Crossroads 2018: Persona non grata in effect

“To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past.”
~ John F. Kennedy ~

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Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,
A number of years ago now I came across a piece authored by Zero & Merticus; Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] & Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC entitled Real Vampire Community Personal Safety & Privacy Awareness, and it would be fair to say that it forever changed my perspective, and my feelings about safety in the online and offline Vampire and associated communities. We were permitted to reproduce by permission, the piece at RVL and it forms part of our “Information for new arrivals” section.

In both online and offline scenarios Real Vampire Life is committed, always, to the safety of the people who occupy the culture, who turn to us for advice, who come to us for recommendations. Recently we have been apprised of a new and important initiative in this arena, namely, Clan Rahamdalph’s Community Offenders Registry and Archive of Evidence. We will be speaking with the Rev. Dr. Lord Aramond about that initiative very soon.

In meantime, it is, for me, a solemn duty to make the following known;

Declaration of Persona non grata – Jonathan Michael Butkovsky

Vampires of Chicago,
Friends and Supporters Alliance

In addressing the matter of Jonathan Michael Butkovsky (a.k.a Loren Vargo/Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon/”King” Lycaon) and The Vampire Court of Chicago, its supporters and allies.



Let it be known throughout the Vampire, Therian, Otherkin, Pagan, and Kithani communities that Jonathan Michael Butkovsky (a.k.a. Loren Vargo/Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon/”King” Lycaon) has been declared “Persona non Grata” in Illinois and allied regions represented by the signatories. He is hereby EXCOMMUNICATED and EXILED from the Vampire, Therian, Otherkin, and Kithani Communities including all Clans, Tribes, Courts, Houses, Covens, Packs etc. represented by the signatories.

Let it also be known that Jonathan Michael Butkovsky (a.k.a. Loren Vargo/Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon/”King” Lycaon) has been:

Formally denounced, sanctioned and stripped of their recognition within the community by the leadership of the Vampire, Therian, Otherkin, and Kithani Communities in San Antonio, Houston and Austin.

Given the status of “invisible person”, his name is to be, and should be, avoided/ not used in conversation for any reason.

He is hereby denied the “Right of Sanctuary” from all private havens, private Vmadea, or any other such places that “Sanctuary” can be called upon or given as represented by the signatories to this document.

He shall be treated as “Invisible” at all public events and gatherings by all members of the Vampire, Therian, Otherkin, and Kithani Communities as represented by the signatories.

We, the undersigned, find that in the face of evidence and documents issued by Clan Rahamdalph of Houston and The Voices of the Vampire Community (V.V.C.) we have no recourse but to put the preservation, and safety, of our organisations, their members and our community first and foremost. This dictates that we must take action.

Jonathan Michael Butkovsky (a.k.a. Loren Vargo/Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon/”King” Lycaon) has demonstrated on multiple occasions, over a period of years, that he is incapable, or unwilling, to control his own actions and conduct. This is NOT the behaviour of a reasonable and responsible member of ANY society.

ALL attempts to find peaceful and fair resolutions have failed in several cities across the country thus further demonstrating a complete unwillingness to perceive any viewpoint, nor follow any course, other than his own, a viewpoint and course which, by posts made at the newly established Vampire Court of Chicago and threats of violent nature made against other members of the communities nationally, demonstrate his apparent instability.

It is also to be observed that he is making attempts to make contact with female members of the local culture whom appear to be underage and is promoting events as “child friendly”. Given history and observations from other states and persons we must question the motives behind these actions.

This has become a safety issue for ALL nightside creatures; therian, otherkin, & vampire alike. HE has made it clear that he has nothing but ill will towards the Vampire Community as a whole & that he will stop at nothing to try & bring us down by any means necessary. Even if it means the fall of the therian packs as well.

Unfortunately, his actions, both current and past, have taken any decision out of our hands and, as this has now become a community safety issue of his own making, it is felt that we must uphold a declaration of “Persona non Grata Sin Nominee” and the Excommunication & Exile of Jonathan Michael Butkovsky (a.k.a. Loren Vargo/Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon/”King” Lycaon) from our community, events, havens, gatherings, meetings & all members of the Vampire, Therian, & Otherkin communities.

From this point forward he and his supporters and associates stand alone and outside of the society of Vampire, Therian and Otherkin communities.

So mandated this 19th day of April, 2018.

Signatories, (in alphabetical order)

Casata Resurrectus Italia, Italy.
Dark Nations
House Nepenthe, Chicago.
House of The Dreaming
House Pride of Asura, NYC.
Iron Garden, Safe Haven for NJ Nightkind
Lady Danann DD., DAC., HPS. Founder Coven of the Northern Lights, MI.
Lady Lilith Pheonix, Ordo Daemonae, Detroit, MI.
Order of The Pheonix, Georgia.
Reaper Wolf, King of NOLA Wolfkin and Pack Alpha of the Zanval WP.
T&M Bey, RVL & Vampyres of Chicago.
The BratPrince of Chicago, VTOC Chicago.
Vampire Community of Detroit
Vampires, Therians & Otherkin of Chicago.


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Chicago Strong…!

Grateful acknowledgement and many thanks go to all the persons and signatories who attended and assisted this matter, and in the preparation of this notice.

Copyright RVL, Clan Rahamdalph & ALL signatories named here, 2018

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