in the establishment of NOVA?

M: House Rakoczy is one of the founding houses of NOVA. Members of House Rakoczy were instrumental in the formation of the nonprofit and also provided the majority of the text for NOVA’s website.

1_1.png House Rakoczy

RVL: Would you consider House Rakoczy to have somewhat of a mystical or metaphysical air?

M: Yes, we make much of symbolism and legendary themes, which are used as mirrors for the members to be able to see themselves and thus explore and refine their understanding of themselves, with knowledge and power being the result.



RVL: When a person is “nominated” for membership to House Rakoczy what qualities do you look for in the nominee?

M: We do not recruit or seek members; they elect to prospect. We seek an open mind, a balanced emotional nature, the ability to be within the Community while maintaining mundane life, and an ability to take the paradigm of The House and make it their own while being true to the paradigm as presented by The House. Any prospect of House Rakoczy must be a law abiding individual, must exercise and thus be aware of their civil rights and civic duties, and know when and when not to display either their Upyre nature or membership in The House.



RVL: What mid to long term plans does The House have for growth at this stage?

M: At this stage in the history of House Rakoczy, we are now seeking to be more public, hence our Facebook work, our House website, www.houseoftwilight.com, and the publication of the Cultus des Loogaroodetailing one of the vampyric types within House Rakoczy. Our next publication, The Testament of Shadows, deals with the Upyre as a race, as House Rakoczy understands it, on a global scale.


RVL:Does House Rakoczy adhere to the literal and historical definitions of “Upyre” or are there facets of a more modern flavour in your definition in the forthcoming publication?

M: To some in House Rakoczy, the term Upyre refers to a literal non-human, sentient race. To others, being Upyre is a matter of archetype. The word Upyre comes from the Turkish word for witch, ubor. The adjustment from ubor to Upyre refers to a kind of witch that has power all of its life and later appears to go into a death-like state or trance, after which it has different needs to sustain its life and more power. The Testament of Shadows is a distillation of the paradigm of House Rakoczy. It is hoped that other houses and individuals will build on what we have chosen to reveal.

RVL: …and when is the book scheduled to be published?

M: This year


RVL: When newcomers approach House Rakoczy for the first time what steps are taken to assess their needs?

M: Typically, would-be prospects are interviewed by at least two members of The House, separately, and are discussed among the members. Ultimately, the head of House Rakoczy is the one that decides whether or not to accept a prospect. House Rakoczy is not a republic like the United States of America or a democracy. House Rakoczy is at best a family with one head, with each member having their say. It is a foolish ruler that does not listen to those that he serves, for make no mistake, to be the head of House Rakoczy is to be of service to all of its members.



RVL: Could you share with us a little about the ‘path’ that needs to be taken to achieve membership in House Rakoczy?

M: Prospecting with House Rakoczy takes no less than six months and usually no more than a year. First, one must gain the status of prospect, then one is given a mentor. Throughout one’s mentorship, one’s case is under review by the mentor and the head. A good example of individual work on the path to membership in House Rakoczy is the defining and cultivation of one’s true self as symbolized by a single animal. This is known in House Rakoczy as the Heart Beast. It is the symbol of one’s Upyre nature, and it is the basis for those meditations used by an indiviual to control and make use of that part of their nature.



RVL: How do you, personally, see modern living vampirism as part of yourself?

M: I personally experience being an Upyre as part of my spiritual and racial identity. In my view, Upyre are not human beings, living or dead, but a separate humanoid species with needs, abilities, and weaknesses that humans do not have. We are not the vampires of legend and even less so the parody that is the vampire of pop culture and media. While my personal beliefs would likely never be accepted by science, in my own case, there are biological factors that bear out the truth of my belief to my own satisfaction.



RVL: Within the structure of The House do you embrace different kinds of vampires? For instance, do you have Sanguinarian members as well as Psi, or Psionic members under the one roof?

M: Within House Rakoczy, blood drinking or sanguinarian Upyre are the majority. We also include sexual feeders, as well as those that feed on other biological products. All biological products, be they blood, sexual, or otherwise, serve as mediums for the external life force known generally as chi in Chinese or prana in Hinduism. House Rakoczy considers purely energic vampyres to possibly be a separate breed or the result of a facility of the aura, while not discounting their existence.



RVL: In the context of the modern VC/OVC does House Rakoczy seek to take an integral place or do you prefer to keep to The House somewhat apart from the everyday “hustle and bustle” of the vampire world?

M: House Rakoczy has, for much of its existence, kept to itself, but we are now doing more in the world directly. We do not seek to be leaders or followers in the Community. If our example inspires others, we hope what we inspire is of benefit to the inspired, nothing more and nothing less.



RVL: Does House Rakoczy follow, or embrace any particular historical concept of vampirism, such as Pierart’s Psychic vampirism Theses , or the teachings of Olcott-Steel and Dion Fortune for example?

M: For the majority of House Rakoczy, as has been stated, being an Upyre is a matter of racial and spiritual identity. based on our readings of the legends and lore of central and eastern Europe which originally stem from the ancient Middle East,



RVL: We are aware that members of House Rakoczy support, and involve themselves, in various charitable works, does The House hold any form of annual event, or meeting? or, do you have plans for this in the future?

M: The House does charitable works where and when we feel our resources would do the most good for both The House and the rest of the persons involved in the charity. When possible, members meet on or around the Feasts that compose the calendar of House Rakoczy. We do not have meetings specifically for charitable events nor do we plan to, at present.



RVL: If there were one message that you, as Magister of House Rakoczy would give to the modern real living vampire community, what would that be?

M: For too long our Community has been defined and divided by pop culture and prevailing media stereotypes as to who and what we are. I invite all of us to go back to the legends and lore, no matter how we view them, that inspire us today. Let us define ourselves and bring that definition, that sense of self, to every aspect of life. Let us reclaim the reality of being predators, in balance with Nature, able to function without being cliches or stereotypes. One blood, one race, one people, with one destiny, this is who we are.



RVL: Magister, it has been a distinct honour and a great privilege to have shared this time with you today. We are most grateful for your participation.

M:It has been my honor and privilege to share my perspectives here. I can only give my interpretation of the paradigm of The House and what it has given me. It is my sincere desire that this interview be of benefit to those that read it, whether they agree or disagree. My sincere thanks.

In the blood,




House Rakoczy stands out in an often divided and embattled landscape, the public bond between its members, the help and comfort that they give to many are representative of their house and indeed stands it in good stead when people talk of the major Houses of the modern living vampire subculture.


The stature of the members of the House, and regard in which they are popularly held in the modern sub-culture, can be seen to be a direct consequence of the basis of their faith and beliefs, as it says in the introduction at the house website (link) “Indeed, we of the Household and the race now have something to offer mankind; our philosophy and art can empower humans as well as those of the Blood.

Far from being a shadowy representation moving somewhere just beyond the circle of sight, House Rakoczy is a solid, highly respected and dedicated body of people who have come together to celebrate their beliefs about modern living vampirism. As Mephistopheles mentioned; “ We do not seek to be leaders or followers in the Community. If our example inspires others, we hope what we inspire is of benefit to the inspired, nothing more and nothing less.”


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