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Energy, what is it? Where does it come from? Why is it here? How can we use it?

On the surface, in the real world, we have physical laws that govern the applicable answers to these questions, here, in the modern living Vampyre culture, the answers, and reasons, become a little more complex, a little more abstract and rely on an understanding of a branch of science that many do not accept as being valid, namely metaphysics.

What is metaphysics?

“The part of philosophy that is about understanding existence and knowledge.”

As I said, a little more abstract.

There are branches within the modern culture that do not recognise the systems of metaphysics as being valid with respect to their Vampirism, they ascribe the vampirism as being of a purely biophysical nature or a spiritual nature. I’m not going to argue either one, this editorial is simply to detail the majority of the metaphysical considerations as they apply to Psy Vampires.

In the first instance we need to consider Energy. The Cambridge English Dictionary divides the definition of “Energy” into two categories, firstly,

“The power and ability to be physically and mentally active.”

And, secondly,

“The power from something such as electricity or oil that can do work, such as providing light and heat.”

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I have been an “energy worker” since I was in my final year in high school (1979) During the previous year I had been doing the standard High School studies in science which were concerned with the uses of, and production of, energy for the purposes of doing work for us, the physical concepts of how the addition, or subtraction, of electrons makes atoms either positively charged or negatively charged – theory of atomic polarity…capiche? It occurred to me that if energy can be manipulated on one level then, given the fact that energy is just energy at every level it must be susceptible to manipulation on other levels as well. That set me on a path of studying and experimenting with the use and manipulation of energies from all sources and on levels other than strictly physical.

Consider, if you will,

A person that is considered to have “good energies”, bright, bubbly, happy, helpful… all the positive aspects of personality.

Next, take an (for want of a better term) “Emo”… generally, introverted, introspective, deep and often dark thinking, not a very vibrant, happy or outgoing person – commonly described as being a “negative” person.

Now look at someone who kills animals – that’s what I said… firstly a hunter who puts their energy into killing to eat, to survive, then think about someone who kills animals indiscriminately for the “joy” of doing it – who has “good” energy and who has “bad” energy?

I suggest that none of these people have “good” or “bad” energy, they simply put the “neutral” energy they have to different purposes, to different projections and to different ends.

With respect to Psy Vampirism it is, necessarily, this concept we are concerned with.

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If there is, as the popular films of the Star Wars saga point out, something called “The Force” that binds the universe and every living thing together then it is energy. Every molecule of everything in the world, in the galaxy, in the universe, is made up of energy in one form or another. This energy is, for wont of a better term, neutral (if we’re thinking about polarity) Through its interactions with surrounding energies it changes form. The universal laws of physics tell us that in a finite system (which the universe is) energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, it can only change form. In this respect the amount of energy that was present at the birth of the universe is the same now and as it will be at the end of the universe. Think of the universe as a light bulb – you hit the switch, BAM…! Light. At the end you hit the switch, BAM…! No light. No fade in, no fade out.

So, how does this relate to the topic of Psy Vampirism?

One of the biggest things that we come across in the practice of a number of Psy Vamps, as well as other metaphysical practitioners, is a pervasive belief that there are “good energies” and “bad energies”.

The fact is that there is no “good” energy and no “bad” energy, there is simply energy. The concepts of good or bad are hold overs from the religious teachings of the eleventh and twelfth century church reformations wherein the “powers” that governed were either given by heaven or by hell, and the respective leaders of those places.

Aleister Crowley
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The great magickian Aleister Crowley taught us that there is no “good” magick, nor is there “bad” magick, there is simply the will of the practitioner bringing about changes in circumstances by virtue of their exercise of that will.

In the same fashion the essence of energy that is projected by a person is “flavoured” by the intent of the person projecting.

This is why Psy Vamps can feed from any form of energy no matter what the source. The trick is to be able to filter the energy so there are no “side effects”, except the beneficial consumption, felt.


For example,
My best source of Psy feeding is “crowd surfing”.

Photo: Keith “Louie” Abigail

Approach a busy place, a shopping mall for example, and spend a minute or two composing yourself to be very calm and centred. At this point you can raise “filters”, or “semi-shields” to prevent any unwanted side effects. When you are strongly centred and grounded simply walk into the crowd and let it all flow in. The energy just washes over you like being in the ocean. Soak in the energy until you feel well fed (combine a little gratuitous shopping with it if you like) and then go on your way with that warm, fuzzy, full feeling.

This manner of feeding can be applied in close personal contact with one or two people also but in this instance you need be more aware of the demeanour of the person/s you are with, you DON’T feed by ‘sneak’, and, by extension, in order to access the limited amount of energy present you will need to open yourself up more.

In this latter scenario you will need to have a handy “filter” or “mild shielding” in place because you are opening yourself up more. Bear in mind, you don’t want to “hurt” anyone so in the one-on-one situation make your filter, or shield, non-aggressive. You don’t want “blowback” or “karma” biting you in the ass do you.

So, what type of shields should I use?

There are a number of shielding methods available depending on your level of proficiency with such things. There are shielding spells which should only be used by the magickally experienced (too much shit can go wrong if you’re not an expert…!) There are psychoactive methods of shielding that you can employ to prevent the access of “baggage” with the consumed energy but by far my favourite, which seems to work in any given situation, is protective amulets.

Snowflake Obsidian
Img. source: Seattle findings

My personal protector is a snowflake obsidian. It is, being Obsidian family, a highly protective stone capable of absorbing, cleansing and purifying environmental energies so they don’t give you any ill effects. There are a wide array of sites on the net devoted to the preparation and use of such things, look into those since wearing an amulet is something that is simple, it does not require any additional or extraordinary effort at the time it is working and it is permanently there whether you are feeding or simply walking the real world.

There is an extremely good volume available, as a free pdf download, of probably the most informative and authoritative text on “Psychic Self Defence” written by a lady named Dion Fortune. Have a read through that and it will give you some very good tips for forming and maintaining psychic based self defence systems that you can use quite easily.

The key, in psy feeding, is as in everything else… take care, be prepared, protect yourself and practice, practice, practice so that you don’t get out of control and so you don’t cause discomfort to your donor/s.

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Why can’t I be a…

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Good morning,

In the previous five year stretch that Lady M and I edited, produced and presented RVL we met an innumerable number of requests from people who wanted to be “real vampires”. Their reasons ranged through the whole spectrum of the imaginable, from having superhuman powers to being immortal, and everything in between.

Now, having re-opened the e-zine, we are expecting to meet more of the same. Indeed, one respected and very well informed contact we have recently been in contact with has told us that there is still a great deal of mis-, and dis-, information circulating about who, and what, modern living real vampyres are. Hence it is advisable, in the opinion of this writer, that we begin our new work by re-visiting a topic which has never been far below the surface of the contemporary sub-culture, namely, “I want to be a real vampire, please help…

In short, dear reader, the reason that not everybody can be a modern living vampire is the same reason that this writer can’t be a Long-billed dowitcher… I wasn’t born that way…!

It is generally accepted that modern living vampyres are just that because they were born with the traits, albeit possibly latent, that made them pre-disposed to becoming such later in life. Some, by genetic happenstance, may well be born with certain traits at the forefront from birth but the one thing that the majority agree upon is that if you’re not a modern living vampire you can’t be turned into one… you can’t be turned, you can’t be “embraced”, you can’t receive the “Dark Kiss” and you won’t contract the fabled V5 virus – if indeed such a thing exists.

What can happen, and does, however is that you can fall prey to charlatans, liars, cheats and predators. People who will offer to make you into a modern living vampire if you perform a spell, give them money for teachings, buy their books or bibles, give them sex or simply worship them in any number of strange and, mostly, unsavoury ways. These people hunt in cities, towns, clubs, bars, schools, playgrounds and, most importantly of all, on the internet.

Emily Meade as Pearl in ‘Mother, may I sleep with danger?’ – RabbitBandini Productions & Sony Pictures Television, 2016.

There are a number of articles already available in our “IMPORTANT INFORMATION for New Arrivals” section and perhaps the most notable of these are the 2012 article, “Safety First” and the 2015 article, “Warning signs and ‘Red Flags’”.


Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Yeah, I’m too smart to be taken advantage of…” and I sincerely hope you are right, however, there are numerous accounts, sometimes tragic, about people – mostly young people, who have fallen victim to the unscrupulous predators that often frequent the subculture. People who don’t give a damn about your health and welfare or even, in extreme cases, your survival.

I recall, well, several people who wrote to us in the past offering anything they could give if we would help them become vampires, real vampires. Some even went so far as to say they would be willing to die to achieve this goal… unbelievable? True. It would have been so easy to take advantage of these people, ridiculously so and that is because there were, and are, people who believe that what the modern living vampire has is achievable to anyone. Unfortunately, dear reader, this is simply not the case.

We were also, I recall, called upon, on occasion, to help someone who was caught up in the webs of lies that were spun around them by these predators.

It has always been an opinion held by many in the subculture that it is a natural predilection of “the Vampire” to hunt and while this may be the case when considering the historical, mythological and archetypal vampire figure it is most certainly NOT the case in the modern subculture. Certain segments of the modern movement may incorporate elements of “role play” into their ritualised “hunt”, they may indulge in BDSM style practices to enhance or represent “the hunt” but these are acts between consenting persons of, hopefully, legal age.

The main things that everyone who comes to the subculture looking for something needs to know are;

Not everyone you come into contact with has your best interests at heart.

There are those who will take what they want from you, whatever it may be, under the guise of “turning” you into a vampire.

No amount of “Embracing”, “Dark Kissing” and/or spells/potions/pills/blood drinking will give you super powers or make you immortal.

In essence we hope that anyone reading this will take note of the warnings, we hope that you will realise that everything must be questioned, taken with a pinch of salt or, at the very least, researched. Unlike a great many out there John Reason’s Real Vampire Life is dedicated, and always has been, to presenting facts as they are currently understood and supported. We can’t guarantee to tell you what you want to hear, we can guarantee to answer your questions to the very best of our ability and if we can’t we can always find out for you or put you in contact with good, reputable and reliable people who can answer you.

Vampires exist in the world today, they are all around you, in the modern world but they are NOT vampires as Lord Byron, Bram Stoker, Anne Rice or Stephanie Meyer envisaged – learn to separate fact from fiction and, if you are having difficulty with that, please, ask someone BEFORE you get hurt.
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