Spring is in the air

Vesna ~ Old Slavic Goddess of Spring and awakening (Source: http://www.pinterest.com)

Vesna ~ Old Slavic Goddess of Spring and awakening
(Source: http://www.pinterest.com)

Good morning,
Yes, it may not feel like it to many in the Northern hemisphere but it’s true…! We are only a few days away from the Vernal Equinox 2014.

That means a little Spring cleaning. We are currently engaged in re-structuring some of our pages and sections to provide a more time efficient and easily accessible to the items of interest at RVL.

One of our first changes has been to make individual index pages, with complete links, to both our “Interviews” and our “Editorials” as distinct entities. When you look to the top of the page, just below the banner, you will find two new tabs, “RVL Interviews” and “RVL Editorials”. By clicking those page links you can avoid scrolling through the site and home in on exactly what you wish to select, by title.

The home page will undergo some minor changes in the near time but we promise to maintain, and improve, the functionality and accessibility of our E-Zine.


We have enjoyed over 7,700,000 visits since September 2011, hey, maybe it’s not Guinness Book of World Records feat but we are pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished in the space of time we have, with the services, equipment and time we have available. We intend to get better, bigger and stronger and to do that we need to improve the ways our readership can connect with us. We’re looking forward to bigger and better things and we want to acknowledge the debt of gratitude we owe to all the wonderful people who have worked with us to get us to this point, if it wasn’t for you folk we couldn’t have done it… give yourselves a round of applause. if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve our services to you please feel free to contact us at rvlmail@yahoo.com or, alternatively, use the contact form at the foot of this page.

Regards and deepest respects to all,
RVL Staff

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