Stats and Circulation

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Stats and Circulation Information

Good morning,
For those statistically inclined among our readers this new page will, on a monthly basis, summarise the readership and following, as well as the global audience base for John Reason’s Real Vampire Life.

The current figures look like this;


Month Stats, period 3/25/17 – 4/22/17 inc.

Total views: 3144    (18.2399% increase)

Avg. views per day = 112.29     (22.467% increase)

@ 4/23/17 1022 Twitter followers     (2.2% increase)

Distribution total countries: 78 TBC.


Previous Period 2/22/17 to 3/22/17 inc.

Total views 2659

Avg. views per day = 91.69

@ 3/22/17 we achieved target of 1000 Twitter followers

Distribution total countries: 78

We are heartened by these figures and by the way they have picked up since our recent re-opening and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who visits and takes advantage of the content we strive to offer. It’s because of YOU that we decided to “kick the tires and light the fires” again.

Kind regards,
John & Staff