An Empirical Study Part II – Lady Kaia

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Good afternoon,
On March 4 we previewed, and presented links to, a new empirical study being undertaken by a recent guest of RVL, Lady Kaia.
An Empirical Study ~ Lady Kaia

The second part of the study is now ready to distribute and we are proud to be associated with this effort.

To engage in part 2 of the study please visit the following link:


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As Lady Kaia writes:
This research is meant only for vampires!
There havent been a specific research about what kind of viral-or bacterial viruses/illnesses vampires have had. And how possible genetical patterns in family bloodline effect our health. To understand what kind of illnesses are threat to us, can help us to prevent them. Also this study helps to detect if there might be some kind of vampiric resistance toward some diseases. So more answers vampire community give to this research, the more info will be to work with and more reliable results shall be. This research can help to make a scientific discovery about our nation and give some proof to the entire world about us. Dont be shy, join us!
Thank you for all who will participate, you have helped us with a little step closer for understanding vampires nature and to give proof that world wants of us.

We urge you to get on board and help toward some deeper understanding of the nature of the modern vampire. The answers lie with us and it’s up to us to find them.

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