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J. Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine staff are all volunteers who give their time, freely, to make this e-zine the best it can be within available resources. None of the staff, nor the owner, receive any payments, gifts, inducements nor endorsements for this work… it is a labour of love. It is our pleasure to provide an independent E-Zine for the culture of the modern, real living Vampire.

RVL’s Creator and Owner – J.Reason

Owner ~ RVL

“When I began this site, I wanted to help people with different ideas and experiences from around the world come together and share in their common bond. It has been so amazing to see so many wonderful people from all walks of life find an opportunity to grow and learn together.

Thank you all for helping to make Real Vampire Life welcoming, informative, and compassionate for everyone. I’ve never found a more accepting and considerate group in my life, and that is exactly the perception that I would like people to have of the vampire community.

I have a college degree and I like writing for and about the real vampire community whenever I get the chance. The reason I started Real Vampire (Life) News was to have a place where the real vampire community could come together to learn and interact with each other. My greatest dream for the site is to have vampires, donors, and those interested in the subject from all different walks of life involved in what goes on here at RVL. I currently live in East Texas”


Editor in Chief and Senior Staff Writer – Tim Bey-Sahjaza

“I am a Vampyre, true but that’s only part of it, as well as that I am an energy worker. I have been this way since I was 16… trust me, that’s a long time now…

Born in the United Kingdom I moved to Australia in 1974 and then, with my lovely wife, to Illinois, USA in 2013.

My passions are my wife and family, my writing and RVL. I’ve always been a proponent of the free sharing of information for education and improvement of life quality and circumstances and I don’t, and never will, accept that anyone has the right to withhold information from others… idealistic? Yep, I get that from my honoured mother.

Writing for RVL is my way of, hopefully, improving life and/or circumstances for people, any people but even if it’s only one person, sometime, someplace, then my job’s done.

I am passionate about learning and I am at my happiest when I am researching a piece, an editorial article and/or, particularly, a new interview piece. I hope I bring something here that people like and find beneficial.”


Operations Manager and Chief Researcher – Lady M.

“Born a Vampyre, I have a passing interest in a number of natural magic and occult topics but first and foremost I am a modern living Vampyre, and always will be.
Having worked for a major magazine and a major advertising firm during my life I have a passion for research, development and an eye for detail which is what I bring to my role at Real Vampire Life.”


Editor & Researcher – Gordon Smith (a.k.a. Hesperus) of CLAVIS

I discovered in adolescence that some of my strangeness could be attributed to a need for psi energy. Years later I came across the greater vampire subculture where I met others freely offering the wisdom of their experiences. I have a knack for noticing patterns, which makes me no fun to sit next to at predictable movies, but decent at translating a jumble of statistics into an accessible model. I use that skill to better understand the vampire subculture and, as those before did for me, to provide some insight for others seeking it.
Currently an Initiate of the House of the Dreaming and a member of the Voices of the Vampire Community, I’m also the proud founder of CLAVIS Research Group.”

Editor, Staff Writer and Foreign Correspondent (Italy) –

Lady Sarah (a.k.a. Lady Ronin Costa)

I’m Sarah, an Italian Psy-Sang vampire, I’ve know to be one for over eight years now and since then I discovered that I’m also a canis lupos. I have yet to find which breed specifically and it will be my journey to discover it, maybe, or maybe is not something I must know ever and it doesn’t matter. I am myself and this is all that counts.

I’ve lived in the states for over two years in Tennessee, and now I’m currently living in Italy where I live my passions as a rope bunny for shibari rope artists, as a writer, as a discoverer of abandoned places where sometimes I encounter various presences, as an eclectic pagan, as a lover, and as a sinner.

I’ve studied tourism and languages, took courses on psychology and marketing, lately I’m learning something about photography while I work for a music band for which i work as a promoter on social medias, I will be doing their music videos and pictures of the backstage too if I get good with the camera. I love nature and hiking.

My motto is “always try everything once”


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