Welcoming a new Staff Member

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Good evening,
It gives me great pleasure to announce that following an invitation to join our staff Lady Kaia Liivamägi has honoured us by accepting…

Lady Kaia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical science and is currently working in a Hematology Laboratory. In addition to this she has worked in the fields of Clinical Chemistry and Human Metabolism and Diseases laboratories. She is a teacher in her fields and works in the collection and analysis of medical samples.

Lady Kaia also owns and runs a website devoted to library resources for the Vampire/Therian/Otherkin and Witchcraft communities it fulfils, for her, a desire to, “mix my medical profession with spiritual/energy worker knowledge and bind them together in my journey of learning new things.”

She writes;
“We always seek knowledge, about us & the world around us and especially why we are what we are… We are curious creatures. For us knowledge is power. Without it we feel lost in this world.”

We, at RVL, are certain that her qualifications and commitment to the modern Vampire culture will be a blessing to RVL’s operations.

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