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Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

In updating this story we have some direct, and most important, information to deliver, however, before we do that I must make and apology and issue an amendment to our previous update.

In that presentation we reported that the founders of Blood Nations were Maven Lore, Logan South (a.k.a King Logan South) and Michael Vachmiel (a.k.a. Rev. Michael Vachmiel)

Maven Lore was kind enough to contact us and advise the following; the founders of Blood Nations were Maven Lore, Logan South, Gia Ahlia Bathory and Shaolin Asura MacPhee.

We apologise, both to the founders of Blood Nations and to our readership for any confusion and/or disquiet this may have caused.

Remember, in any story, tale, account or report there are always two sides, it is not an easy task to choose between them unless you hear, or read, the words of an observer who, figuratively and literally speaking, is at “ground zero” in the matter.

Any change will always have detractors, will always have critics and will always have opponents but just because there are people who oppose, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily wrong.

In keeping information available it is always preferable, to any publication, to provide both sides of something it is reporting on and with this in mind we invited Lord Aramond VanRahamadalph of Clan Rahamadalph, Texas to join us and share the views of his organisation with us.

Clan Rahamdalph, Texas, U.S.A.

RVL: Good evening Lord Aramond and thank you for joining us at RVL, it is a pleasure to have you with us.

LA: Good evening and thank you for having me here.
RVL: Before we dig into the meat of this interview would you kindly give us a little background information on Clan Rahamadalph, its origins and how long it has been operating in the Houston area?

LA: Clan Rahamdalph started out years ago as just a small house named House Khaibitu back around 2004. As time went on the house grew and became one of many recognized houses on the council for the original Houston Vampire Court (HVC). Then I was voted into the position of “king” for the court and amalgamated the house with the court.

After a couple of years and many community members speaking to me personally of wanting less of a  monarchy and more of something that felt welcoming I dissolved the court and began the journey of building the Clan into the family that it is and will become.
RVL: Now, in that time you must have seen many things happening, and changing, down there, yes?

LA: Yes,
There have been many changes over the years, and there’s always something going on within the community, either openly or hidden in shadow. Over the years there has infighting with the older elders and new leaders, where the old try to tell the new how THEY would have done things if they were still in “power”. We always have had Elders refusing to work together with the younger leaders, either wanting to stay out of the politics, or wanting to do things on their own. Then we have the few whose sole desire is of gaining a footing to rise up again and again, trying to attain “power’.

As I said, there have been many changes here, yet the cycle always seems to be the same: The community is somewhat peaceful, then someone wants “power”, reaches for it and falls short; Afterwards the community heals, works together, and grows peaceful yet again. Then inevitably the cycle is repeated, over and over.
RVL: …and one of the most significant events would have to be the birth and rise of Blood Nations.org and the involvement of two high profile people down there, would I be correct?

LA: Yes, it has caused a lot of controversy and upheaval in the community. Mainly due to who is involved and their actions concerning not only the project itself, but their actions within the community. It doesn’t help their cause due to who they are allied with down here and that person’s own actions and words concerning the project among other things.
RVL: Would you give our readers a summary of what you know, or have understood, about the birth of Blood Nations and the “Unity Project”?

LA: What I know and understand, from what I have personally seen, screen shots I’ve received and the people I’ve dealt with, is that it this “unity project” has been kept such a tight secret from the majority of the community for years and when it was FINALLY unveiled to the world it was talked about as if all community members and organizations who didn’t sign up for it would be excluded by everyone that did. In essence creating anther “Synod” that would exclude those of the community that the leaders of the project and their “allies” don’t want a part of their new clique.
RVL: We have, unavoidably, been made aware of certain comments that have been made in the Social Media realm regarding those who don’t wish to follow the establishment of this latest initiative, would you share with us what your knowledge of these comments is?

LA: I have read and heard the same thing from all who have disagreed with this initiative, mainly being that IF it was truly about unity, then why the years of secrecy?

Working for Unity shouldn’t be a secret project kept hidden by the few, but shared with all as they build it.
RVL: To what do you attribute these comments and the sudden growth of the initiative?

LA: Fear. Not of them trying to pull a coup or power grab that was, is, and always will be expected.

But it’s the fear that it’s true use is the same as all those that came before it, and that if it is a coup, it will succeed at pitting friend against friend and family against family and tear this community further apart when so many have already been working to bring it together for years.
RVL: …and, to the best of your knowledge, what do you perceive the aims of Blood Nations and the “Unity Project” to be?

LA: I don’t know nor can I speculate on their aim is since both have been a secret for this long.

Yet the name itself, the words on one of its founders, and the words of one who is supported by the two main founders says a lot to many:

The name “Blood Nations” would make it seem as if it IS a coup for power through bringing anyone and everyone under one banner and one sigil. Yet it also seems to be similar to the name of a unity project that has been around for years (Dark Nations) that I and many of the community are a part of, even Logan himself is/was a part of this.

Maven talks, in a video released three months ago, about the legacy and SRV Ankhs as the old symbol of “unity” within the community & all the problems that came with them. At the end of this video Maven then proceeds to hold up the Blood Nation’s NEW symbol, the “Fleur De Sang”, and says quote: “this is OUR “unity”, this is OUR solidarity, this is OUR BATTLE CRY.”

Then you have Michael, the “king” of the Winter Court here in Houston and ally of Logan & Maven who has said “War is upon you, whether you like it or not” to a respected and beloved elder in the community.

These are not the words or actions of people who say they want unity. How can you in one breath speak of battle and war yet proclaim “peace” and “unity.
RVL: Aside from the information you have already shared with us, what is your personal view of the affair?

LA: My personal view is this:

Over the years we have seen councils rise and fall who have claimed desire to unite the entire community as one, for one reason or another.

“Unity” has failed many times, mainly because it’s one person or a small group pushing for it and many wish to remain autonomous.

What the community needs is the same thing that has been PROVEN to work in the cities such as New York – Congruity – The ability of exhibiting harmony of individual parts. A community that is autonomous yet comes together as equals when problems arise.
RVL: Were you surprised, this morning, to learn of the high level approvals being given to one of the founders of Blood Nations by Houses in the Gotham Halo?

LA: No, He has been apart of that city’s community for a long time and an avid opponent of one who they almost all dislike.
RVL: …and what, may we ask, is the position of Clan Rahamadalph in the midst of all this? What ramifications do you expect for your own House?

LA: Words and promises mean nothing. Honor weighs more than gold.

Let your actions toward the community, its members, leaders, and elders show who and what you are. Earn respect, don’t demand it because you take a title. Through your actions be recognized for who and what you want to be.

As for the “ramifications” for my house (and my Clan), we are all individuals, we make our own choices and actions. IF my family members want to join this “unity” project they are free to do so. IF they do not, then I would hope that the community would respect this decision, and leave those to their own.
RVL: Lord Aramond, thank you for giving us some insights into the matter and for letting us view the situation from another perspective. We are honoured to have had you with us today.

LA: You’re welcome, and Thank you for this honor and opportunity.

Copyright RVL and Lord Aramond VanRahamadalph, Clan Rahamadalph, TX. U.S.A.

The second document we would like to present is a widely shared Q&A issued by Maven Lore, it gives an account of the origins, aims and goals, and operations of Blood Nations in conducting the “Unity Project“.

We are most grateful for the opportunity to be able to share it here.

Blood Nations Unity Logo



There is a lot of speculation on what the unity project is, there are also a lot people using our project as a virtue signaling campaign to further their own means and personal grudges/agendas. We wanted to wait until everything was done on the website, however in light of these events we feel it would be better to further clarify our own purpose and vision for this project.

  1. What is the “Unity Project”?
  2. We were undecided on the name of the project, so we just used that codename until we came up with the name “Blood Nations”


  1. Who are all the founding members of the Project
  2. Maven Lore, Logan South, Gia Ahlia Bathory, Shaolin Asura MacPhee

There has been speculation due to propaganda that there was another founder, but that is just false information distributed by someone with a personal grudge.


  1. So…what is Blood Nations? And what is it not?
  2. It’s a website, plain and simple. It is a tool for the community to use to connect to each other and grow organically. It is NOT and organization coming to “take over” your community. It is NOT run by one or two people with goals of domination/money/endless blowjobs. Sorry, but the reality of this project isn’t as sexy and sinister as some have claimed


  1. How did this project initially start?
  2. With Maven Lore and Logan South over many drinks one night in 2015 during the Austin Vampire Carnival’s weekend while complaining that the project that was supposed to create unity (The Sanguinarium) turned out to be a pyramid scheme for one person to soak the community of it’s money and resources.


  1. What is the ultimate goal of the project?
  2. To get the various communities to interact with each other and grow together. Only through open communication and alliances will we as a overall community grow and evolve. The “island onto itself” mentality has stunted our own growth and evolution, the idea that “outsiders” are a “threat to our community” is not helping anyone.


  1. What is the “Fleur De Sang”?
  2. It is the symbol we used for the project, it is a stylized Fleur de Lis (Symbol of New Orleans) with fangs. Why a symbol of New Orleans? Metaphysically speaking, New Orleans was where vampires came into the new world, and the world wide notion that this city is the “spiritual home of the vampire”.


  1. Is wearing the FDS mandatory to belonging to Blood Nations?
  2. No, people use the symbol in support of the project, and you can’t “belong” to blood nations since it’s a tool for the community, not a cult.


  1. I think the FDS is the new swastika/legacy ankh/(insert virtue signaling butthurt symbolism)
  2. You’re an idiot…run back to the comfort of your mom’s basement and be a keyboard warrior in your safe space


  1. Does the project encompass online communities?
  2. The project is to help physical communities grow and prosper, online communities don’t need any help in this regard


  1. HOW does the website work?
  2. this is a several fold question that will be broken down into sections:
  3. It is a social network that has most of the functionality facebook and some old school features from myspace. Unlike other social networks, this is invite only. You’re thinking “AHA!!! There is the oppression! YOU choose who is on the network!”… Wrong. Representatives of each territories, houses, clans, courts, etc will submit a list of acceptable email addresses of these THEY choose to be on the network, we are just the webmaster who put that into effect. In short the community chooses who gets to be on the website, not us.
  4. Representatives from different regions/houses/courts/etc can volunteer to be administrators on the site to facilitate the above duties as well as have a say in the future of the project, upgrades needed for the site and new ideas to implement to better serve the GVC through the tool known as Blood Nations
  5. A forum to post articles on any and all topics dealing with the community, who we are, tutorials, ideas and how-to’s
  6. The V Directory – business directory that spotlights anyone and everyone in the community with a business, venue, trade craft, artistic skills, performers, etc to promote an economic infrastructure amongst our kind to uplift and promote and and all vampire related business. Who would you rather fix your plumbing, one of your own, or some stranger who will judge you and possibly rip you off?
  7. The Map – this map will show by country, by state and by city what is going on and where. These are not “territories taken over by blood nations”, just a list of what is going on and where. When traveling to another city, it would be nice to get in touch with that community and what is going on, the map will facilitate this. When the maps goes down to a city level, it will show the following info: Active Courts/houses/organizations, what venues and business are vamp friendly, contact info for the representative of that area (if any), events taking place, and any other pertinent info. Currently, we built the map to the best of our current knowledge, and with the help of people like you we will be updating it to reflect more communities that we are currently unaware of. Remember, this is a community wide effort, getting involved helps everyone.
  8. Eventually we will have an app for the website and a messenger type app as well. As this is all coming out of my pocket currently, these will probably come more down the line when said money is more readily available.
  9. The entire project is running off a DEDICATED server with an SSL provided by the Vampire Court of Denver for maximum speed, bandwidth, accessibility and privacy to all users in our global community no matter where they are located.


  1. I like my court/community/house the way it is, will being a part of this project alter that in any way?
  2. Unless you are eating babies, are a parasitic cult (i.e., Sabertooth Alpha’s inner sanctum under Sebastiaan) and/or are raping ten year olds, not at all. Every city has it’s own flow, what works for one city might not work for another. Individuality is encouraged. Only thing we ask is a little “Bill and Ted” philosophy: Be excellent to each other!


  1. I heard that this was just a a “power grab” project to fulfill your own egos.
  2. Let us be very clear on this: there is no law stating ANYONE has to follow ANYONE, there is no federal mandated declaration, people follow who they choose to OUT OF RESPECT, and if that respect is lost, then they will choose not to follow. Anyone with a title has earned that through there actions and others endorsing them for position, not because they declared themselves king or queen arbitrarily. No one is required to follow them, endorse blood nations, or any other monarch/organization/house/etc. When people do so, they do so because they CHOOSE to. Most people who make said above statements about “power” and “ego” are judging us by what they would do or want to do. To those of us with said positions, we all know it’s not a glorious position filled with money, girls/boys or sex. It is a lot of responsibility, everyone has a problem with you, and it is very financially draining – in short, a thankless job. I’m naming my next stroke after them.


  1. Even after all these explanations, I still feel oppressed by this somehow
  2. *repeatedly bangs own head on desk*

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