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The motivation behind Real Vampire Life is for everyone who is, involved with, affiliated with or interested in the Vampire and their ways to come together and celebrate the rich diversity of Vampire culture and knowledge.

Real Vampire Life (RVL) is an E-Zine aimed at spreading, and promoting the sharing of,  information about the real vampire and sub-culture life to as many people as it can reach. We want all our readers to celebrate the mystique, the style, the culture and the reality that is Real Vampire Life.

In order for this mission to be realized, and for RVL to become renowned as a neutral and independent body, it is in our best interests to maintain our site in the best possible manner, and to maintain cordial and interactive relationships with as many respondents as possible. Our global readership has been increasing steadily since the inception of the former Real Vampire News under the steady hand of John Reason, we have been through a trial or two (note: the great crash of 2012) and come out the other side with renewed vigour and gone from strength to strength ever since.

What RVL can not be ~

RVL cannot become a “public forum” of debate. We do welcome comments from our readers that are presented in such a manner that is consistent with informed opinion, rational in manner and presentation and to a large extent, non-inflammatory. Though we appreciate candid and honest expression RVL will not be party to fostering inappropriate dissension and argument.

We will undertake to review all comments that are sent in but, as with any periodical, the final decision whether to permit comments to be posted or not rests with the administration of the site.

We will not accept any comments that are vulgar, obscene, needlessly provocative, and derogatory or aimed at harassing any other person who has posted or commented here.

We will remain neutral in position, of a high standard of presentation and non-discriminatory in our dealings within and outside the subculture.

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RVL Editorial Office Email Contact: neorayne62@gmail.com

Real Vampire Life incorporates:

The Real Vampire News Archives which houses articles, editorials, interviews, events and website spotlights written prior to May 2012. These can be found in the May 2012 Archive file on our homepage.


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