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J. Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine staff are all volunteers who give their time, freely, to make this e-zine the best it can be within available resources.

None of the staff, nor the owner, receive any payments, gifts, inducements nor endorsements for this work… it is a labour of love. It is our pleasure to provide an independent E-Zine for the culture of the modern, real living Vampire.

RVL’s Creator and Owner – J.Reason

Owner ~ RVL

“When I began this site, I wanted to help people with different ideas and experiences from around the world come together and share in their common bond. It has been so amazing to see so many wonderful people from all walks of life find an opportunity to grow and learn together.

Thank you all for helping to make Real Vampire Life welcoming, informative, and compassionate for everyone. I’ve never found a more accepting and considerate group in my life, and that is exactly the perception that I would like people to have of the vampire community.

I have a college degree and I like writing for and about the real vampire community whenever I get the chance. The reason I started Real Vampire (Life) News was to have a place where the real vampire community could come together to learn and interact with each other. My greatest dream for the site is to have vampires, donors, and those interested in the subject from all different walks of life involved in what goes on here at RVL. I currently live in East Texas”

Editor in Chief and Senior Staff Writer – Position Vacant

Operations Manager and Chief Researcher – Position Vacant

Editor & Researcher – Gordon Smith (a.k.a. Hesperus) of CLAVIS

I discovered in adolescence that some of my strangeness could be attributed to a need for psi energy. Years later I came across the greater vampire subculture where I met others freely offering the wisdom of their experiences. I have a knack for noticing patterns, which makes me no fun to sit next to at predictable movies, but decent at translating a jumble of statistics into an accessible model. I use that skill to better understand the vampire subculture and, as those before did for me, to provide some insight for others seeking it.
Currently an Initiate of the House of the Dreaming and a member of the Voices of the Vampire Community, I’m also the proud founder of CLAVIS Research Group.”

Editor, Staff Writer and Foreign Correspondent (Italy) –

Lady Sarah (a.k.a. Lady Ronin Costa)

I’m Sarah, an Italian Psy-Sang vampire, I’ve know to be one for over eight years now and since then I discovered that I’m also a canis lupos. I have yet to find which breed specifically and it will be my journey to discover it, maybe, or maybe is not something I must know ever and it doesn’t matter. I am myself and this is all that counts.

I’ve lived in the states for over two years in Tennessee, and now I’m currently living in Italy where I live my passions as a rope bunny for shibari rope artists, as a writer, as a discoverer of abandoned places where sometimes I encounter various presences, as an eclectic pagan, as a lover, and as a sinner.

I’ve studied tourism and languages, took courses on psychology and marketing, lately I’m learning something about photography while I work for a music band for which i work as a promoter on social medias, I will be doing their music videos and pictures of the backstage too if I get good with the camera. I love nature and hiking.

My motto is “always try everything once”

Lady Suzanne Carré

Editor and Science Advisor
Lady Suzanne Carré

Professionally an author, mathematician and theoretical physicist, Lady Suzanne also works with respected academics and other leading Vampire culture figures in research on the modern living Vampire and has collaborated in written presentations on the subject to leading publications. As Lady Suzanne says;
“There’s a great deal of work yet to do in the study of vampires, and I’m still learning about what real vampires are. It means I’m still asking questions and still researching real vampires. I think there is much to investigate to be done on the science of vampires.”

Dave Wolff ~ AEA Fanzine

Editor & Rock God
Dave Wolff

Dave has been around the underground scene since the early 90’s, in 1996, after talking with a  friend he launched just such a project and has, ever since, been the sole editor and publisher. As he tells it, “I started “AEA” (short for Autoeroticasphyxium) soon after I began my career as a music journalist, and was one of the first Long Island writers to openly support black metal.”

With an expanded format that now covers a diverse range of material that includes fiction and poetry, art and performance art, articles on the occult, the music industry and historical events, the Zine also helps in give exposure to cutting edge bands, artists, writers and performers in and outside the U.S.

Community Consultant and Associate Editor
Lady Sylvere Ap Leanan

Lady Sylvere ap Leanan

Lady Sylvere brings a wealth of experience to our team having become aware aware of the vampire culture in the early 1990s through ‘zines such as “Journal of the Dark” and the “Vampire Information Exchange Newsletter.

In her own words;
I identify as Otherkin, specifically Leanan Sidhe. However, I experience many, if not all, of the same traits as people who identify as psychic vampires. I am a vampire in the sense that I need to feed to feel completely healthy and medical science has no idea why. I’ve undergone a battery of medical tests, including a CT scan, seen mental health professionals, and overall I’m pretty healthy for a middle-aged human being. But when I don’t feed, I feel craptastic. I got to a point where I had no choice but to accept my vampirism. So yes, I identify as a vampire, but it’s a very specific *type* of vampire.

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