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It’s the catch cry, and name, of a new FBI campaign against posting of hoax threats.

ABC News reporter Luke Barr [1] wrote yesterday, May 23rd, of the new initiative that is primarily aimed, so he reported, at curbing hoax threats made on social media. Particularly in the wake of the tragedies in Santa Fe,Texas or the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“The Bureau and its law enforcement partners take each threat seriously. We investigate and fully analyze each threat to determine its credibility,” said FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich in a news release.”

We have, at RVL, presented editorials before concerning online bullying, its consequences and its tragic outcomes, articles such as “Another N Word”, “Crossroads – Plain Speaking” (Revised) and “Safety First” , have made our position clear and, we hope, have struck a chord with many others in the culture. It is a subject that we will never stop writing and presenting on and it is with great interest that we read the above mentioned report yesterday.

img. source: The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Oh, yeah, of course they are with all these school shootings going on…” or even, “yeah, all kids get bullied it’s part of growing up…”

My answer, “Were you born on another planet?” What has ever, or can ever, be right with a person threatening another to instil fear? Do we just shrug it off and say it’s part of life? If we do WE are the biggest part of the problem. Do we think that, “hey, I was bullied and I got through it…!” WELL FUCKIN’ BULLY FOR YOU… (pun intended)

In a cultural group that is renowned for threats being made, threats of violence, threats of privacy breach, death threats I would suggest that we are prime, and fertile soil, for the attention of a local law enforcement/ FBI threat investigation especially where a person has a history of making threats, hoax or otherwise, or has a history with law enforcement in other states that lead to a “reasonable suspicion”. Where someone holds genuine fear for the safety of themselves and/or their family then this appears to be the beginning of the perfect asset to curb such activity and curb it with law enforcement backing.

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The simple fact is that bullying, at any stage, at any level, at any time or in any place is completely unacceptable…completely and absolutely unacceptable. There will never be a time when it will be other.

According to Luke Barr’s report;
“The FBI offers tips such as alerting law enforcement the moment a threat is seen and not to repost or share the threat broadly unless law enforcement is alerted.”

So, it appears that slowly but surely the barriers against internet bullying and threats are being built.

The online bullying organisation https://cyberbullying.org/bullying-laws has a complete list of the states in the U.S. and the sanctions that each state has in place against the various types of bullying and harassment, we are VERY pleased to note that Illinois is one of the states that has a full range of penalties for all types of cyberbullying and harassment and now, with the launch of the FBI initiative in partnership, we may actually see some perpetrators getting shut down, in a big way.

So, well might we say, “THINK BEFORE YOU POST…” or the next series of clicks you may hear WON’T be no keyboard keys.


1)  https://abcnews.go.com/US/fbi-rolls-campaign-warn-public-posting-fake-threats/story?id=55394666

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