Crossroads 2018: Apologies, clarifications and observations

“To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past.”
~ John F. Kennedy ~

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the modern Vampire culture,

I have committed a monstrous and most uncharacteristic error for which I need to make an apology.

In the editorial Crossroads 2018: Ageism or natural (d)evolution Part 2 I mistakenly attributed a comment to the wrong person. The comment that appeared in the report (as shown below in the green box) was mistakenly attributed to Ms. Hawk when it was, in fact, authored my Mr. C. R. Ostrowski.

I am deeply sorry for any misdirection , confusion or misunderstanding wrought by this error and deeply apologetic for any inconvenience or embarrassment caused to said participants.

The “Crossroads” series of editorials is my personal bye-line at RVL and does not involve, nor include the owners or any other staff member of the E-zine, as such, I take full responsibility for this mistake. I hereby undertake to do absolutely everything humanly, or Vampyrely, possible to avoid making any such mistake in the future.

As to the claims brought by Ms. Hawk in a PM to Lady M. Bey, our Assistant Manager at RVL, there was no slandera false spoken statement about someone that damages their reputation, or the making of such a statement ) either intended nor effected since the observations and comments were in written form which, of course, would define them as libel ( a piece of writing that contains bad and false things about a person ) if the reported commentary was not a direct, and factual, reproduction of the comments that were made at the time.

There was No intention of making any libellous comments at any time, simply to represent the content of a group encounter on a particular matter, or series of matters under discussion. 

If I may be allowed a purely personal observation, I would go so far as to suggest that there were a number of people involved in the discussion that would have just as strong a case for a class action law suit for defamation ( the act of harming someone’s reputation by saying, or writing, bad things about them )

It’s an awful slippery and confusing slope that we walk everyday in the modern Vampire culture and that’s probably why there haven’t actually been, to this writer’s knowledge anyway, any successful law suits commenced, or concluded, over “harsh words” online ~ who knows, I may be the first someday…!!!

You know, funny thing happened yesterday, I was listening to one of my music CD’s and a song came on that suddenly struck me as being one that may be appropriate in so many situations that many of the modern culture of living Vampires come across everyday when they venture on-line…

Sometimes the evils aren’t always wrong eh?

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