A June bug…

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Yeah, sweated over… I tell you what, I’d rather be working the edge of the Gibson in Australia than here at the moment…!!!

Just what in tarnation is this stuff called??? 104 plus heat index, humidity around 90 plus… flick me… I keep expectin’ to see a troupe of Congolese Gorillas wander past… maybe I shoulda signed on for one of those “expeditionary groups” in Soldier of Fortune…!!!

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DAMN…!!! Folks here tell me, “If you don’t like the weather in Illinois come back in ten minutes” – IT’S BEEN LIKE THIS FOR A FREAKIN’ WEEK… never mind no “ten minutes…!!!”

Annnnnnd, having put in one full week, plus one Monday, I can tell ya, once again, with full conviction, I agree with Sir Bob…


Nyuk… nyuk… nyuk… Couldn’t resist that one now could I…

Soooo…what has my beautiful assistant been up to lately? Hmmmm, uh huh, Yep…Yep… Oh? Really? Mmmmmmm… that’s curious… well, let’s see what we can make out of this lot then…

First up… Bad Things, who wants to be a Bad Thing?

Well, your chance is at hand…

Jun 24 at 9 PM to Jun 25 at 12 AM

2106 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70116-2028, United States

Bad Thingz Beach Party


HAH…!!! YEEEEAHSSSS…!!! A Beach Party… hey guys, large hint…


BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA… can you believe they left it wide open fer that one…!!!!

Okay, Earth to Tim… Earth to Tim, come in, Over? What else we got here….

Ohhh… ooooh….ooooh…. YAH…!!!!

Our “darling of the West Coast” friend, Lady Shannon McCabe, has let slip the info on the 10th Anniversary Vampire Ball… WOOT…!!!

img. source: Shannon McCabe’s 10th Anniversary – Nosferatu

Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball- 10th Anniversary- Nosferatu

Hosted by Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball and Vampire Ball

Saturday, October 27 at 8 PM – 1:30 AM PDT

Oct 27 at 8 PM to Oct 28 at 1:30 AM PDT

California Auto Museum 2200 Front Street, Sacramento, California 95818

Tickets @ www.eventbrite.com




Red River Vampire Festival is growing and moving strong!

Just to catch you up on the behind the scenes happenings, we’re negotiating with a vampire burlesque troupe, stilt walkers (for the parade on Nov 3rd), lowrider car clubs, and talking to other special guest performers as well as a pretty badass dj spinning some of the best and darkly delicious beats and tunes for the VIP Party!

We still have room for a couple more artist for the New Blood Art Show, in case you know someone who fits our lineup…

Our logo is being proofed and finalized as we speak so thank you for your patience!!! Let’s rock this show like nothing before!!!

For accommodations and booking a place here for the dates of the event, call and let then know Jake sent you! STAY 2 DAYS GET THE 3RD FREE*


(*exclusively for this event)

img source: Red River Vampire Festival

Ahhhhhhh…. now, here’s a thing… just learned today that we have a new classification of Vampires gracing our culture… that’s right, a whole new sub-sub-cultural facet…

I’m speaking, of course, of Eclectic Vampires

img. source: The Cinema Archives

Yeah, whoo boy… new one just outta the language grinder… gotta do a bit of research this end but I think I should really point out, from English Language 101… I trust we all remember that? The word “Eclectic” is an adjective, HOW DID IT SUDDENLY BECOME A NOUN? And… just what the pink-faery flapping frig is an “ECLECTIC” anyway…

I’ll tell ya…
eclectic adjective

UK  /ekˈlek.tɪk/ US  /ekˈlek.tɪk/ formal

[Ref: Cambridge English Dictionary  https://dictionary.cambridge.org]

img. source: pixabay.com

Sooooo… now we’ve given ourselves permission not only to make up words “on the spur” and “as required” to fudge over something haven’t really thought out and we’ve developed a new flavour, like tutti-frutti, or bubblegum, or orange sorbet???

img. source: Symbols & Emoticons

This might be a real good time to promo my lovely friend, Lady Sylvere’s, “Grumpy Vamp’s Guide to the GVC on WordPress”

Keep a-watchin hombres…!!!


Yeah, yeahhhhh, yep…!!!

Here’s a chill pill for ya…

Okay, okay, okay… all systems check… hehehe…!!!

Where to now? Ah yes… Two places well worth a look, well worth following, visiting and joining in…

~ Lady CG ~

Our dear friend Lady CG’s Discord Channel for discussions, articles, editorials, chit-chat and just good times. You can find this new Darkened Mirror portal at –


img: courtesy of LIRV, Italy

And, for our Italian speaking members, why not connect with Presidente Davide Santandrea’s Liga Italiana Real Vampires (LIRV) You can catch up with the latest news on the television and film project in Italy as well by going to –

The page of the national association on Facebook that is this one https://www.facebook.com/comunitalegaitalianarealvampires/   and the official website it’s here http://legaitalianarv.wixsite.com/lega-real-vampires  and our welcoming group that it’s this one on Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/legaitalianarealvampires/  as well as the newest link,

Annnnnd with that, I think that’s enough brainwork for this Monday, don’t you??? ‘Sides, I’m hungry…

by Remedios Varo

I’ll leave you with an absolute gem tonight, au revoir…


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