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RVN Site News 07/21/12

Good evening,
You will probably notice, if you haven’t already, that the RVN Site is undergoing some changes… a little “re-vamping” if you like.

After a hiatus forced on him by RL and work matters John Reason will be rejoining us very soon now and at the moment he is re-working the site and its appearance. Many of you may recall we had, earlier this year, a catastrophic server crash, well, we’re well beyond that now and coupled with a new look we will be continuing our work to bring you quality reading material from the heart of the culture.

We have been blessed lately in making some new friends, contacts and meeting some new colleagues. One of the most important things that has happened for us, and something that makes us extremely proud and honoured, is that we have been both welcomed to, and named as a “companion” to, “Bloodlit Radio” by DJ Father CoVen.


Another thing that we are extremely honoured to announce is that the lady Ravens Rose has agreed to join our team at RVN as a Staff Member. Bringing her experience as a webmistress and group owner, and with her style and grace, she will, we are certain, make a splendid addition to our Staff. We welcome her with our highest regards and deepest respects.


Since opening our RVN Facebook group we have been joined by some old friends and some new friends, the membership is growing and we are greatly encouraged by the early success of the RVN Facebook Social Group. You can, of course, also follow RVN on Twitter. Lady M hosts both of these important social network projects on behalf of RVN.


All in all we believe we can confidently predict that things at RVN will continue in an altogether bigger and better vein… (No pun intended of course)


RVN Staff

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