Cause and Effect

“The spheres represent worlds of existence and how staying connected with them you can manifest. The sigil is more of a symbol of the “path” ~ Matt L.

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Good evening to our readers,
All around us, everyday, everything we see, hear, touch, taste and smell is interpreted by the brain and given it’s most personal form by our past experiences, our expectations and our perceptions.
Within the many paths that are travelled within the modern living Vampire and associated cultures there are many influences that come together and intermingle to create the ebb and flow.

Biophysics, Metaphysics, Spiritualism, Psychology and the Occult seem to swirl and intermingle every day in the modern living Vampire culture and so much so that the “paths” sometimes seem to blur into one another.

Our guest this evening has been, for a long time, a cultural icon to us, a well-known and respected musician and a paranormal investigator are just two of the pegs he has to hang his hats on. Most recently he was a guest speaker at Occulticon 2018 where he lectured on The Mudutu Effect.

To tell us about this fascinating subject it gives us great pleasure to welcome to RVL, Matt L.

RVL: Good evening Matt and welcome to RVL, we are honoured to have you with us today.

M: Thank you for having me. As always a pleasure.

RVL: May we begin by asking, how do you identify yourself within the scope of the modern Vampire and associated cultures?

M: As times have changed and the depiction of the individual is often conveyed by an outside source through perceptions generated by a persons actions,  I would have to answer not sure as I have not been active in any one particular community for a few years.

RVL: …and has this been something that has been with you from birth or was your “awakening” later on?

M: it has been with me always.

RVL: Many of our readers will now be aware, if they weren’t before, of your connection to paranormal investigations, is this connected with your work regarding “The Mudutu Effect”?

M: Yes it does, in the aspect of focusing on more of the clarification of what I do  as to the metaphysical side of the investigation as well as my personal path.

RVL: Now, for those of our readers who haven’t chanced to read on it previously, or haven’t seen the presentation on YouTube, would you explain the term, “The Mudutu Effect” please?

M: Mudutu is Sumerian for knowledge. The whole purpose of the Mudutu effect is to communicate. Through proper communication and respect we gain knowledge. Hence the effect.

RVL: …and therefore, has “The Mudutu Effect” more in common with scientific principles, metaphysical principles or what we might call magickal principles? Especially, let’s say, Enochian Magick?

M: Are they all not the same, just different terms?

RVL: The man known as “The Great Magickian”, Aleister Crowley, was said to have attested that, “Science is always discovering odd scraps of magical wisdom and making a tremendous fuss about its cleverness.” Would you, essentially, agree with that?

M: Although I have a deep respect for Aleister Crowley I believe the fundamentals of Magicks and science go hand in hand, as both promote the development and growth of the individual and people around them if done properly.  With that being said, Magicks embraces science, but science does not embrace Magicks, but they discover the same things.

RVL: …and what, if we consider regular physics, does the physical world impart to The Mudutu Effect, if anything?

M: As we are limited to the physical world when we choose to be bound to it our understanding of physics is founded in the physical world.

RVL: How long, may we ask, have you been working on, or with, The Mudutu Effect and what sort of results have been achieved in working with it, if any?

M: The Mudutu Effect videos are relatively new, but in essence I have been doing the Mudutu Effect concept my entire adulthood. The results being achieved are the development of opening lines of communication through varied paths, facilitating growth for myself and others.

RVL: A strong theme that comes through in the YouTube series is that of “perception”, is the theory behind The Mudutu Effect new and unique or is it an expansion, or re-definition, building on past studies or histories?

M: It’s definitely not an original theory. It’s like most concepts an adaptation based on ancient theories that’s been conveyed over time. But sadly it is a concept that has to be reminded.

RVL: …and what is the ultimate goal/ prize or end result of working within The Mudutu Effect?

M: Not only am I able to share my theories but also grow. It’s not about the prize but offering inspiration to others to help them on their own individual paths.

RVL: There are, Sir, times when we all look around us and despair… not just of our involvement in the modern alternative cultures but also because of our enforced involvement in the world itself… is the anything we might derive from your work and studies that might help ease that burden?

M: Well yes, my lectures and discussions are to cause people to think ‘what if?’ Not a “how to”, with that being said, in order to change the world and cope with it in its current state, if we asked ‘what if?’ more often we could possibly find the answers and be able to cope with these things.

RVL: Does The Mudutu Effect share anything in common with what is commonly regarded as the supernatural?

M: Only by the nature of what the perception of supernatural is, by definition it could, but since the Mudutu Effect is based on life experiences and theories I would have to say no.

RVL: …and where can our readers find out more about, or follow developments on, The Mudutu Effect?

M: The Mudutu Effect is based on a FaceBook Page and the series of videos loaded onto YouTube

RVL: In closing, is there anything else you wish to share about The Mudutu Effect with our readers?

M: Unfortunately I am remembered more for the musick and the events rather than my many contributions to various organizations within many communities, as well as my development of organizations. It points us back to the concept of perceptions, and how easily one can be blinded and not realize the world around them.

RVL: It has been, dear Sir, a fascinating visit and a distinct pleasure to share this time with you this evening. Thank you for affording us an opportunity to gain a glimpse into the inner workings of The Mudutu Effect.

M: Indeed a pleasure, just always remember to manifest, communicate and respect, it will carry you a long way in this physical world as well as others.

Communication, respect, make these manifest… we ALL know this, how many of us DO IT?

Having visited the videos on YouTube I have developed a basic understanding of The Mudutu Effect, it’s not rocket science and Matt does an excellent job at presenting the information in an easy to understand manner. As he mentioned, it’s not some new, fandangled, snake-oil thing… it’s based in ancient knowledges and wisdoms. Based in something that, just probably, we have forgotten today.

I thoroughly recommend that you give it a try… it offers sound advice and sets forth sound principles for creating, or maintaining, good perceptions that can help you be the better person.

Now, as I mentioned, one of Matt’s other pursuits, you may recall from our interview/editorial The Whisperers, is a paranormal investigator, a member of P.A.S.T.

(L-R) Matt, Lady Alyson and Cory

I would suggest, most strongly, that this should afford him great respect when it comes to any discourse on perception.


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